Vessel Monitoring System for Republic of Maldives

GeoEye has entered into a contract from the Republic of the Maldives for a vessel monitoring system that is being developed for fisheries management and safety. This information services project expands GeoEye\'s expertise and presence in location-based information products and services. As part of this contract, GeoEye will build the secure infrastructure for a countrywide vessel monitoring system and supply ten Osprey Personal Tracker terminals for a trial deployment. GeoEye's vessel monitoring system will display vessel positions and consolidate fish catch reports from the Osprey terminals in near-real-time for review by fisheries management personnel at the Ministry of Fisheries and... (read more)
2011-01-07 11:06:50

Geospatial Analysis SubsystemPart for Vessel Tracking

1Spatial, through its subsidiary ComSine, has delivered to Pole Star Space Applications Limited (UK) an advanced geospatial analysis subsystem to form part of its MarVTS LRIT-DC product and in addition its suite of associated Fleet Management and Alert offerings.     The International Maritime Organisation's (IMO) Long-Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) Regulation i.e. SOLAS V/19-1, requires that in general all ships on international voyage should automatically transmit a GPS position report each 6 hours via a satellite communication system to a Data Centre (DC) established by the Flag the ship is registered to. 1Spatial's geospatial components provide Pole Star with... (read more)
2009-03-02 09:59:37

Bathymetric Survey Vessel Tracked with Total Station

To increase public interest and involvement in protecting and improving the Ribble River, which runs through North Yorkshire and Lancashire in northern England, the Ribble Rivers Trust recently commissioned a bathymetry survey of a notable section of the riverbed. A robotically controlled 1.2-metre twin-hull shallow draft vessel powered by a twin jet system was used to survey approximately one hectare of the riverbed. Aboard the vessel was a depth-recording sonar and a tracking prism that enabled a Spectra Precision FOCUS 35 total station to lock onto and robotically follow and record the location of the vessel.  Echo soundings from the sonar... (read more)
2016-11-28 09:33:13

Using the Apache Unmanned Survey Vessel

Techniques in Bathymetric Survey
This paper explores the various features of the Apache USV series for efficient seafloor-level mapping. The CHCNAV hydrographic survey software is used for data recording and analysis. It provides results in the form of 3D models of the ground, contours and depth. (This story is brought to you by CHCNAV) Bathymetry is the study and mapping of the seabed or lake bed. It consists of obtaining measurements of the depth of the ocean or lakes and is equivalent to the mapping of the Earth’s topography. In general, only limited information is known about the seabed and lake beds. Existing maps... (read more)
2020-08-05 10:38:58

GPS Pirates

Modern-day piracy in Somalia
The Gulf of Aden is currently one of the world's most dangerous shipping routes. Pirates originating from Somalia, or rather that part of the country called Puntland, launch frequent attacks on commercial vessels bound for the Suez Canal or the Indian Ocean. Pirates - the word sounds medieval, and their vessels sometimes also resemble classic pirate vessels, including skull-and-crossbones flag. However, don?t be misled; these modern-day pirates use state-of-the-art equipment. Not only do they boast an impressive array of armaments, they also use the latest versions of GNSS, GIS and telecommunication equipment. Vessels passing the Bab al Mandeb between the... (read more)
2009-05-29 12:00:00

Coast Guard Using Sensors and Satellite Imaging to Track Vessels in Real Time

Esri has announced that Argentina's coast guard, Prefectura Naval, and Aeroterra S.A. have partnered to implement Esri's ArcGIS platform for a real-time tracking system. The new system, called Guardacostas Pro, uses a combination of satellite imaging and signal processing to monitor vessels for illegal activities such as drug smuggling and fish poaching in the coastal waters of Argentina’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ). As Argentina's coast guard, Prefectura Naval deploys patrol vessels, helicopters and aircraft spotters to protect its economic interests and to guard against the decline of its fishery industry. This year, the Guardacostas Pro system allowed Prefectura Naval to... (read more)
2018-09-27 10:24:11

Improved Tracking Reliability for Fanbeam

Greater tracking reliability and enhanced decision-making data are available for the Fanbeam laser-based marine positioning system with the launch of new control software from Measurement Devices Ltd (MDL), a leading supplier of positioning sensors for repetitive, high-accuracy range and bearing measurements from offshore support vessels.     The new software, which has been tested in field trials after an 18-month development program, is part of constant evaluation and monitoring of the system with users worldwide to ensure that Fanbeam constantly evolves.   Among Fanbeam's new capabilities are intelligent target clutter rejection made possible by sophisticated algorithms implemented in the new... (read more)
2009-11-02 10:41:14

Seismic Positioning Contract for Veripos

Veripos, a world leader in the provision of precise Global Navigation Satellite System positioning solutions to the offshore oil and gas industry, has been commissioned by ARIS Geophysical of Moscow to provide positioning services together with associated equipment and software aboard two vessels carrying out transitional zone seismic surveys in Sakhalin, Far East Russia. The source vessel Iskatel 4 and recording vessel Professor Gagarinsky were mobilised in Yuzhno-Sakhalinski, Sakhalin Island. They have been equipped with Veripos LD2-G2 mobile receiver systems together with Verify-QC software for real-time assessment and post-processing. Data generated is via the company's Ultra Precise Point Positioning service... (read more)
2009-11-02 10:45:15

Reappearance of the Danton

In December 2007, the Fugro survey vessel Geo Prospector was performing part of the Detailed Marine Survey for routing the proposed Galsi gas pipeline across the Southern Mediterranean Sea between Algeria and Sardinia. One day later, interpretation of side-scan sonar data collected by the AUV revealed a large wreck lying upright among a group of smaller sonar targets in an area of disturbed sea-bed, close to the proposed pipeline route in 1000m of water.   Analysis of the data indicated a vessel approximately 125m long with a beam of around 27m. Both sonar and multi-beam data revealed that the bow... (read more)
2009-02-23 03:45:20

The World's First Digital Twin of a Polar Research Ship

Powered by NavVis technology, reality capture specialist DiConneX has created a fully interactive digital twin of the 'Polarstern', an iconic German polar research ship. In September 2019, the 'Polarstern' icebreaker – the flagship vessel of the Alfred Wegener Institute – launched the most extensive research expedition ever to the Arctic: the multidisciplinary MOSAiC project. (This story contains a video) The MOSAiC project expedition aims to better understand the influence of the Arctic on the global climate. For the duration of the project, scientists from 17 nations will live together for over a year on the Polarstern. The ship will stand frozen... (read more)
2019-12-20 09:16:32
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