Exploring Aboriginal Caves with Mobile 3D Laser Mapping System

ZEB1, a truly mobile handheld rapid laser mapping system, has been used to explore Aboriginal cave markings in South Australia. Using the ZEB1 handheld mobile mapping system, researchers have been able to create a detailed 3D survey of the cave system. This 3D survey data, combined with high-resolution photographs and analysis of the flutings, can be analysed by archaeologists from the SA Museum. The strange markings, called finger flutings, were thought to have been left in the Koonalda Cave between about 30,000 and 10,000 years ago. Created by hands being dragged along established grooves in the soft limestone walls, the... (read more)
2013-03-20 02:19:49

ZEB1 Mobile Scanner Puts New Zealand Start-up on the Map

A ZEB1 mobile mapping system is proving to be an integral tool for a business start-up in New Zealand. Qntfi is a new company specialising in building replacement reports and contract scanning services. Purchased from 3D Laser Mapping, UK, the ZEB1 is already bolstering market perception of the fledgling company. The solution – a mobile handheld rapid laser mapping system – has also been successfully deployed on a number of projects achieving higher accuracies, faster rates of data capture and more practical operating procedures than traditional surveying techniques. Managing director and founder of Qntfi, Jonathan Daley, said he would describe... (read more)
2013-12-13 08:30:00

ZEB1 Mobile Mapper Declared as a Game Changer

Specialist land and property surveying company Formby Surveys, UK, has declared the ZEB1 mobile mapping system as a ‘game changer’. Following a trial of the world’s first truly mobile, hand-held rapid laser mapping system, undertaken in partnership with 3D Laser Mapping, the UK-based precision measurement company reported significant time savings achieved in the scanning of existing buildings, compared to more traditional technologies and techniques. Once you understand the operating procedures, ZEB1 ‘does exactly what it says on the tin’, commented managing director Andy Roberts. It’s simple, fast and offers excellent value for money; this makes it a potential ‘game changer’... (read more)
2013-11-28 09:16:08

3D Laser Mapping Launches Mobile Mapping Data Logger

3D Laser Mapping, a UK-based developer of laser scanning solutions, has made the ZEB1 mobile mapping system easier to use, more portable and more reliable by including a special data recording system. ZEB1 was introduced in 2012 and is a mobile, handheld, rapid laser mapping system. The ZEB-DL2600 data logger uses state-of-the-art data storage and access technology and is designed to make the ZEB1 even easier to use in the field, eliminating the need for a separate laptop and power supply. ZEB1 already allows for fast data capture, without complex set-up or the requirement for lengthy data processing, commented Dr... (read more)
2013-08-23 08:30:00

Towards Smaller and Smarter Solutions

Reflections on Intergeo 2019
Intergeo is a leading annual industry showcase where geospatial professionals gain an excellent impression of the latest innovations. On the brink of a new decade, Intergeo 2019 gave us a glimpse of the future. In general, we can conclude that solutions are getting smaller and smarter, and there are some new kids on the block. But with all the buzz around machine learning and artificial intelligence, how can we cut through the hype to get the most out of the rapidly advancing technology? One thing was crystal clear at this year’s Intergeo: the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV or ‘drone’) has... (read more)
2019-11-05 01:06:25

Columna sobre mapeo móvil 3D

En los últimos años a nivel de calle el mapeo móvil y la captura de la realidad ha llegado a convertirse en una de las más importantes tecnologías de mapeo geoespacial. Ya hay cientos de vehículos de mapeo de recolección de vastas cantidades de datos geoespaciales. Pero lo que vemos hoy es sólo el principio. Por Stephan Nebiker En el futuro, representaciones 3D precisas y densas del medio ambiente urbano a lo largo de los corredores de tráfico y dentro de edificios serán capturados y creadas de forma totalmente automática y regularmente actualizadas, si no en tiempo real. Estas realidades... (read more)
2016-09-07 02:11:56

A Decade of Geospatial Advancements

As the 25th edition of Intergeo rapidly approaches, Wim van Wegen reflects on his own anniversary: a decade in the geospatial business and attendance at ten consecutive Intergeo events. Huge advancements in 3D mobile laser scanning, unmanned aerial vehicles and total stations are just some examples of the innovative nature of our industry. So what will the future bring? This year’s edition in Stuttgart marks the 25th anniversary of Intergeo. My own personal Intergeo debut was back in 2010, in the city of Cologne, so this is an anniversary year for me too: it will my 10th time attending the... (read more)
2019-09-05 01:53:12

Intelligent Robot for Mapping Applications in 3D

Motivated by the increasing need for rapid characterisation of environments in 3D, a German university has designed a robot system that automates the work of an operator of terrestrial laser scanners. The system makes it possible to work without markers or targets, saving surveyors more than 75% of the time spent on site. Another impulse for developing the platform was the demand for a remote inspection tool. The robot is capable of surveying remote sites or danger areas, such as plants, underground mines, tunnels, caves or channels. The availability of the robotic platform further enables the study of mobile laser... (read more)
2013-10-28 11:40:55

Call for Abstracts: 9th International Symposium on Mobile Mapping Technology

The 9th International Symposium on Mobile Mapping Technology (MMT 2015) will be hosted by the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at The University of New South Wales in the harbourside city of Sydney, Australia, from Wednesday 9 to Friday 11 December 2015. Over the past 20 years, the MMT Symposium has been the primary event jointly sponsored by the International Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing ( ISPRS), International Association of Geodesy (IAG) and the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG). In addition, for the first time, another two major international organisations, the International Society of Mine Surveying (ISM) and... (read more)
2015-05-26 09:21:49

Future of Surveyors: Moving up the Food Chain?

Robin McLaren has recently learned that both the medical profession and the architecture profession are in a dilemma due to the emergence of IBM’s ‘Watson’ supercomputer and the challenges of fast-evolving technical and business worlds. So how is the surveying profession coping? In this column, he explores how the surveying profession can remain relevant under pressure from other potentially more agile and better-prepared professions. I attended an event at this year’s Edinburgh Science Festival where the medical profession was debating the potential role and impact of IBM’s ‘Watson’. It is a supercomputer that combines artificial intelligence (AI) and sophisticated analytical software... (read more)
2017-10-05 11:45:35
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