NavCom Releases LAND-PAK RTK

NavCom Technology, Inc. (CA, USA) has released the LAND-PAK RTK Land Survey Solution, a complete package designed to meet the needs of land survey - from field data collection to office processing. The LAND-PAK delivers precise results by combining NavCom's dual frequency receiver with radio modems, a rugged data collector and processing software. The rover and base configurations can be powered from portable, rechargeable batteries, which allow for a full day's operation. The rugged controller and fully featured survey software allow you to easily perform everything from stake-out to boundary surveys.   The LAND-PAK supports high precision survey applications providing... (read more)
2007-09-27 12:00:00


Spectra Precision has introduced the EPOCH 35 GNSS system, using Global Positioning System (GPS) and GLONASS technology for cadastral, topographic, control, stakeout and other precision survey applications.     The EPOCH 35 is a complete GNSS system that includes a base, rover, field software, data collector, and radio. The EPOCH 35 GNSS rover features integrated Bluetooth capability, an internal radio modem and battery. In North America, the system operates with the popular TDS Survey Pro field software. Outside the U.S., the system runs Spectra Precision Field Surveyor. These premiere field software solutions operate on the Spectra Precision Recon or Nomad... (read more)
2009-01-05 10:10:16

High-accuracy GNSS RTK System

Topcon Europe Positioning (TEP, The Netherlands) announces the HiPer SR – a GNSS RTK receiver with a compact and lightweight design for a fully integrated precision receiver. A variety of users will be using this device, from surveyors who need a tool for small boundary or stakeout work, to non-traditional users such as landscape architects who need a low-cost mapping solution, or law enforcement or any others requiring high-accuracy 3D positioning. Cable-free and simple to operate, the HiPer SR is a compact professional-grade base and rover RTK system.  The field-rugged and fully-integrated design delivers a 300 metres (1,000 foot) working... (read more)
2012-08-23 03:08:13

New SF-3040 Starfire/RTK

RTK-level accuracy up to 40km away from the base-station or decimetre-level accuracy anywhere in the world through the StarFire service. This what comes with the latest NavCom Technology (USA) product release, the SF-3040 pole-mount receiver, featuring StarFire/RTK GNSS capabilities. The SF-3040, with NavCom’s Ultra RTK and RTK Extend products, provides ideal support for RTK applications.  Ultra RTK provides RTK-level accuracy up to 40km away from a base station and RTK Extend allows for continuous RTK level positioning during radio outages by allowing StarFire to take over when the RTK radio communication signal is blocked or out of range.   Powered... (read more)
2011-04-05 12:00:00

ComNav Technology Wins Biggest RTK Tender

ComNav Technology, in cooperation with its local Indonesian distributor, has successfully won the biggest RTK tender, which was organised by The Ministry of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning/National Land Agency of Indonesia, for 1,046 sets of SinoGNSS T300 GNSS receivers. According to the National Land Agency information, the RTK products will be used in Indonesian cadastral surveying projects. The transaction renewed the record since GNSS RTK products were innovated. During the bidding process, the SinoGNSS T300 GNSS receiver passed rigorous technical tests proving its reliable performance and excellent product quality. The GNSS receiver stood out among many well-known GNSS brands and... (read more)
2018-07-18 03:30:06

senseFly Launches eBee RTK Mapping Drone

Swiss UAS manufacturer senseFly has announced the eBee RTK, a fully integrated, fully compatible survey-grade mapping system. The eBee RTK, which will be available in Q3 2014, will offer surveying and engineering professionals a highly accurate and flexible mapping solution that works alongside their existing base stations and does not require any third-party software. This new survey-grade version of the eBee is the missing link that customers have been waiting for said Jean-Christophe Zufferey, CEO of senseFly. The eBee RTK offers surveying and engineering professionals the very highest positional accuracy, without the need for ground control points. It is compatible... (read more)
2014-06-11 03:36:12

Palm-sized Dual Frequency RTK GPS receiver

Geneq has presented one of the world's smallest dual-frequency (GPS L1/L2) GPS RTK receivers for high-accuracy GIS data collection. The SXBlue III GPS is weighing slightly more than one pound (517g) and fitting comfortably in the palm of your hand. Equally small is its patch antenna. At 5.5cm wide and weighing 80 grams, according to Geneq it is one of the smallest dual-frequency antennas in the world. The SXBlue III GPS offers 51 channels of proven 1-cm RTK performance and tracks L1 C/A code and L1 P(Y)/L2 P(Y) carrier phase as well as SBAS (WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS/GAGAN). Support for RTK Networks is... (read more)
2010-11-17 11:13:01

Altus Launches Second-generation GNSS RTK Rover

Altus Positioning Systems has announced the introduction of its new APS-NR2 RTK surveying receiver. The new product, which was previewed at the 2014 Geo Business conference and exhibition in London on 28-29 May, will be commercially available in July. The APS-NR2 provides a powerful combination of high GNSS RTK performance, light weight, low power consumption, versatile Quad-band modem, remote web-based access and connectivity with Esri’s cloud-based platform, said Neil Vancans, Altus president and CEO. The result is a versatile product designed to enhance productivity and minimise downtime in the field for a wide range of surveying and geolocation jobs, he... (read more)
2014-05-30 02:57:44

Magellan DG14 RTK GPS Board

Magellan (France) has introduction the DG14 RTK which offer high-end precision in a low-cost GNSS unit. The DG14 RTK from Magellan is a cost-effective, sub-metre GNSS (GPS and SBAS) and Beacon receiver. In the DG14 RTK, BLADE, Magellan's new proprietary GNSS processing technology, incorporates ranging and carrier phase signals from satellite-based augmentation systems (SBAS), such as WAAS, EGNOS & MSAS in the RTK computation. An embedded beacon receiver provides sub-metre differential positioning, when SBAS corrections are not available.   DG14 RTK customers can choose from a fixed centimetre solution or a "flying RTK" decimetre solution. Because it offers an optimised... (read more)
2007-05-24 01:19:38

Hi-Target Launches New GNSS RTK Receiver

Hi-Target, the Chinese manufacturer of high-precision geographic instruments, recently announced the release of the V90 Plus, the company’s next-generation GNSS RTK. The V90 Plus is equipped with the advanced Trimble BD970 OEM and delivers centimetre accuracy for a variety of applications. The full-wave RTK antenna based on air dielectric technology supports the whole constellation and makes it much lighter and more stable. Furthermore, thanks to the built-in Linux operating system and multiple pre-loaded smart applications such as tilt surveying, electronic bubble calibration, NFC and voice DIY, the V90 Plus GNSS system enables the surveyor work more conveniently. With the V90 Plus, Hi-Target aims to provide the surveyor with an industry-leading GNSS solution with improved accuracy and stability. Especially the self-developed antenna, based on air dielectric technology, is designed for multipath mitigation. It is not only lighter than traditional RTK antennas, but also effectively avoids the instability of ceramic dielectric antennas. Every detail of the V90 Plus is optimised to improve the performance.... (read more)
2015-06-15 11:18:25
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