Winners of "LBS-Out the Box" Contest

Tele Atlas revealed the winners in the inaugural Tele Atlas LBS Innovators Series "LBS-Out the Box" contest as Nulaz in the "Market Ready" category and Rummble in the "Disruptive Innovation" category.     "LBS - Out the Box" is part of the Tele Atlas LBS Innovators Series, an ongoing program held in conjunction with Tele Atlas DeveloperLinkSM to help foster innovation and enable application developers to increase their visibility, credibility and success with key participants in the industry. In the inaugural "Out The Box" contest, semi-finalists were judged based on commercial viability and innovative use of maps in the application... (read more)
2009-02-16 10:53:05

SVP of Operations Appointment

Tele Atlas has named Charles Cautley its new Senior Vice President of Operations. A member of Tele Atlas' senior management team, Cautley is responsible for all data sourcing, database production, program planning and product management functions. He reports directly to Tele Atlas CEO Bill Henry.   Cautley joins Tele Atlas from U.S.-based Lottomatica/GTECH Corporation, a USD3 billion global technology product and service provider to the media/gaming industry. He was Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President at GTECH, responsible for product development, manufacturing and customer project delivery. Before that Cautley spent nine years in various senior global leadership roles at... (read more)
2008-12-01 11:14:27

VIA Transforms Traffic Engineering Studies

VIA is using Tele Atlas' Speed Profiles in ViaStat, a leading platform for traffic engineering and traffic management. With Tele Atlas Speed Profiles, which includes data derived from more than 700 billion speed measurements, ViaStat gives users insight into real-world road traffic speeds. The five-minute profiles and extensive road network coverage support better analysis of traffic flow, travel time, average road speeds and other traffic management scenarios.     With updated data, Dutch government organisations, including policy makers, road authorities and the police, leveraging the information are able to adapt, with the aim of improving road safety, accessibility and the... (read more)
2009-09-24 02:08:57

Global Coverage Expands

The first navigable databases for Angola, Kenya, Malawi, Mauritius, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia in Africa from Tele Atlas have become available, facilitating Tele Atlas customers such as Google and TomTom to launch solutions across the continent. The database also includes coverage for the French Overseas Territories of Guadeloupe, Martinique, Mayotte, Réunion, Saint Barthélemy and Saint Martin.   The recently-launched Africa database now encompasses coverage for more than 1.1 million kilometres, more than 290,000 POIs, and coverage of Botswana, Egypt, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia and South Africa. In South Africa alone, research leader GfK Group reports that Tele Atlas maps power... (read more)
2009-03-02 12:37:15

Ocean Coral Reef Condition Mapped

The coral reefs of the Central Indian Ocean have now been quantified and mapped in the coral reef atlas, prepared by the Space Applications Centre (SAC), Ahmedabad (India). This ‘Coral Reef Atlas of the World', also gives a report on the health of different reefs. Gujarat's coral reef cover has eroded by 23.2% over the past two decades. One of the main factors cited for this degradation is impact of human activity. As the world celebrated Earth Day on 22nd March, such degradation of coral reefs brings to light the many threats Planet Earth faces. The first Earth Day was... (read more)
2010-04-27 12:13:25

New Speed Profiles in Navigation

Users of mapping applications and GPS devices will soon be able to travel more efficiently on congested roadways, minimise transportation costs and find the most optimal routes to their destinations. Tele Atlas, a leading global provider of digital maps and dynamic content for navigation and location based solutions has launched Speed Profiles, which provide highly accurate speed data to allow end users of consumer, enterprise and business fleet navigation systems to find the most optimal route to their destination and far more accurately estimate their travel time.   With the release of Speed Profiles, Tele Atlas is the only global... (read more)
2008-11-21 03:57:08

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Spatial Enhancements

SpatialPoint (CO, USA) adds spatial support to Microsoft SQL Server 2008, which will make geospatial functionality more accessible to the Microsoft developer and SQL Server user. SpatialPoint leverages this new functionality and augments it by making it easy to visualise data from SQL Server utilising the Microsoft Virtual Earth Platform. SpatialPoint's Atlas technology allows users to visualise complex datasets on top of the Virtual Earth Platform. Users get the advanced 3D capabilities, imagery, and base maps delivered by Virtual Earth combined with their own spatial data. Atlas is a technology that is currently used by leaders in wireless, insurance, and... (read more)
2007-11-13 10:06:35

Airbus and Orbital Insight Announce Geospatial Analytics Partnership

Airbus Defence and Space has entered into a partnership with Orbital Insight, a US-based geospatial analytics company, to build a suite of geospatial analytics services and tools. The agreement will provide Orbital Insight with access to Pleiades and SPOT satellite imagery at scale and provide Airbus with analytics services. This makes Orbital Insight the first analytics partner for the Airbus digital platform, ‘OneAtlas’. The OneAtlas platform is a collaborative environment enabling users to easily access constantly updated satellite imagery, perform large-scale image processing, extract industry-specific insights, and benefit from Airbus assets to develop tailored solutions for a wide range of... (read more)
2018-09-13 09:14:37

Mobile Mapping Van Deployed in Thailand

Tele Atlas will be deploying the Mobile Mapping technology in Thailand, further demonstrating its commitment to delivering high quality digital map data around the world. The van in Thailand will focus on collecting data to ensure changes to the map are accurately reflected and to help generate advanced map features such as 3D landmarks, city blocks with textures and junction views to help generate maps that accurately reflect the urban landscape for a superior, safer navigation experience.     Tele Atlas currently has nearly 50 Mobile Mapping Vans driving around the world, traveling hundreds of thousands of kilometers each year.... (read more)
2009-02-03 12:08:03

New ESRI Software Distributor in Iraq

Atlas for GIS and Surveying Systems Co. Ltd. is ESRI’s new distributor for GIS software in Iraq. Atlas’ persistence has begun to bear fruit with the recent announcement by the country’s Ministerial Council of the establishment of a national GIS center in Iraq as well as counting more than 30 public- and private-sector clients among its users. (read more)
2006-03-13 12:00:00
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