Vexcel Imaging Announces UltraCamXp

At the XXIst ISPRS Congress in Beijing, Vexcel Imaging -Microsoft's Photogrammetry division- has announced the UltraCamX Prime (UltraCamXp), an enhanced version of the widely used UltraCamX large format digital camera system. The UltraCamXp offers a larger image format and more storage capacity and its enlarged footprint is 196 megapixels, or 17,310 across track and 11,310 along track panchromatic pixels, making it the largest format digital aerial sensor ever introduced. The resolution ratio of 1:3 between pan and color bands allows for the production of high-resolution pan-sharpened products that are very suitable for photogrammetric and remote sensing applications. Photogrammetric and remote... (read more)
2008-07-07 09:53:04

Vexcel Reseller in Italy

Vexcel Imaging GmbH has selected Terenzio Mariani as its primary reseller in Italy. Mr. Mariani is a well-known and highly respected member of the geospatial community, having been active in the industry for nearly 37 years. Over this time, he has sold photogrammetric services and GPS units and for the past 10 years, he has successfully represented the industry leading mapping and positioning products that use inertial technology. "By enlisting Terenzio Mariani to represent Vexcel, we are able to strengthen our representation throughout Italy," said Alexander Wiechert, Business Director of Microsoft and Managing Director for Vexcel Imaging, GmbH. Vexcel Imaging... (read more)
2010-02-18 01:48:39

Vexcel Acquires Synoptics

Vexcel Corporation (CO, USA) has announced that it recently acquired the assets of Synoptics, a Netherlands-based remote sensing company and provider of satellite-based geo information and GIS. The acquisition makes Synoptics a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vexcel Corporation, with Dr. Hans van Leeuwen serving as director. Since 1995, Synoptics has specialised in providing satellite-based geo-data and GIS tools for monitoring agricultural, water, nature and environmental processes. Its products include digital crop maps and digital elevation maps that allow for rapid production and distribution. Through its applied knowledge in remote sensing and its GIS expertise, Synoptics continues to develop and produce custom... (read more)
2005-05-30 12:00:00

Microsoft Acquires Vexcel

Microsoft Corporation is in the process of acquiring Vexcel Corporation. This is officially confirmed to GIM International by Jerry Skaw of Vexcel Corporation, Vexcel's marketing communications manager. "The acquisition is part of Microsoft's exciting vision to deliver a dynamic ... digital representation of the real world that provides the best local search and mapping experience to consumers, businesses and government," Jerry Skaw, commented to The Daily Camera. Regulatory approvals in the United States, Germany and Italy are pending, so Skaw declined to comment on details of the transaction, including a sales price or any anticipated changes to Vexcel's employee count.... (read more)
2006-03-23 12:00:00

Jena Instrument Distributes Vexcel

Vexcel Imaging GmbHhas entered into an agreement with Jena Instrument to distribute its UltraCam line of photogrammetric digital aerial cameras in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Jena Instrument will act as an authorised distributor of UltraCam systems throughout this region. Jena Instrument will also provide technical and customer support for existing and new customers. "Vexcel Imaging is pleased to add a geospatial industry leader like Jena Instrument to our team of global distributors," said Alexander Wiechert, Business Director of Microsoft and Managing Director for Vexcel Imaging GmbH. "We are committed to meeting the growing demand for aerial... (read more)
2011-02-02 03:38:55

Vexcel Announces UltraMap Server

Vexcel Corporation (CO, USA) has announced the release of the UltraMap Server digital archive, catalogue and post-processing system. Based upon proven image archive and catalogue technology, the system is fully integrated into the mapping workflow of the Vexcel UltraCam large format digital aerial camera and provides solutions for managing large volumes of digital images. The result is full-frame colour and multispectral imagery ready for client delivery and production. UltraMap Server is available in configurations built on the same robust software infrastructure but provides users with storage and post-processing options suitable to their particular production needs. Configurations are easily upgraded with... (read more)
2005-11-17 12:00:00

Vexcel Imaging Selects Imagemaps

Vexcel Imaging GmbH has selected Imagemaps as its sales representative responsible for the People's Republic of China, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand and ASEAN (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar).     Vexcel Imaging is committed to providing customer support for the growing Asian market to successfully meet the demand for its UltraCam digital camera systems and software. Imagemaps will be supported by well-known established local sales partners, including Vexcel Spatial Information Technical Co. Ltd., People's Republic of China; Kang Ying Enterprises Ltd., Taiwan; Vexcel Australia Pty. Ltd., Australia; and Royal Sky Co., Ltd., Thailand.  ... (read more)
2009-09-01 10:30:00

Vexcel Virtual Earth Appliance

Vexcel Corp. (CO, USA) has made available the Virtual Earth Appliance, designed to bring the data and functionality of the Microsoft Virtual Earth Internet service to the offline customer. The Microsoft Virtual Earth platform is an integrated set of online mapping and search services that delivers imagery, 2D and 3D geospatial data, and analysis through a Web browser. These same browser-based capabilities are now available behind a customer's firewall, on private or classified networks, and on portable platforms.   The Virtual Earth Appliance is available as an enterprise version, with rackable servers that scale with required storage and the number... (read more)
2008-03-06 11:51:37

Microsoft Acquired Vexcel Corp

It is official: Microsoft Corp. has acquired Vexcel Corp. Financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed. According to Microsoft this deal, the second in the past six months for Microsoft’s Virtual Earth business unit, was done to enhance the talent, technologies, products and services dedicated to fulfilling Microsoft’s vision for best-of-breed local search and mapping solutions for consumers, businesses and government. In addition, Vexcel’s current assets, including the Ultra-Cam and remote sensing technologies, will help produce the imagery and data in the world, which will be integrated into Windows Live Local and the Virtual Earth platform offerings. (read more)
2006-05-08 12:00:00

Slagboom & Peeters Purchases Vexcel Camera

Slagboom & Peeters Luchtfotografie, a Dutch aerial photography company, has signed an agreement with Vexcel Corporation of Austria for the purchase of an Ultracam-X digital framecamera, which has a 216 megapixel total CCD capacity. 'With this new system we expect to improve the amount of visible detail in our images. Also with the larger footprint of this camera flying costs for any given project will be quite a bit lower.' Slagboom & Peeters Luchtfotografie commented. The new system will be available in early 2007. For the time being the older Ultracam-D, a system designed over three years ago, will remain... (read more)
2006-11-02 12:00:00
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