YellowScan Launches CloudStation Software

YellowScan, a France-based UAV-Lidar solutions provider, has released CloudStation. This new software provides a complete solution to create and manipulate point-cloud data. It allows users to extract, process and display data immediately after flight acquisition. The auto-generation of flight lines and the production of LAS files can now be done in a few clicks. “This launch allows a better and simplified experience for the customers,” said Tristan Allouis, chief technical officer at YellowScan, before adding: “Better user experience leads to more efficiency for our demanding clients' projects." Key business benefits that can be achieved from using CloudStation include checking data... (read more)
2019-06-13 11:22:31

YellowScan User Conference Programme Announced

YellowScan, a French manufacturer of imaging sensor systems, has announced the programme of its User Conference, which will be held from 29-30 June in Montpellier, southern France. The event (the Lidar for Drone Conference) will include demos and discussions about the company’s lightweight integrated Lidar systems and their technical specifications, the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) used for Lidar, and the data processing and analysis. Other key features are industry case studies and technical workshops. The conference programme will be kicked off with a keynote speech delivered by Omar-Pierre Soubra, director of marketing at Trimble. The first day further includes several presentations... (read more)
2017-05-23 04:40:12

YellowScan Expands into Chinese Market

YellowScan, a market leader in UAV Lidar mapping solutions, has announced a new distribution partnership with Beijing MapCore Technology. MapCore is known as a company with extensive experience in survey and mapping, engineering, construction, GIS, forensics, mining, forestry, water resources and many other sectors throughout China. “I am delighted to welcome Beijing MapCore Technology to join YellowScan's distribution channel partners within the APAC region. I’m convinced that MapCore is a good fit to represent YellowScan in the Chinese market,” stated Teresa Hong, business developer manager APAC at YellowScan. “It is vital for YellowScan to have a distributor that speaks the... (read more)
2020-08-06 10:46:00

5 Questions to…Tristan Allouis, YellowScan

The Potential of Equipping UAVs with Lidar Sensors
'GIM International' took the opportunity to ask Tristan Allouis, chief technical officer and one of the co-founders of YellowScan, a few questions on the French company’s area of specialisation: Lidar mapping with drones. He zooms in on the advancing technology behind this combination, and also talks about the various applications of UAS-Lidar. The combination of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or ‘drones’) and Lidar is regarded as the next geospatial frontier, but the barriers are gradually being overcome. What do you see as the main developments? The main trend is the miniaturisation of the instruments; if you compare an aerial Lidar system... (read more)
2017-09-21 11:43:01

Lively YellowScan User Conference Japan 2017

A month ahead of the YellowScan International User Conference, the YellowScan User Conference Japan provided a platform for discussions on the benefits of compact UAV Lidar to survey construction, post-natural disaster renovation and forestry projects in rugged vegetated terrains. Shinji Inaba, COO of Mirukuru, a well-recognised expert in remote sensing solutions and YellowScan’s distributor in Japan, explained why YellowScan is gaining ground in Japan. According to Inaba, Japanese customers require very accurate and reliable data. In addition, the YellowScan systems are very compact, robust, easy-to-use and can be deployed very quickly in rugged vegetated terrains. Japanese customers have very high... (read more)
2017-06-09 09:42:00

YellowScan Demo Day Goes down a Treat

On Friday 2 October, coinciding with the last day of the ISPRS GeoSpatial Week, YellowScan hosted a demo day at its location near Montpellier, France. Guests attended from all over the world, ranging from academic research (University of Cambridge, Athabasca University, IRSTEA) to aerial survey (Australia) and civil engineering (Finland). They witnessed how easily and quickly high-accuracy 3D data can be acquired with the ultra-light YellowScan Lidar system, whether to monitor power lines or to uncover ruins or small ditches under vegetation. After a warm welcome by the YellowScan team and a short presentation at the YellowScan offices, situated in... (read more)
2015-10-22 03:39:38

Save the Date: YellowScan International User Conference

This year’s YellowScan User Conference will take place from 29-30 June in Montpellier, southern France. The event will include demos and conferences about the company’s lightweight integrated Lidar systems and their technical specifications, the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) used for Lidar, and the data processing and analysis. Other key features will include industry case studies and technical workshops, what’s new and what’s coming at YellowScan, and of course making connections and sharing information about efficient workflows. After hours, the event provides plenty of opportunities for networking during various social activities such as wine tasting, a concert and more. What can... (read more)
2017-04-24 04:03:06

YellowScan Lidar for Drone 2016 User Conference

YellowScan has put together a diverse agenda for the YellowScan Lidar for Drone 2016 User Conference. The topics on the programme prove the broad usage of YellowScan Lidar equipment in applications such as archaeology, forestry, power lines, surveying, mining, civil engineering and more. The conference will be held on 22-23 June in Montpellier, France. The programme will contain contributions from international partners and speakers from Applanix, TerraSolid, ECA Drone, Carbomap, Dielmo3D, BRGM, GeoLux, L’Avion Jaune, and more, focusing on Lida technologies and its applications. As part of the event, YellowScan will be demonstrating the 5cm accuracy of its new YellowScan Surveyor... (read more)
2016-05-31 11:03:36

YellowScan Launches Real-time In-flight Lidar Station

YellowScan has announced the launch of the YellowScan LiveStation, developed to enable surveyors to monitor in real time the validity and quality of the data being collected, to ensure that the survey is going smoothly. The solution features live 3D point cloud visualisation (including zooming, translation, rotation), live transect and trajectory visualisation, speed, altitude and IMU & GNSS controls, and mission replay. YellowScan LiveStation will be presented at the International LiDAR Mapping Forum (ILMF 2017) in Denver, Colorado, USA. Real-time point cloud Designed by surveyors for surveyors, for complex and long endurance flight operations, YellowScan LiveStation uses first-rate visualisation design... (read more)
2017-02-06 09:58:59

YellowScan Unveils Lidar Solution for Civil Engineering and Mining Professionals

YellowScan has announced the global launch of its new Lidar UAS surveying solution with highest accuracy and most dense georeferenced point cloud data. Weighing only 1.5kg, the YellowScan Surveyor has a 3cm accuracy and the capability to capture 300,000 shots per second. According to the French company, R&D development for the YellowScan Surveyor solution started in early 2015 with the same philosophy and technology foundation that has made the YellowScan Mapper so successful. With a robust and fully integrated system designed to meet the needs of most demanding survey professionals and terrain, YellowScan Surveyor is quickly and easily adapted to... (read more)
2016-02-22 12:17:19
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