TopoDOT Gains Momentum

Caltrans, West Virginia and Ohio, USA, have recently joined seven other U.S. state transportation departments (DOTs) using TopoDOT for processing Lidar data from tripod, mobile and airborne systems. Other state transportation departments using TopoDOT include Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Virginia and Wisconsin. Certainty 3D was pleased to add New South Wales Roads and Maritime Services as the latest Australian agency to use TopoDOT. Other foreign agencies using TopoDOT include Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation department in Canada and Queensland Department of Transport in Australia. (read more)
2012-09-11 09:55:24

Details of LASzip Lidar Compressor Published

Technology start-up rapidlasso GmbH has published the details of their popular LASzip Lidar compressor in the February 2013 issue of the ASPRS journal PE&RS - a Special Issue on National Scale 3D Mapping edited by Jason Stoker of the USGS. The LASzip compression technology squeezes ASPRS LAS files into 5 to 13 times smaller LAZ files without any loss and has become the de-facto industry standard for compressed Lidar. LASzip is used by large online data providers such as NOAA. OpenTopography, the National Land Survey of Finland, and the DNR Minnesota for disseminating Terabytes of Lidar. The compressed LAZ format... (read more)
2013-02-27 09:11:12

MapDotNet Support for SQL Server 2008

ISC (FL, USA) fully supports the spatial enhancements of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 in the 6.5 release of MapDotNet Server, their .NET GIS platform. MapDotNet Server is the .NET-based GIS platform that provides support for spatial data visualisation and analysis. MapDotNet Server also provides Microsoft Virtual Earth compatibility, and offers a starter application template for creating Virtual Earth applications out of the box. With MapDotNet Server and the accompanying SDK, organisations can create interactive maps that provide geospatial visualisation and analysis capabilities. MapDotNet Server 6.5 is currently undergoing beta testing and will be released in November 2007. In addition to... (read more)
2007-11-13 10:11:20

PennDOT Integrates ArcGIS for Asset Data Collection

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) recently completed a project to manage its road asset and bridge inventory data with Esri technology. Pennsylvania needed to overhaul its inventory system to monitor the health of its network assets and prioritise repairs. Using the ArcGIS platform, PennDOT created a mapping system that collects data points from Pennsylvania's locally owned roads and bridges to create a comprehensive inventory of roads and bridges in the commonwealth. ArcGIS enables PennDOT to view all its linear referencing system data for analysis in the office and out in the field. PennDOT field staff can now collect road and... (read more)
2014-01-09 10:41:13

Tablet-based 3D Data Capture for Digital Heritage Preservation

DotProduct, headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA, has donated five licenses for its phi.3D software used for tablet-based 3D data capture to CyArk. CyArk is a California-based non-profit organisation whose mission is to digitally preserve cultural heritage sites by collecting, archiving and providing open access to data created by laser scanning, digital modelling and other technologies. DotProduct CEO Brian Ahern commented the field-ready phi.3D solution will allow CyArk to use low-cost, off-the-shelf hardware for field capture of 3D heritage data. According to Ahern, phi.3D’s real time registration, instantaneous quality feedback and tablet-based architecture produces industry standard, colour point cloud files at a... (read more)
2013-06-26 09:53:12

TopoSys North America Inc. Founded

TopoSys GmbH (Germany) has founded a new subsidiary located in Denver, Colorado, called TopoSys North America Inc. It serves as a sales and support center to the American, Canadian and Mexican customers. TopoSys North America Inc. is managed by Mr. Roman Kathofer, a Geomatics engineer and photogrammetrist with many years experience in hands-on photogrammetric mapping and airborne sensing operations. Source: TopoSys (read more)
2007-02-13 10:02:28

TopoSys North America Opens Denver Office

TopoSys GmbH (Germany) has founded a subsidiary to strengthen its position in the North American Lidar market.  As of February 2007, TopoSys North America, Inc. has established its North American headquarters in Denver, Colo., a major hub in the world-wide geospatial industry, to serve as a sales and support center to meet the ever increasing demand for TopoSys Lidar systems in the region.   TopoSys North America Inc. is managed by Roman Kathofer, a Geomatics engineer and photogrammetrist with several years experience in photogrammetric mapping and airborne sensing operations.   Roland Mangold joins TopoSys North America Inc. as director of... (read more)
2007-08-01 09:11:57

Roundtable on DOT Asset Management

Leaders in the transportation and geospatial industries are coming together at the Spatial Roundtable to discuss the use of geographic information system (GIS) technology for department of transportation (DOT) asset management strategies. Esri's global transportation industry manager, Terry Bills, leads the conversation by stating, "The promise of GIS-based asset management, an approach that strives to provide the best return on every dollar invested, is yet to be realised in most state DOTs." The Esri-sponsored Spatial Roundtable opens the discussion to all parties with a stake in DOT asset management and geospatial technology when Bills asks the question, "What can the... (read more)
2010-08-09 09:28:25

System Migration for Planning Commission

The Transportation Division of the Lancaster County Planning Commission (USA) is to perform a system migration of its legacy GIS-T application from ArcView 3.x to ArcGIS 9.3. The GIS-T legacy application, developed by GeographIT who also takes on the migration, automatically loads and classifies predefined roadway, traffic, bridge, and accident data as event themes mapped to PennDOT's linear referencing system.     The application also provides a Query Builder wizard that enables the user to define, modify, and delete custom queries of event tables. The new application will be developed with .NET 3.5 and ArcGIS 9.3.1 and will integrate PennDOT event... (read more)
2009-09-10 01:45:39

TopoSys Receives ISO 9001:2000 Certification

TopoSys (Germany) has established a certified Quality Management System according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000. The certificate covers all business fields of TopoSys, including sensor production and Lidar service projects. The certificate is available for download at the website in the open download section. TopoSys has introduced a complete line of Lidar sensor systems, engineered to address the increasing applications for aerial Lidar, from precise wide-area topographic mapping to high-density corridor mapping. The TopoSys LIDAR sensor family consists of three systems: The Falcon III, Harrier 56/G3, and Harrier 24. (read more)
2007-08-16 08:39:08
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