UN-GGIM Approves Global Geodetic Centre of Excellence in Germany

Delegates at the first online-only UN-GGIM session approved the establishment of a new Global Geodetic Centre of Excellence in Bonn, Germany. This new centre will coordinate global alignment and cooperation across Member States and stakeholders to strengthen geodetic infrastructure. The International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) and the International Association of Geodesy (IAG) will support the centre. The Tenth Session of UN-GGIM, which was held 'virtually' on 26 and 27 August and 4 September, was co-chaired by Ms Ingrid Vanden Berghe of the National Geographic Institute, Kingdom of Belgium, Mr Fernand Guy Isseri of the National Institute of Cartography, Cameroon, and... (read more)
2020-12-03 10:33:36

The First-ever Online-only UN-GGIM Session

The Tenth Session of the United Nations Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management
The United Nations Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management (UN-GGIM) gathered for its Tenth Session in the shape of three two-hour informal meetings on 26 and 27 August and 4 September, albeit only ‘virtually’. The event was originally scheduled to be held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, USA, at the beginning of August. When the COVID-19 restrictions made it impossible for delegates to travel, the session was postponed and rescheduled. Thanks to all the IT preparations made by the Secretariat, the Tenth Session successfully became the organization’s first-ever online-only session. The Committee of Experts actually... (read more)
2020-12-03 10:08:09

High-resolution Homogeneous DSM for Germany

Hexagon's Geosystems division is to provide a homogeneous, comprehensive digital surface model (DSM) for Germany under a contract awarded by the German Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy (BKG). The data is provided via the HxGN Content Program, a licensed, high-quality geospatial data service from Hexagon. The programme was launched in 2014 and is currently available in Europe and North America. The BKG has datasets with general height information of the Earth's surface across its entire federal territory. However, these can vary from state to state because they are generated from different source data. An up-to-date, homogeneous and high-resolution DSM... (read more)
2020-12-03 08:58:53

GAF and BKG Intensify Multi-source Remote Sensing Data

GAF AG has won an international tendering process issued by the German Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy (BKG) for the provision of remote sensing data. The framework agreement includes consulting services and the granting of exclusive access for the BKG and its users to high-resolution and very high-resolution optical satellite images and radar images. GAF is one of the largest European providers of geographic information services with a focus on Earth observation. With its satellite-based crisis and situation service, the BKG makes an indispensable contribution to providing straightforward and rapidly-prepared information products derived from geodata and remote sensing to... (read more)
2020-11-12 08:43:52

Digital Intergeo 2020 Starts This Tuesday

From 13 to 15 October, the virtual doors to Intergeo 2020 will be open on www.intergeo.digital. This year, all the familiar ingredients of the annual Intergeo event will be available online: exhibitors, products, highlights, keynotes, networking and global matchmaking! Through the virtual ‘entry hall’, visitors can access all the areas: Discover, Learn, Connect and Conference. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, all the essential elements of the live trade fair – the conference, exhibitor stands with various interaction options, stages, personal exchange, and areas for networking and getting to know each other – are this year being translated into... (read more)
2020-10-12 01:49:20

SEOSAT-Ingenio Moves a Step Closer to Launch

The Spanish high-resolution land imaging mission, known as SEOSAT-Ingenio, will soon be shipped from Airbus in Madrid to Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana, where it will be prepared for launch later this year on a Vega rocket, according to an announcement by ESA. The Earth-observing satellite carries a state-of-the-art dual camera that can image Earth’s land with a resolution of 2.5m. The mission will benefit society through numerous disciplines such as cartography, agriculture, forestry, urban development and water management. With its capability to look sideways, it can access any point on Earth within three days, and will be used to... (read more)
2020-09-24 08:42:30

An Afternoon of History

Crazy about history? Crazy about history? Join us in an Afternoon of History… This year, The FIG Permanent Institution of History of Surveying joint forces with De Hollandse Circle to put together a programme for an afternoon of history during the FIG Working Week. In this article we have highlighted a few of the papers that are related particularly to the history of Dutch Surveyors and Dutch Surveying which takes you all the way to Japan. Enjoy. Reclamation Cooperation Between the Netherlands and Japan from the Samurai Period by Kengo Okada, RIPRO Corporation, Japan, Bronze Sponsor of the FIG Working... (read more)
2020-05-13 11:32:06

Accuracy Near, Far, Above or Under – How is FIG Working Week 2020 Contributing

The skills that engineering surveyors had to acquire in order to respond to the challenges of the construction world have made them capable, also, of fulfilling other challenges, several of which motivated by an awareness of the limitations of our planet. Engineering surveyors have learned that they need to push the equipment and techniques to its limits, while having recognized the necessity to integrate new techniques which can present more complete answers, without forgetting an important qualifier: accuracy. The instruments and methodologies have allowed for the surveying engineers to start working either very closely to the studied object, or, otherwise,... (read more)
2020-05-11 11:12:24

COVID-19 Responses and FIG2020: Lessons for Surveying Education

FIG Commission 2: Professional Education
The focus of FIG Commission 2 is on innovative and effective professional education and training for surveyors. This involves curriculum development, innovations in teaching and learning, life-long learning, attracting new students, and continuing professional development (CPD). A key aim of this term is to update the FIG Commission 2: FIG Publication No. 46. Enhancing Surveying Education through e-Learning with a focus on “Blended Learning” and better understanding how to combine face-to-face (f2f) and e-learning approaches. We seek to understand how current students best learn, good practices in e-learning, and in blending f2f and e-learning approaches for both teaching and training.... (read more)
2020-05-08 01:23:13

Need for International Ethics Standards, Peace and Gender Equality

FIG Commission 1: Professional Standards and Practise
Commission 1 focuses on establishing a set of ethical principles that fits the surveying profession for reference by professional institutions. It also focuses on promoting greater understanding and improving community perceptions about the surveying profession, which is underlined by the foundation’s vision to improve gender equality and maintaining global peace and justice, in line with Goal No. 5 and 16 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG) respectively. Highlighting the sessions of FIG Commission 1 Commission 1 received a well coverage of technical papers for the topics related to Professional Practice, Boundaries and Women in Surveying. All the submissions... (read more)
2020-05-08 01:06:49
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