Scalable Vector Graphics

Internet Display and Dissemination of Maps
The internet has created tremendous potential for the dissemination of geo-information for decision making. Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is an Open Source technology that can be efficiently used by the GIS community to display maps for dissemination via the Web. The author describes how SVG can be used to serve low-budget clients. Numerous GIS packages have been developed using commercially available software packages such as ArcIMS, Geomedia Web, MapGuide and MapXTreme. However, these software solutions imply some major implementation costs. Open Source GIS software, such as the popular Mapserver from the University of Minnesota which runs on the Common Gateway... (read more)
2005-08-24 12:00:00

Crescent Vector II OEM Board

Hemisphere GPS announces the release of the Crescent Vector II OEM board and a broad range of Crescent Vector II GPS compass products: V101 Series, VS101 Series, and LV101 OEM board. The Crescent Vector II OEM board brings a series of new features to Hemisphere GPS Crescent receiver technology including heave, pitch, and roll output, more accurate timing, lower phase noise, and an improved accelerometer. This design provides precise heading and positioning accuracy even while sitting still. In addition, the compact size, low-power consumption, and simple configuration of the Crescent Vector II OEM board make it an ideal solution for... (read more)
2010-06-22 09:05:47

Crescent Vector GNSS Compass Module Launched

Hemisphere GNSS has launched its new Crescent Vector H200 GNSS compass module, a high-performance receiver for heading, positioning, heave and attitude. Vector H200 is designed for professional marine, navigation and land applications in challenging and dynamic environments. Vector H200 uniquely processes L1 GPS and GLONASS signals to deliver precise heading, greater positioning reliability, and better performance in challenging environments. Through using two separate antennas, Hemisphere GNSS’ patented Vector technology computes the heading and pitch or roll angle while stationary or in motion. Vector H200 can compute heading accuracy to 0.02 degrees using a 5 meter antenna separation. A variety of... (read more)
2013-06-06 11:00:20

GLONASS Functionality for Hemisphere GNSS Vector Products

Hemisphere GNSS has announced that all professional-level Vector products, including the V103, V113, VS131 and VS330, now include the ability to utilise the GLONASS satellite system, along with the GPS satellite system in the navigation solution. The tracking of the additional GLONASS signals provides a much more robust solution, especially in challenging environments. Vector Technology uniquely processes L1 GPS and GLONASS signals to deliver precise heading, greater positioning reliability and improved performance in challenging environments. Hemisphere GNSS’s patented Vector technology computes the heading and pitch or roll angle while stationary or in motion allowing for heading accuracy of up to... (read more)
2014-03-11 10:25:21

Hemisphere GNSS Introduces Vector V104 GPS Compass

Hemisphere GNSS has announced the Vector V104, the latest addition to its innovative precise heading and positioning product line, and according to the California-based company, world’s smallest high-accuracy, dual-receiver GPS compass. Chuck Joseph, Hemisphere president and CEO, said the Vector V104 offers better than 2° heading accuracy and sub-meter DGPS position accuracy without requiring maintenance or calibration and while being immune to magnetic interference. Based on the company’s patented Crescent Vector technology, the Vector V104 integrates two GPS antennas, a multi-axis gyro, and a tilt sensor into a single system. The dual integrated antennas provide both heading and position data,... (read more)
2014-12-17 09:09:44

Compact All-in-one Vector GPS Compass Products

Hemisphere GPS announced the release of two very compact GPS compass products; the V102 all-in-one and the H102 OEM module. These products are ideal where heading and positioning are needed for marine and land based applications such as yacht navigation, auto-pilot systems and machine guidance for earthmoving machinery. V102 is the market’s smallest, single-enclosure GPS compass and positioning system, while the H102 OEM board, found in the V102, is the market’s smallest fully-integrated single board GPS compass that provides a low-cost yet highly accurate solution for integrators. Based on Hemisphere GPS’ successful Crescent Vector II GPS technology, V102 and H102... (read more)
2011-02-08 11:00:57

CSI’s Hemisphere GPS Introduces New Vector Heading Sensor OEM Module

Hemisphere GPS (Canada), a designer and manufacturer of GPS products, has announced the introduction of a new heading sensor module for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) that features Hemisphere’s Crescent GPS technology. The Crescent Vector OEM module, a printed circuit board, is a complete GPS compass and positioning system designed primarily for the marine market but also very applicable for other markets including agriculture and machine control. The integration of Hemisphere’s patented Crescent GPS technology enables the Crescent Vector OEM module, in comparison with competing products, to deliver higher update rates, noise-reduced raw measurements, more memory, more processor capacity, lower power... (read more)
2005-12-07 12:00:00

GRASS GIS 6.0.0 Released

After more than two years of development the first official release of the next generation implementation of GRASS has been published. The Geographic Resources Analysis Support System, commonly referred to as GRASS GIS, is a Geographical Information System used for data management, image processing, graphics production, spatial modelling, and visualization of raster, vector and sites data. It is open source Free Software released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). What's new in GRASS 6.0.0:   Vector geometry management: GRASS 6.0.0 comes with a completely overhauled vector engine which is extended to manage 2D and 3D topological vector data. The... (read more)
2005-03-21 12:00:00

Tiltan TLiD-R2 for Automatic LiDAR Data Processing

Tiltan Systems Engineering (Israel) has released the TLiD-R2, a second generation of TLiD Automatic LiDAR data processing product. The main improvements of release 2 are shorter processing speed, power line classification and vectoring capability, building vector improvements and manual vector editing capabilities. Tiltan leverages its experience in the 3D simulator world to create an intuitive design featuring 2D and 3D images running side-by-side, with the ability to view the classified point cloud and 3D photorealistic presentation side by side. This enables better understanding and QA of automatically derived vectors and DEM.   The TLiD software package allows for rapid importability... (read more)
2008-10-03 10:33:48

GPS Satellite Compass OEM Agreement Extended

From the Marine Equipment Trade Show (METS) 2010 exhibition, Hemisphere GPS, Canada, expanded its multi-million dollar OEM agreement with ComNav Marine of Vancouver, Canada. Hemisphere GPS will manufacture the world's smallest (42cm) GPS compass available on the market today under a private branding agreement for ComNav Ltd. The Vector G1 GPS satellite compass will be sold with ComNav's autopilot, radars and chart plotter solutions for pleasure boats and light commercial vessels. Based on Hemisphere GPS' patented Crescent Vector II technology, Vector G1 calculates reliable heading accuracy of 0.75 degree and 60 centimetre positioning with SBAS corrections while providing heave, pitch,... (read more)
2010-11-17 11:21:13
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