Future Bright for Surveying

GIM International interviews Chris Gibson, Trimble Survey Division
The clouds of economic recession are parting to reveal a bright future for the surveying profession. Both in the United States and in economically booming regions of the world, adding value to products is broadening the role of the surveyor. GIM International talked to Chris Gibson, vice-president of Trimble's Survey Division, about strategy and the future. He told us, ‘The future role of the surveyor will be adding value to make the customer more successful.' The future for surveying, together with the role of the surveyor, is not shrinking. On the contrary, Chris Gibson is convinced we need to think... (read more)
2010-05-07 03:16:16

Precise Thinking and Innovation

NovAtel Inc
Founded in 1983, NovAtel was originally a telecommunications company and since Initial Public Offering in 1997 has been a public company (NASDAQ: NGPS) entirely focused on GNSS and precise-positioning technology. Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, it currently employs 250 people. An ISO 9001-certified company, we develop Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) products including receivers, antennas, enclosures and software for integration into high-precision positioning applications worldwide. These include surveying, GIS mapping, precision-agriculture machine guidance, port automation, mining and marine industries. Our reference receivers are also at the core of national aviation ground networks in the US, Japan, Europe, China and India. Our... (read more)
2007-04-17 12:00:00

Core Wall Control Survey in Kuwait

Using BeiDou for Tall Building Construction in Kuwait
Tall towers can bend and sway due to wind, cranes and other loads. Ideally, such movements should be around the main axis designed so that, in the absence of loads, the tower stands exactly vertical. However, raft settlement, concrete shortening and construction tolerances cause deviations. The core wall control survey method was adopted to drive the new headquarters of the National Bank of Kuwait – a 300m-tall building – in the vertical direction with millimetre accuracy. The method uses GNSS CORS technology. This is the first time that signals from the available BeiDou GNSS satellites have been used to assist... (read more)
2016-04-12 12:19:06

Autonomously Detecting Fast Movements

GNSS Monitoring Solution onboard a Stand-alone Receiver
Diverse environmental effects, climatic changes and human alterations of the ecosystems are deeply changing Earth’s surface processes and creating environmental challenges that researchers are struggling to address. This article describes how the new Leica Geosystems’ Velocity and Displacement Autonomous Solution Engine (VADASE) technology helps scientists and engineers to receive actionable information about fast movements of man-made and natural structures as they occur. Running onboard a Leica Geosystems GNSS receiver, the autonomous solution assists professionals to take action, react, mitigate damage and protect life. The use of a highly precise time-differenced phase observation enables the calculation of the velocity of a... (read more)
2017-03-23 11:58:01

Trimble Dimensions 2006

Build Your Connected Site
The annual Trimble Dimensions show was held from 6th to 8th November 2006 in the Convention Center at the Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas, USA. With the theme ‘Build Your Connected Site’, the event was as much about civil engineering and construction as surveying. Two thousand participants attended this event, which followed the usual format of keynotes, technical sessions and a trade-show. According to Bryn Fosburgh, vice-president, Trimble Engineering & Construction Group, there was an approximately 60% increase in attendance this year compared to last, with 47 countries represented. Technical sessions fell into thirteen education tracks, including four covering survey, five... (read more)
2007-01-19 12:00:00

Mobile Road Mapping in Cameroon

Supporting Water Utilities Renewal
In Yaoundé, Cameroon, little cartographic data of the road network, public assets and utilities is available. To efficiently renovate the city’s drinking water network, mobile mapping technology was used, taking extra care to ensure planimetric accuracy near the equator. It provided the GIS data for the road maps needed for the project planning. The experimental methodology used – with GIS and web suites integrated in the network construction project at all stages – was a good fit with the current African context and offers promising potential for future projects. The Cameroon Water Utilities Corporation and Water Cameroonian are jointly in... (read more)
2016-11-17 09:46:32

Intergeo Press Conference: Looking Back and Forward

In line with tradition, this year’s Intergeo press conference once again took place at noon on Wednesday. Despite the press room being a little difficult to find, members of the international geomatics press came together to hear the views of the event’s key stakeholders. The press conference, which was based around the central theme of ‘Digital World – Connected World’, not only reflected on the past 20 years of Intergeo, but also looked ahead to the future of the geomatics industry. (By Wim van Wegen, editorial manager, GIM International) The speakers were Prof Dr-Ing Karl Friedrich Thöne, president of the... (read more)
2014-10-09 11:08:05

Low-cost GPS Sensors for Deformation Monitoring

Monitoring Deformations on a Glacier with Wireless Sensor Networks
Deformation monitoring of glaciers is of great value to scientists with an interest in climate change. Due to the slow movements of glaciers, a semi-permanent deformation system is the best method to monitor the changes. Using low-cost GPS receivers that work in a wireless sensor network makes such a set-up feasible. Glaciers are large bodies of ice moving slowly downhill under the forces of gravity. On the way down, the ice deforms, creates crevasses, speeds up and slows down. The process involves huge forces. Monitoring these movements is of great scientific interest, but due to the slow dynamics a semi-permanent... (read more)
2017-12-20 12:46:33

Five Years of ‘Works When You Do’

GeoMax Zenith 10&20 RTK GNSS – a flexible system with all communication devices integrated. When GeoMax arrived on the international stage in 2008, many experts doubted whether there was room in the surveying market for another brand alongside the established big players. Now, five years and a major worldwide economic crisis later, GeoMax has secured its place in the sector. From the beginning, the company’s aim was to serve the fast-growing mid-range segment. In line with its ‘works when you do’ concept, GeoMax’s products are focused on offering an attractive price-to-performance ratio. This five-year milestone represents the ideal opportunity to... (read more)
2012-08-24 04:27:00

Fast Survey of a High-speed Railway Line

Surveying a 140km Corridor with a UAV for Railway Planning
Large corridor surveys, such as roads and railroads, used to be the domain of airborne photogrammetry or Lidar using conventional aircraft. In Turkey, it has been demonstrated how a 140km corridor can be efficiently surveyed using a fixed-wing UAV. Streamlined operations and a large number of ground control points are essential to achieve results suitable for railway planning purposes. The Turkish government is planning the construction of a large, nationwide high-speed rail network. A high-speed rail connection between the cities Ankara and İzmir is currently in the planning phase. Thanks to an intended speed of 250km/h, the journey between the... (read more)
2015-12-02 10:14:45
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