New order for Fugro in USA

Fugro has successfully negotiated a contract with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA-NOS), a bureau of the U.S. Department of Commerce, to provide hydrographic surveying and related support services. The Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity contract is for five years, and not-to-exceed USD 250 million.     An initial task order, valued at USD 3.5 million, is for side scan sonar and multibeam echo sonar mapping operations in support of post hurricane debris mapping for previously affected areas of the Louisiana coastline. Future operations can include multibeam echo sounder, side scan sonar and hydrographic LIDAR anywhere in US waters, including... (read more)
2008-05-07 09:50:19

Waterside Mapping in Italy

Integrating 3D Laser Scanning and Side-scan Sonar
The combination of 3D-laser scanning and side-scan sonar can be very beneficial for mapping complicated waterside areas; the two systems are complementary. High-resolution surveys were performed over a two-year period (2005 and 2006) at several locations in Italy, generating a complete and accurate digital model of areas both above and below water level, a result inimitable by any other topographical survey method. The 3D-laser scanner used to scan the areas above water level was an Optech ILRIS while a SEA SWATHplus-H wide swath sonar system was used to collect underwater topography. Both systems generate point-clouds with attributed intensity values, although... (read more)
2007-07-07 12:00:00

Atmos UAV Sets Foot in Southeast Asian Market

Atmos UAV, a Dutch manufacturer that develops high-end VTOL fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or 'drones') for surveying and mapping, has appointed Sonar Nusantara as its official distributor in Indonesia. Sonar, with its headquarters in South Jakarta, offers solutions to a complete range of surveying needs through partnerships with global and well-known manufacturers in the geospatial industry. With this collaboration, Atmos UAV aims to meet the demand in the Southeast Asian region and provide local Marlyn operators with support and first-line maintenance.   "Partnering with best-in -class technology developers like Atmos UAV has enabled us to provide the best option... (read more)
2019-08-01 11:15:52

Reappearance of the Danton

In December 2007, the Fugro survey vessel Geo Prospector was performing part of the Detailed Marine Survey for routing the proposed Galsi gas pipeline across the Southern Mediterranean Sea between Algeria and Sardinia. One day later, interpretation of side-scan sonar data collected by the AUV revealed a large wreck lying upright among a group of smaller sonar targets in an area of disturbed sea-bed, close to the proposed pipeline route in 1000m of water.   Analysis of the data indicated a vessel approximately 125m long with a beam of around 27m. Both sonar and multi-beam data revealed that the bow... (read more)
2009-02-23 03:45:20

Bathymetric Survey Vessel Tracked with Total Station

To increase public interest and involvement in protecting and improving the Ribble River, which runs through North Yorkshire and Lancashire in northern England, the Ribble Rivers Trust recently commissioned a bathymetry survey of a notable section of the riverbed. A robotically controlled 1.2-metre twin-hull shallow draft vessel powered by a twin jet system was used to survey approximately one hectare of the riverbed. Aboard the vessel was a depth-recording sonar and a tracking prism that enabled a Spectra Precision FOCUS 35 total station to lock onto and robotically follow and record the location of the vessel.  Echo soundings from the sonar... (read more)
2016-11-28 09:33:13

Point Clouds (1)

The Functionalities of Processing Software
Whether based on Lidar, photogrammetry, radar, sonar or other remote sensors, systems for geodata acquisition create millions or even billions of 3D points. To be useful, the data needs to be organised, combined, georeferenced, measured and analysed, and that in turn requires software. This article first defines what point clouds are and identifies their sources. It then goes on to examine software functionalities such as visualisation and editing. The July 2014 edition of GIM International will be a themed issue covering collection and processing of point clouds and hence will include a selection of the many software packages currently available.... (read more)
2014-06-06 03:29:52

Kershner Award for Dr Huddle

The PLANS Executive Committee presented its Kershner Award to Dr. James Huddle at the IEEE/ION PLANS Symposium (PLANS) 2010 in Palm Springs, California, USA, Thursday, 6th May 2010. Dr. Huddle was recognised for his work on inertial and multi-sensor navigation and referencing systems. Over his distinguished career, Dr Huddle has performed and directed system mechanisation, analysis, evaluation, and optimisation of various multi-sensor navigation, guidance, and surveying systems. The sensors employed include inertial, Doppler radar and sonar, LORAN, Stellar-trackers, Laser and RF range and range-rate devices, EM-logs, TERCOM, NAVSAT, OMEGA, and GPS. Applications include air, marine and land navigation and referencing... (read more)
2010-05-11 09:52:00

Dual Antenna GNSS Inertial System

SBG Systems recently has added a new inertial system to its Ekinox series. With integrated Dual Antenna GPS + GLONASS receiver, the Ekinox-D is a ready-to-use Survey Grade inertial navigation system which provides consistent true heading (0.05°). The Survey Grade Ekinox-D is a high performance inertial navigation system which embeds a Dual Antenna L1/L2 GNSS receiver to deliver more robust heading and position, while increasing satellite reception availability. Ekinox-D is an integrated system. GNSS data and inertial information are fused by an Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) to improve data integrity. This computation allows the system to achieve 0.05° Roll, Pitch,... (read more)
2013-07-31 08:30:00

SPAR 2008, Houston, TX, USA

The 5th Annual Conference SPAR on 3d laser scanning, mobile survey, lidar, dimensional control, asset management, BIM/CAD/GIS Integration is being held from 3 to 5 March at the InterContinental Hotel, Houston in Texas, USA. SPAR 2008 is all about new 3D data capture systems based on laser scanning, LIDAR, high-dynamic-range photography, sonar, GPS and inertial navigation technologies - and how these are challenging organisations to rethink the ways they use 3D data for efficient and safe operations.   Visitors can learn from real project case studies about the business and technology of capturing, managing and integrating 3D information, and validate... (read more)
2007-12-13 02:27:01

Destellos de Optimismo

En estos días, ver las noticias, leer el periódico o al seguir las redes sociales uno no se llena de mucha alegría sobre el estado de las economías a nivel mundial, la estabilidad política y el clima. A riesgo de sonar como un viejo gruñón insistiendo que las cosas eran mejores en los viejos tiempos, tengo que admitir que es difícil de encontrar destellos de optimismo en las noticias del día a día. Nuestra industria está siendo sacudida en todas partes por el oleaje de acontecimientos internacionales como el inminente Brexit, las elecciones en EE.UU., las guerras en el Medio... (read more)
2016-12-01 10:49:50
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