From Desktop to Top of the Cloud

Erdas is prensenting \"Geoprocessing: From the Desktop to the Top of the Cloud\", a free webinar on 9th September 2009 at 11AM (EDT). During this webinar, Erdas\' director of remote sensing, will work through a local government\'s dataset, showcasing the entire geoprocessing workflow.     This webinar will illustrate how to author spatial data models in Erdas Imagine, catalog and serve these models as OGC WPS in Erdas Apollo and consume and use the WPS in the Erdas Titan client and other web applications.   Erdas provides the most interoperable geoprocessing services in the industry. Users can run an entire... (read more)
2009-09-08 04:46:37

3D Point Cloud Collection with ScanMaster

Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS) new ScanMaster version 1.5 software is designed to simplify laser scanner point collection and manipulation. ScanMaster software is used with Topcon's GLS-1000 scanner, a compact and cable-free laser scanner that can be operated by one person.     ScanMaster's interface, allows the user to become more proficient and productive. Data can be easily manipulated so projects can be completed faster.   The new version provides the user with greater rendering control. The frustum culling feature is designed so that only visible point clouds sections will render. An optional occlusion culling feature will render point cloud sections... (read more)
2009-09-29 08:57:32

Guatemalan Maps Available in the Cloud

The Geographic Institute of Guatemala recently launched its first set of cloud-based geoservices. Its news view service provides open access to more than 20 thematic layers on topics such as geodesy, vegetation cover, land use, geology, hydrology and road network, among others. The services use Geoserver and Geoexplorer, and were developed with support from the GeoSUR Program and PAIGH, with funding from the Eye on Earth Alliance. Miguel Blanco, a GeoSUR adviser, was in Guatemala in early November and worked with specialists from the Geographic Institute in order to prepare the geospatial data and geoservices that were placed in the... (read more)
2014-11-27 09:17:58

Datumate Launches Field Data Analytics Cloud Platform

Datumate has announced the introduction of DatuBIM, a field data analytics and BIM cloud services platform that transforms the labour-intensive and slow field-data delivery in traditional construction processes into an end-to-end, unified solution. DatuBIM platform includes BIM planning and as-built monitoring and analytics that eliminate cost overruns and save months of delays in project execution. BIM solutions are being adopted globally to enable greater management and control of construction infrastructure projects. However, to effectively measure planned vs. actual progress, identify the cause of project delays, and pinpoint project deliverable risks, BIM solutions require continuous and accurate as-built field data and analytics.... (read more)
2017-10-03 11:03:46

Green Storage Technology for The Cloud

Cutting Edge Networked Storage, the manufacturing partner for Esri's Windows and Linux based turnkey servers to the geospatial information systems (GIS) community, has debuted their new green storage technology for the cloud in Booth 1216 at the Esri International User Conference, held 11th to 16th June 2011 in San Diego. The Power Saving Cloud Archive (PSCA) is a cost-effective, flexible high-density multi-tiered storage solution that boasts extremely high performance and scalability, low acquisition cost, up to 90% power savings and a new low in total-cost-of-ownership (TCO) for organisations that are struggling to address the relentless flood of unstructured data, and... (read more)
2011-07-14 11:42:39

Turnkey GIS Solutions in the Cloud

African GIS to 3D GIS in the Cloud
For the past fifteen years Sivan Design, a privately held GIS solutions provider from Israel, has concentrated on developing an approach which combines GIS, CAD and 3D technologies to produce software and services. The company quickly realised that this approach, combined with the knowhow it has accumulated in the process, allowed it to offer turnkey GIS solutions encompassing the entire range of GIS needs required by any country on a national scale. Sivan Design is now releasing its newest version of a coming trend in 3D GIS software: 3D-GIS in the Cloud. In 1999 the company released its first professional... (read more)
2011-05-25 05:03:13

3D Terrain Information in the Cloud

Cloud computing has risen from number eleven to three on the CIO's agenda for 2011, according to an independent research report produced by Forrester Research (US).Keeping pace with this rapidly growing trend, Intermap has launched the NEXTMap Web-based store, making the purchase of 3D terrain data as easy as buying a book online.     Todd Oseth, president and CEO of Intermap tells that with the new NEXTMap Web Store, customers can get a monthly subscription to the data they want or they can still make a one-time purchase. They can access their terrain information instantly from anywhere, the cloud-based... (read more)
2011-07-19 09:18:25

RIEGL Launches iPad Point Cloud Viewer

RIEGL has introduced an app, called RiALITY, for Lidar data visualisation. The app allows users to experience Lidar data in a completely new environment and also allows easier Lidar data demonstrations through the use of an iPad. RiALITY features true-colour point clouds and 3D navigation as well as an Augmented Reality mode, which allows point clouds to be virtually projected into the real world. TheRiALITY app enables users to visualise and navigate through point clouds acquired with RIEGL laser scanners. As an example, users are able to explore a dataset of the Rosenburg Castle in Austria. RIEGL scans can also... (read more)
2014-02-28 08:30:00

ColourCloud Processing Hosted on Google Cloud Platform

NCTech, a developer of reality imaging systems, has announced its ColourCloud software is being hosted on Google Cloud Platform. At the Google Cloud Next ’17 conference, Intel confirmed that the next-generation Intel Xeon processor family (also known as Skylake) is now available on Google Cloud Platform. Google Cloud Platform is the first to offer cloud services based on Skylake. The Intel Xeon processor supports Intel AVX-512 instructions to run compute-intensive workloads more efficiently, such as high-performance computing, video processing and data analytics. This development provides powerful support for the capture and processing of 3D imaging. With ColourCloud now hosted on Google... (read more)
2017-03-13 09:51:19

Cloud Solution for Collaborative Urban Planning

Agency9, known for its technology in large scale streaming and 3D visualisation solutions, announces the release of free global 3D terrain and buildings in CityPlanner – its cloud solution for collaborative urban planning on the web. Agency9 currently serves many customers with web-based 3D visualisation tools in CityPlanner. With the release of the free global 3D world in CityPlanner, the company aims to further stimulate users transition to 3D using modern planning paradigms – as well as lower the financial hurdle of adopting such services. Bundling free 3D data with the service allows any city in the world to start... (read more)
2017-09-08 08:56:27
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