UAS Provide Humanitarian Aid in Haiti

UAS from senseFly, Switzerland, have accomplished their second mission in Haiti to map areas around Port-au-Prince and Cap Haitien, including areas that were damaged by Hurricane Sandy in October 2012. After a first successful mission with the UNITAR using senseFly’s swinglet CAM, the IOM recently teamed up with Drone Adventures for a mission using senseFly’s latest drone, the eBee. Over 45 square kilometres were covered in under a week. 3D maps were created to identify dangerous river beds in order to plan infrastructures and protect dense urban encampments from flooding.  On top of this several shantytowns were mapped to help... (read more)
2013-05-31 09:20:29

eBee Canada’s First Compliant Fixed-Wing UAS

Swiss UAS manufacturer, senseFly, sees its eBee as the first fixed-wing system to be designated a ‘compliant small UAV’ by Transport Canada—a distinction that moves organisations  using this drone a critical step closer to achieving Compliant Operator status. Canadian companies that employ drones for civilian applications must hold a Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC), unless qualifying for an exemption. An SFOC typically features an approved term of just one year and applies to a specific region. Benefits Holding an SFOC when an organisation has been granted Compliant Operator status brings several additional benefits: Greater geographical flexibility (including Canada-wide) A longer... (read more)
2015-07-22 12:23:26

Irish Survey Company Acquires Falcon 8 UAS

A Topcon Falcon 8 UAS, powered by Ascending Technologies, has been purchased by Murphy Surveys. The Falcon 8 is an octocopter that is being used across many industries, from surveying to oil and gas. It has the efficiency of a fixed-wing system but the versatility of a rotary system. The global consulting surveyors have been working with fixed-wing UASs for years, yet the VTOL’s efficiency turned out to be more flexible and profitable in many surveying areas. MurphyUAV, a division of Murphy Surveys, received a special delivery in the form of the Falcon 8 from Topcon Ireland, making Murphy Surveys the... (read more)
2016-04-26 11:35:59

Point Clouds: Laser Scanning versus UAS Photogrammetry

Accuracy, Point Density, Time Efficiency and Costs
Are photogrammetric point clouds superior to Lidar point clouds, or is it the other way around? To address this topic of ongoing debate, the authors of this article conducted a terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) survey together with an unmanned aerial system (UAS) photogrammetric survey of a gravel pit. Comparison revealed that TLS is superior when the highest level of detail is required. For larger surveying projects, however, RTK-enabled UAS photogrammetry provides sufficient levels of detail and accuracy as well as greater efficiency and improved surveyor safety. In modern surveying, the numerous measurement methods can be divided into two broad categories:... (read more)
2018-07-12 02:03:41

UAS Lidar for Ecological Restoration of Wetlands

How New Technologies Are Helping to Preserve the Environment
Wetlands are essential ecosystems which provide numerous benefits to society as a whole. But their functionality strongly depends on the hydrology and topography of the watershed, thus creating the need for monitoring. The use of terrestrial topographical survey methods can be a challenging task in wetlands, however. Flooded areas, muddy terrain and low vegetation can substantially slow down or even prevent the movement of surveyors, while tall vegetation can obstruct GPS reception. As this article outlines, advanced technologies such as airborne or UAS Lidar offer interesting alternatives for surveying the hydrology and topography of wetlands. Wetlands are ecosystems where water... (read more)
2019-03-26 10:24:42

Low-cost UAS Photogrammetry for Mining

Exploring Consumer-grade Copters for Quarry Mapping
The budgets for open-pit mine surveying in Ukraine are tight and professional ground surveys are quite expensive. Unmanned aerial survey (UAS) photogrammetry has proven to be a good alternative for capturing open-pit mines, but that too is expensive when done professionally. This article investigates whether low-cost UAS photogrammetry, using consumer-grade copters, is sufficiently accurate for 2D and 3D mapping of quarries. The Rafalivka basalt quarry, located in the Rivne region of Ukraine, produces just over a quarter of a million tonnes of crushed stone and gravel each year. The quarry covers over 70 hectares, of which 36 hectares are actively... (read more)
2017-10-19 09:50:26

UK Storm Surge Impacts Mapped Using UAS

One year on from the biggest UK storm surge for 60 years, new aerial photos have revealed details of breaches to the natural and manmade coastal defences on part of the East Anglian coastline. Researchers are mapping selected areas hit by the surge on 5 December 2013 as part of a short-term project, funded by Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), to better understand the initial environmental and societal impacts caused by the 2013 storm surge and the resulting saltwater flooding. The project is carried out by researchers from the University of East Anglia (UEA) and the Centre for Environment, Fisheries... (read more)
2014-12-11 10:28:54

Regulations UAS /UAV in United States

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has proposed a framework of regulations that would allow routine use of certain small unmanned aircraft systems (UASs) in today’s American aviation system, while maintaining flexibility to accommodate future technological innovations. The FAA proposal offers safety rules for small UASs (under 55 pounds, or 24.9kg) conducting non-recreational operations. The rule would limit flights to daylight and visual-line-of-sight operations. It also addresses height restrictions, operator certification, optional use of a visual observer, aircraft registration and marking, and operational limits. The proposed rule also includes extensive discussion of the possibility of an additional,... (read more)
2015-02-17 01:42:13

SkyTech 2016 UAS Event Presents Programme

After the success of the first SkyTech event in April 2015, the organisers are launching SkyTech 2016, organised in collaboration with SUAS Global, RUSTA and Flightpath Consulting. SkyTech 2016 dedicated to advancing the global commercial UAS industry. The event is more than doubling in size and will feature 70 exhibitors, 50 speakers and over 3000 attendees. The event is scheduled to take place on 27 and 28 January 2016 at the Business Design Centre, London, UK. SkyTech 2016 will provide information, connections and marketing solutions through a tradeshow, conferences, workshops, product launches, live demonstrations and networking events. SkyTech is also... (read more)
2015-10-01 08:59:05

Sense and Avoid Technology Added to UAS

Aerialtronics, a Dutch unmanned aerial system manufacturer, has developed a sense and avoid solution for the Altura Zenith unmanned aircraft which will fundamentally change how companies inspect telecommunication towers, energy pylons, bridges and buildings. This advanced sense and avoid solution is designed to help the Zenith UAS stay clear of objects during inspections as it relays images, video and data to the user or a third party. The solution  is expected to save customers thousands in costs, particularly during lengthy engineering maintenance projects, or regular inspections of bridges or wind turbines. Game-changer This will change the way we inspect telecommunication... (read more)
2016-02-02 04:43:13
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