QCoherent Software Lauches LP360 version 1.3

QCoherent Software (Co, USA) has released LP360 version 1.3, a Lidar extension for ArcGIS. LP360 employs a specially designed ArcMap data layer to access and draw LIDAR points directly from LAS files. The architecture of LP360 supports high quantities of point cloud data. LP360 facilitates the integration of Lidar data with other GIS data types supported by ArcGIS. New to version 1.3 is cross-section exporting, an embedded 3D viewer, and GIS Fusion technology. (read more)
2006-10-11 12:00:00

GNSS Baseband Chip

OLinkStar offers OTrack32 GPS/BeiDou-2/GLONASS 32-channel baseband chip delivering hig performance using low power. The chip is capable of receiving multi-band GNSS signals simultaneously up to four groups and processing signals concurrently to make multiple constellation navigation possible within a single chip. The OTrack32 is designed in a host-based architecture. The chip supports position update rates of 1, 5, and 10Hz, up to 20Hz. The chip offers friendly interface with various processors including ARM, MIPS, DSP etc. (read more)
2010-11-04 10:34:12

Topcon FC-2200

Topcon has released its new alphanumeric field controller, the Topcon FC-2200. With a full keyboard, colour, sunlight readable, touch screen, built-in wireless connectivity, five mega pixel camera, and special bar code scanner, the FC-2200 is a powerful alphanumeric controller. Main features include Windows CE-based architecture and an optional communication pack for robotic radio control or cellular communication. Other features include a built-in wireless Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and WLAN connectivity, a USB flash drive adapter, and RS-3 radio. Additionally, the FC-2200 has the full range of TopSURV 7 modules from which to choose, for Total Station, Robotics and GPS-control.   (read more)
2008-08-08 09:09:56

MapQuest Latin America

MapQuest Services (CO, USA), a provider of software to location-enable web and wireless applications, has introduced street-level mapping for major Latin American countries including Brazil, Mexico and Argentina. The company now offers detailed coverage for nearly two dozen countries in North America, Latin America and Europe and hundreds of major metropolitan areas around the world. Updates are released each quarter. Its Advantage unified product architecture enables the deployment of location-enabled solutions, either as a Web service or ASP with MapQuest hosting the data, or as a behind-the-firewall solution in a customer’s own data centre. (read more)
2005-03-16 12:00:00

Leica Cooperates with University Breslau

A cooperation agreement between the Technical University of Breslau and Leica Geosystems has been signed; an example of how research and education on the one hand and development and production on the other hand can work together successfully. The Technical University of Breslau is one of the most innovative educational institutes in Poland with a very long tradition. The Architecture faculty continues this tradition with the establishment of a Competence and Training Centre for 3D Laserscanning. The aim of these new facilities will be to offer training courses countrywide and as such contribute to spreading - and making accessible -... (read more)
2007-01-23 04:09:45

ERDAS Distributors

ERDAS has announced Metrisys to be the official ERDAS distributor in Bulgaria. EDISOFT, S.A. is the official ERDAS distributor to customers in Portugal.     Metrisys specializes in the distribution of measuring equipment and software for geo sciences. As the sole ERDAS distributor in Bulgaria, Metrisys will be supporting the full portfolio of ERDAS' data sharing, enterprise, photogrammetry, remote sensing, and visualization solutions. EDISOFT offers advanced software solutions and highly qualified IT consulting services. The company specializes in photogrammetry, remote sensing and the development of critical systems and complex architecture, namely in the technical scope of geospatial consulting solutions.  ... (read more)
2009-05-25 10:58:41

Erdas and Ordina Partnership

Erdas (GA, USA) and Ordina (The Netherlands) have initiated a partnership to develop Geo-Information and Communication Technology (Geo-ICT) solutions based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Geo-ICT integrates geospatial solutions with conventional ICT environments, making it possible to relate people and objects with a specific location or shape, creating additional business value. For example, with Geo-ICT, online maps incorporating real-time data may be used to track the spread of vaccinated children in the Netherlands, or a transport fleet and their freight.   (read more)
2008-04-09 08:54:26

Geomatica LidarEngine

PCI Geomatics (Canada) has launched Geomatica LidarEngine, and signed an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) agreement with Ambercore Software Inc. for the creation of Geomatica LidarEngine. Geomatica LidarEngine is a high performance data management, analysis, and visualisation tool for LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) data. Powered by Ambercore Software, Geomatica LidarEngine’s architecture and algorithms are exceptionally well suited for processing the very large volumes of LiDAR data. Geomatica LidarEngine features easy to use workflows, which encompass a wide array of processing and analytical tasks. Capabilities include batch processing, data integration, enhanced pyramiding, 3D visualisation and geo-referencing for raster data. (read more)
2006-11-17 12:00:00

Hitachi Software Announces New Any*GIS GeoAdapter Support

Hitachi Software Global Technology (CO, USA) has announced new functionality through its Any*GIS GeoAdapters. It is built on Open Geospatial Consortium standards and open systems architecture. Any*GIS supports spatial data access and updating to OpenGIS Simple Feature Specification data stores in Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL, as well as proprietary formats from Autodesk, ESRI, Intergraph, MapInfo and GE Energy (Smallworld). With the release of the new Any*GIS GeoAdapters, Any*GIS users will be able to seamlessly access and update data in the latest software versions from ESRI (ArcSDE 9), GE Energy (Smallworld 4), and Autodesk (Autodesk Map 3D). (read more)
2005-04-01 12:00:00

Leica Geosystems GI Principal Member OGC

Leica Geosystems Geospatial Imaging (GA, USA) has become a Principal Member of Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). Already an Associate member, Leica Geosystems has recently acquired ER Mapper and IONIC, further demonstrating its commitment to provide and support standards-based geospatial data management solutions.     IONIC in particular has been active in the OGC for many years at the Technical Committee, Planning Committee, Architecture Board and Board of Directors.  Leica Geosystems will now be contributing to the OGC process at a level that exceeds the sum of the prior contributions. (read more)
2007-09-25 12:00:00
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