Hexagon Mining Purchases Mine Production Management Firm

Hexagon Mining has acquired the technology company MiPlan. Based in Perth, Australia, MiPlan develops mobile software applications for field data collection, fleet management, production management and reporting. The company has a proven track record of increasing mine productivity and providing a rapid return on investment. Hexagon Mining President Hélio Samora said MiPlan’s solutions suite will be a formidable addition to the company’s technology portfolio and significant news for customers of both companies. Safer, more productive mines depend on making sense of their data, said Samora. MiPlan’s range of apps represents a scalable, real-time mobile production management solution. Data flows Samora... (read more)
2017-01-18 02:23:21

Aerial Photomap Production to the next Level

Production of aerial photography revolutionized
Aerial mapping company Bluesky has revolutionized its production of aerial photography, reducing the time taken to process the terabytes of data captured by more than 75 percent. Following a major research project, the team at Bluesky’s production facility has implemented a Vexcel UltraMap system which has allowed for the introduction of a continuous, uninterrupted processing workflow. By investing in an entirely new workflow, Bluesky has also improved the quality of the aerial images, reducing 'building lean' and image distortion and improving the accuracy of its digital height models. Bluesky’s investment in software follows the recent purchase of two UltraCam Eagle cameras,... (read more)
2016-01-21 09:00:12

Maptek Wins Grant to Expand Production

Mining industry technical solutions provider Maptek has been awarded a $975,000 grant which will enable it to quadruple production of its I-Site 3D laser scanners. A total of 27 new jobs are expected to be created in Maptek's South Australian-based operation over the next six years as a result of the grant. With matching Maptek funding, the project is valued at $1,950,000.   The Innovation and Investment Fund for South Australia (IIFSA) is a joint Australian and South Australian Government program to assist companies with innovative industry development. The package supports new investment that will create sustainable new jobs in... (read more)
2008-01-30 02:01:03

RIEGL Announces Investment in New Office and Production Facilities

RIEGL, a manufacturer of Lidar scanners for surveying applications headquartered in Horn, Austria, is investing heavily in the expansion of its production and office space. The continued, worldwide demand for high-performance sensors is allowing the company to grow and expand further. The company, which celebrated its 40th anniversary last year, is now meeting the rapidly increasing international demand for RIEGL laser scanners by expanding its office and production facilities. This summer, construction has started on a new office and production facility at the location of the company's headquarters in Horn, Austria. The new building will house the company's printed circuit... (read more)
2019-07-16 01:19:21

Airborne Lidar Production Fully Integrated with Leica HxMap Workflow

Leica Geosystems has released the Lidar data processing capability in the Leica RealCity solution package and partnered with international asset integrity and geo-intelligence solutions provider, Fugro, to begin acquiring and processing data over multiple cities and coastal regions across the United States. Using CityMapper, Fugro conducted aerial surveys over some of North America’s most densely populated urban centres, in support of their geospatial mapping services. As the world’s first hybrid airborne sensor combining oblique and nadir imaging as well as a Lidar system into one instrument, the CityMapper enables significant time and cost savings by flying once to collect both... (read more)
2017-10-17 09:14:24

Spanish Army Selects Intergraph for Digital Map Production

Centro Geográfico del Ejercito de Tierra (Spanish Army) has selected and implemented Intergraph geospatial technology to create a completely digital end-to-end production workflow for processing and finishing paper maps. The digital production environment saves the Spanish Army time, reduces costs and produces high-quality maps. Using Intergraph technology, the Spanish Army is standardising operator training by consolidating knowledge of various products into one intuitive, user-friendly environment. The highly productive mapping workflow allows for easy customisation, including secure attribution capture and population, as well as simplified maintenance tasks. In addition, users may publish maps directly into Adobe Acrobat PDF format reducing time-consuming... (read more)
2006-06-20 12:00:00

Madagascar Service Production for UN-IFAD and ESA

GAF AG has been awarded with Service Produktion by UND-IFAD and ESA. For an area of about 14,000 km² in Western Madagascar, GAF will provide dedicated earth observation products which have been customised to meet the specific user requirements of UN-IFAD best possible. Project activities started in June 2010 and will be concluded in November 2010. International financial institutions (IFI) provide financial support and professional advise for development activities on local to regional scale in developing countries. Their activities are generally organised in dedicated projects financed by long-term loans or grants covering social and economical development aspects in a wide... (read more)
2010-07-28 03:57:29

DSS RapidOrtho 2.0 for High-Speed Orthophoto Production

RapidOrtho 2.0 is a software enhancement for Applanix\' Digital Sensor System (DSS). DSS RapidOrtho is a complete airborne digital imaging system for first responders and geospatial professionals who need to deliver rapid, highly-accurate ortho-rectified imagery without time-consuming and expensive ground surveys. The system is used for rapid response for emergency mapping operations, change detection and more; it has even been adopted as a productivity tool for commercial mapping projects.     Images can be developed and ortho-rectified as much as three times faster than the previous version. For example, images from the DSS 439 (39 megapixel) camera can be delivered in... (read more)
2009-09-04 02:32:10

Myanmar's Cyclone-Damaged Rice Production Regions Monitored with GIS

Subsequent to Cyclone Nargis, a category 3 tropical storm that struck the low-lying and heavily populated coastline of Myanmar on 2nd May 2008, the Foreign Agriculture Service (FAS) of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) began producing a series of GIS-based maps of the damaged agricultural areas to accompany its commodity intelligence reports. Published on the FAS Web site, these maps are created using geospatial data and the technology found in ESRI's ArcGIS Desktop software. The mission of FAS is to improve foreign market access to U.S. agricultural products, build new markets, improve the competitive position of U.S. agriculture in... (read more)
2008-07-10 09:16:38

CyberCity 3D and Bluesky 3D Smart Building Production

CyberCity 3D, a leading provider of advanced geospatial smart building data, has teamed with Bluesky, a UK-based aerial mapping company, to create 3D city models. This collaboration will bring 3D models to the UK and beyond by combining CyberCity 3D’s proprietary 3D building production with Bluesky’s stereo aerial imagery. Access to Bluesky’s massive data library, covering 150,000 square kilometres of off-the-shelf aerial photography, allows CyberCity 3D to gain access to urban centres across the UK immediately for 3D Smart Building production. In addition, Bluesky’s specialisation in the acquisition and processing of aerial photography is a perfect fit for CyberCity 3D... (read more)
2014-06-02 12:14:00
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