Septentrio’s RTK Technology Selected for UAV Lidar Solution

Septentrio, Belgium, has announced that L’Avion Jaune, a service provider and airborne sensors integrator in the field of aerial surveys, has selected the Septentrio AsteRx-m for its robustness and low power consumption to equip the YellowScan system. YellowScan is an all-in-one solution designed to deliver high-quality aerial surveys carried out using a Lidar sensor aboard UAVs. The self-contained system integrates into a small package all the necessary equipment for conducting airborne surveys: a 3D laser scanner, an AHRS, a controller, an autonomous power supply module and the AsteRx-m, a high-performance precision GNSS receiver. The AsteRx-m is designed to provide a... (read more)
2014-12-09 09:07:19

GNSS Network RTK Rover for Land Survey Applications

Spectra Precision has today introduced the new ProMark 700 GNSS receiver to meet the evolving needs of the land survey market. The new ProMark 700 is specifically designed for network RTK applications. The ProMark 700 receiver can be used with Spectra Precision field software: either Survey Pro v5.2.1 or FAST Survey v3.1. Both field software applications provide a complete set of features that meet the demanding expectations of professional surveyors and are optimised for RTK network surveys. Weighing only 650 grams (1.4 pounds), the ProMark 700 is among the lightest GNSS RTK smart antenna available on the market today. Its light... (read more)
2013-03-05 10:10:03

Harxon Introduces 4-in-1 X-Survey Antenna for RTK Applications

Normal RTK integration is based on the installation of separate antennas, which easily leads to reduced efficiency because of electromagnetic interference (EM). The conventional antenna installation also results in unstable machine performance due to the problems of system compatibility between different antennas. Harxon has overcome these difficulties by developing a solution that provides both stable performance and high integration with its integrated X-Survey antenna. This is a unique 4-in-1 OEM antenna for both navigation and communication in surveying applications. The high-gain and wide beam-width GNSS antenna features multi-point feeding technology, ensuring a high phase centre stability and positioning accuracy. Moreover,... (read more)
2018-09-20 02:22:03

Satlab Introduces SLC RTK Handheld with Tablet or Phone as Display

Sweden-based survey and GIS equipment maker Satlab Geosolutions has launched its multi-purpose SLC RTK handheld solution. The SLC brings professional high-precision positioning in a new design concept with Bluetooth connectivity for Android, Windows and iOS BLE smart devices. The SLC handheld sends via Bluetooth, cm level NMEA position data to the user’s tablet or phone. Alternatively, it can be used as a fixed sensor for any compatible NMEA driven positioning application. The design includes a mounting plate to attach the user’s tablet device so it acts as the SLC’s display, or connectivity is available via a USB/RS232 port. With built-in... (read more)
2016-08-30 09:33:10

RTK Positioning Accuracy Maintained during Outages for up to 20 Minutes

During Intergeo, NovAtel introduced its RTK ASSIST service, a subscription-based service that provides users with satellite-delivered correction data to seamlessly continue centimetre-level accuracy during Real Time Kinematic (RTK) correction outages caused by communication disruptions. Users are able to maintain RTK-level performance for up to 20 minutes, reducing any associated downtime and optimising solution productivity. RTK is a method of achieving cm-level accuracy with GNSS. However, if the RTK correction data link to the receiver is interrupted, performance degrades quickly. RTK ASSIST subscribers are able to maintain the accuracy of their positioning solution during these interruptions, avoiding any down-time.  RTK ASSIST... (read more)
2016-10-11 09:14:59

Geneq Launches New All-in-one GNSS and RTK Data Collector

Geneq has introduced a new all-in-one GPS, GNSS and RTK data collector series, the SXPro. Standard features of the series of handheld receivers include an extra-long battery life of more than 10 hours on a charge, as well as a large outdoor-viewable touchscreen. The handhelds are rated for IP65 for protection against water and dust. The SXPro handheld is also equipped with a 5-megapixel autofocus camera and Microsoft utilities. The SXPro is sold as a fully loaded package that includes a spare battery, hard carrying case and FieldGenius Survey Data Collection Software. The series is built for mobile survey and GIS... (read more)
2015-12-16 09:44:38

OEMV Precision Receiver Firmware

NovAtel has launched its version 3.800 firmware for its OEMV family of GNSS precision receivers. This firmware upgrade provides optimisations to NovAtel's AdVance RTK for GPS-only and GPS+GLONASS RTK positioning performance. Research and algorithm adjustments have been made to AdVance RTK, increasing solution availability and accelerating ambiguity resolution in real world conditions while maintaining high accuracy. Additional routines have been added to minimise the effects of increasing solar activity for consistent and reliable RTK positioning in long baseline RTK positioning in active ionosphere conditions. Comprehensive support for RTCM Master Auxiliary Concept (MAC) messages has also been added for optimal positioning... (read more)
2010-05-25 09:42:50

CHC Navigation Introduces New GNSS Receiver

CHC Navigation has released its i90 GNSS Series powered by the latest CHCNAV IMU-RTK technology to provide robust and accurate GNSS positioning, in any circumstances. The i90 IMU-RTK GNSS Series is designed to dramatically increase GNSS RTK availability and reliability. The i90 GNSS IMU-RTK combines a high-end calibration and interference free IMU sensor with state-of-the-art GNSS RTK engine and advanced GNSS tracking capabilities. Survey projects are achieved with high productivity and reliability. Hassle-free IMU-RTK surveying The i90 GNSS Series goes without a complicated calibration process, rotation, leveling or accessories are necessary with the i90 GNSS Series. Just a few meters... (read more)
2019-09-23 11:05:17

Magellan ProMark 500

Magellan has released firmware for the ProMark 500 GNSS survey receiver. New features include backward compatibility with the support of Ashtech RTK data correction format, the ability to use the GSM data mode to receive RTK corrections from a GSM-equipped base (point-to-point communication), and the possibility to use an external CDMA or other type of cell phone to connect to real-time correction sources. Magellan is also introducing new PC software called Real-Time Data Server (RTDS) that allows GPRS communication between one base and several rovers. The base could be a fixed base (with a direct/local connection to the RTDS) or... (read more)
2008-10-13 11:14:59

Solution to Achieve Centimetre-level Accuracy

Supergeo, a Taiwan-based GIS software and solution provider, will be releasing NTRIP solution on its Windows Mobile GIS app, SuperPad, for high-accuracy field data collection and geospatial workflow enhancement. The upcoming SuperPad 3.3 version will support the NTRIP solution with RTK technology. SuperPad is a feature-rich mobile GIS application for field-based personnel to collect, edit, display and measure spatial data. The flexible development environment and customised extensions enable users to create a platform that fits their needs.  RTK technology A major upgrade of SuperPad 3.3 is the support of the NTRIP solution with RTK technology. Real Time Kinematic (RTK) satellite... (read more)
2015-03-05 09:55:00
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