iPad App to Create Address Database

Hamilton County, USA, is using GeoSpatial Experts’ GeoJot field data collection app on an iPad to correlate street addresses with parcel coordinates. Initiated for tax assessment and E911 purposes, this photo project is creating the rural county’s first digital map database that matches property addresses to their correct geographic locations. Hamilton County is rapidly updating its address and property database to meet E911 standards using the iPad and GeoSpatial Experts’ GeoJot application. GeoJot is an easy-to-use app that converts an iPad or iPhone into a field data collection device. Available from the Apple App Store, GeoJot is a companion application... (read more)
2012-03-23 11:58:43

Commercial Airport Mapping Database Using Satellite Imagery

GeoEye has delivered the first commercial high-resolution airport database of Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Malaysia Airport Holdings Berhad's Technical Services Division (MAHB). This product meets the new International Civil Aviation Organization's Area-2 and Area-3 reporting requirements and uses IKONOS colour stereo imagery to create three-dimensional models of the airport, terrain and any flight safety obstacles. "GeoEye brings extensive market and application knowhow, and we will access the best commercial imagery available with the best geo-location accuracy from the GeoEye-1 and IKONOS satellites," said Dato Abdul Hamid, chief operating officer of MAHB. "Through a subscription service, Malaysia Airports will be... (read more)
2010-06-10 05:09:00

Map Database Updating in an SDI

UAVs increasingly used for rapid image capture. One of the more rewarding aspects of my day job is teaching undergraduate students. Many of the challenges that my classmates and I faced when we graduated are fundamentally different from those faced by graduates nowadays. We were involved in creating the comprehensive control frameworks, and digital topographic and cadastral databases in place today. My students, on the other hand, already work in data-rich environments. With multiple spatial data infrastructures (SDI) in place, today’s graduates must make informed choices regarding which types of existing data they will employ in their solutions. Only then... (read more)
2012-08-24 04:43:00

Tele Atlas Launches MultiNav Digital Map Database

Tele Atlas (MA, USA) has unveiled Tele Atlas MultiNav, the company's newest digital map platform that is designed to allow navigation application developers even greater speed and flexibility for building next generation mapping applications. MultiNav features all of the benefits of Tele Atlas' rich digital map database, delivered with a smaller data footprint to help decrease time-to-market, enable developers spend less time in the development process and allow a smaller run-time format for their innovative applications for a competitive advantage. Tele Atlas' comprehensive map content spans across 27.2 million kilometres in more than 70 countries, to the front doors of... (read more)
2008-06-12 09:22:38

Tele Atlas MultiNet Global Digital Map Database

Tele Atlas (CA, USA) has unveiled Tele Atlas MultiNet 2006.10, the next generation of its MultiNet global digital map database. This latest version of the company's development platform for navigation and location based applications encompasses a complete street network vector database covering major and interconnecting roads, local streets and 650 million addresses in 51 countries. MultiNet 2006.10 also features a most accurate digital map of North America. MultiNet is the global data and content foundation for many of the world's leading consumer and enterprise mapping solutions, including millions of in- car navigation systems and portable navigation devices, PDAs and mobile... (read more)
2006-11-21 12:00:00

Facelift for U.S. National Geologic Map Database

The U.S. Geological Survey and the Association of American State Geologists (AASG) have collaborated to launch a redesigned database of standardised geoscience information called the National Geologic Map Database (NGMDB). Together with the inaugural, multi-agency Geologic Map Day, the USGS and AASG are pleased to release a significantly updated infrastructure and a new look to the NGMDB. For example, the MapView features a visually compelling new interface that uses the latest technology to portray the Nation’s geologic maps published by the USGS, the state geological surveys, and many others. These maps, available from the NGMDB in several popular and easy-to-use... (read more)
2012-10-22 09:53:17

DeLorme XMap OpenSpace Database Integration Kit

DeLorme (ME, USA) has released the XMap OpenSpace Database Integration Kit, which allows automatically updating geographic data managed within the OpenSpace database by means of Microsoft SQL Server. The Integration Kit is for use with the company’s XMap/GIS Editor and .NET enabled. It provides a DLL library to link collected geodata directly to a data layer within XMap/GIS Editor. This offers increased productivity in any type of operation where geodata is collected in the field. Constantly changing data occur with, for instance, aerial spraying, broadband cellular coverage, demographic statistics, and readings from remote valves and sensors. (read more)
2005-03-17 12:00:00

New Zealand Launches New Place Name Database

Finding and viewing information on official place names is now much easier, thanks to a new web-based database launched by the New Zealand Geographic Board (NZGB). The database – called the Place Names Gazetteer – allows people to search for both the official and unofficial names of places and geographic features throughout New Zealand, as well as those within New Zealand's continental shelf and the Ross Sea region of Antarctica. The new web-based database replaces the former Gazetteer, which consisted of a series of spreadsheets that only listed official names. The new Gazetteer is supported by an interactive map covering... (read more)
2013-06-10 10:34:45

Geo-matching.com Database Exceeds 1.000 Products

Since its introduction in 2012 Geo-matching.com has developed steadily over the years and is now the largest product database with 252  suppliers, 42 product categories and 1002 products. Just some of the categories on offer include Digital Aerial Cameras, GNSS Receivers, Mobile GIS Systems – Hardware and Software, Mobile Mappers, Photogrammetric, Imagery Processing Software, Point Cloud Processing Software, Remote Sensing Image Processing Software, Terrestrial Laser Scanners, Total Stations, and UAS for Mapping and 3D Modelling. On Geo-matching.com users can find product information, such as technical specifications, product videos, product brochures,  case studies and professional user reviews. Visit www.geo-matching.com to browse... (read more)
2015-09-29 09:19:08

TatukGIS Supports Oracle Spatial/Locator Database

TatukGIS (Poland) announced the support for Oracle Spatial/Locator database coverages in a number of TatukGIS products. This support includes: - Reading/writing/editing Oracle Spatial vector map layers (SD_GEOMETRY) - Creation of new Oracle Spatial tables and importing data into the tables - Use of Locator spatial operators for server-side spatial queries (based on the DE9IM model) - Utilisation of Oracle Spatial indexes   Oracle Spatial/Locator is supported in the latest versions of the following TatukGIS products: - GIS Developer Kernel .NET (.NET WinForms GIS SDK) - GIS Developer Kernel ActiveX (OCX based GIS SDK) - GIS Developer Kernel VCL (Delphi/C++ VCL GIS SDK) - GIS... (read more)
2007-11-30 11:03:29
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