Topcon Partnerships

Topcon (Netherlands) has formed a partnership with the monitoring software provider Dr Bertges from Germany and the precise inclination sensor manufacturer Wyler from Switzerland. This cooperation brings together the technology and expertise from all three companies to offer the best, most versatile monitoring system available. It is the first monitoring system utilising Topcon's innovative Imaging technology. The system can be used in all types of monitoring projects, earth/structure stability, construction monitoring and even the long term monitoring of dams, bridges, railways or rock faces   The DC3 system is at the basis of this solution. Developed by Dr. Bertges it... (read more)
2008-09-12 09:44:57

Topcon Appointments

Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS) recently named Joel Frost as national sales manager of network products and services and Fred Moser as laser scanner sales manager. Both positions are new at TPS.   Joel Frost is a former senior regional sales manager for the Topcon Survey Business Unit. As the national sales manager of network products and services, Frost reports to Charles Rihner, vice president of planning for the Topcon Emerging Business Unit.Fred Moser has assumed responsibilities as laser scanner sales manager reporting to Brice Walker, vice president of sales for the Topcon Survey Business Unit. Moser, who formerly served as TPS... (read more)
2010-02-01 10:43:40

Topcon Mobile Mapping Move

Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS) Latin American distributor Geomatic Instruments Corporation (Geincor, Peru) is now offering the IP-S2 mobile mapping system. Geincor took ownership of the system in April 2011.     The company’s business plan is two-fold: Geincor will act as a sales agent for customers wishing to purchase an IP-S2; for customers and agencies who need comprehensive 3D data, the company will provide collection services.   The dealer / service provider model will enable the company to serve a wide range of Peru's mapping needs.   “Mapping the nation's historic areas is one of our priority goals,” Nelson Meneses,... (read more)
2011-05-09 09:33:48

French Topcon Positioning Partner

Topcon Europe Positioning co-operates with a new partner in the France. With Laser Equipement, Topcon aims to provide its customers with a strong basis for further expansion of its sales and support capabilities for positioning products.   The company, established in 1978, is managed by Director Mr. Florent Deperrois and has 35 employees at the moment. With over 25 years of experience in sales and support of positioning solutions Laser Equipement can be marked as pioneer in the French construction market. With Topcon’s line up it further strengthens its position through the versatile and enhanced product portfolio resulting in a... (read more)
2010-03-22 03:16:22

Sokkia Topcon Updates

GSR2700 ISX firmware V3.500/2.120 and the GSR Family Config Tool V8.4.2 for the Allegro CX data collector have been released by Sokkia Topcon. GSR2700 ISX firmware V3.500/2.120 update features improved network RTK support for third-party reference networks and advanced ambiguity resolution under multipath. It also provides additional languages for audible notifications, now including Dutch, German, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Portuguese and Russian.   SOKKIA’s GSR2700 ISX is a rugged, high-performance multi-frequency receiver that provides GPS and GLONASS satellite tracking capabilities to maximize surveying accuracy. The GSR2700 ISX, the leading multi-frequency GNSS receiver in the industry, features RTK network support, multiple Bluetooth... (read more)
2008-11-19 04:25:41

Tender Topcon/Sokkia Approved

The Japanese Fair Trade Commission has approved the tender offer from Topcon Corporation (Japan) to acquire all outstanding shares of Sokkia Company Ltd (Japan) on 10th December, making it a wholly owned subsidiary of Topcon Corporation. According to Topcon and Sokkia, they are expected to compete intensively in the global surveying instruments market with US and European manufacturers that are strong in technology, brand name recognition and financial health, as well as with emerging Chinese manufacturers that are combining accelerating advancements in technology with highly competitive pricing.   Sokkia plans to propose an amendment to change its name to Sokkia... (read more)
2007-12-13 04:35:54

Topcon ReadyPave, MasterPave, AutoPave

Topcon Europe Positioning and TSD have announced a new family of automated paving control systems. The three new systems: ReadyPave, MasterPave and AutoPave; all feature easy-to-use, automated controls with millimetre accuracy. The new systems utilise an array of new sensing technologies including the new dual sonic and Quattro ultrasonic sensors, advanced slope sensing technologies, laser scanning products and Millimeter GPS controlled systems. All three automated paving systems will be available before the end of the year. ReadyPave is an economical system for pavers and profilers, designed with the smaller pavers in mind. The hand receiver provides an integrated LCD display... (read more)
2007-05-11 09:40:46

Topcon HiPer II

Topcon Positioning Systems' (TPS) HiPer series of GNSS receivers revolutionised Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) technology when it was introduced more than ten years ago. The HiPer II is a smaller, lighter, more affordable receiver for all GNSS positioning applications, consisting of an integrated, dual-constellation (GPS + GLONASS) Real Time Kinematic (RTK) and static receiver. The new HiPer has fully customisable functionality and provides flexibility to fit a broad range of survey requirements, from the most simple of chores to the most complex assignments.With a variety of choices of internal radios and cellular modem options, the unit's gives the end... (read more)
2010-12-16 11:35:06

Hornstra Joins Topcon

Mark Hornstra has been appointed senior vice president of product planning of Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS). The announcement was made by Ray O'Connor, president and CEO of TPS.     Hornstra has spent the past seven years at SanDisk Corporation in various director and executive level positions including vice president of worldwide Sales Operations and Demand Planning, and vice president of worldwide sales in the mobile handset business.  He was also responsible for SanDisk's retail and OEM business in Japan for three years. Throughout his career, Hornstra has also held director and executive level positions in sales, product marketing/product management, business... (read more)
2009-08-10 11:11:06

First Topcon Imaging TS

Topcon (The Netherlands) has unveiled the GPT-7000i, its first reflectorless total station incorporating digital imaging technology. The instrument is based on the standard GPT-7000, offering reflectorless measurements up to a 250m range. The implementation of imaging technology allows viewing of the telescope image on the instrument display screen, making easy pointing the telescope to the required object for measurement. Measured points and lines also appear on the real view of the area being measured. A 'Capture Reality' function allows storage of digital image along with measurement data. These features offer great advantages over traditional non-imaging surveying work. With the object... (read more)
2005-03-16 12:00:00
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