UAV-based Mapping: Safety First

While it is positive news for our industry that the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or ‘drones’) is continuing to increase, the rise has brought with it a key question: how do we ensure that drone users are operating in a safe and law-abiding manner? In recent months, there have been a number of headlines about both illegal operations and the ensuing legislation. Although these news stories have been focused on consumer drone use, we must be mindful that the same issues apply to commercial activity, according to Jean-Thomas Célette – particularly within the geospatial sector as professionals such... (read more)
2019-04-03 11:40:57

AEC Next and SPAR 3D 2019 Conference Programme Announced

The organizers of AEC Next Technology Expo + Conference and SPAR 3D Expo & Conference, the premier co-located events focusing on technology for the built world and commercial 3D technology respectively, has announced the full conference programme including three additional keynote speakers. Joining MiMi Aung of NASA JPL on Wednesday 22 May is Dr Robert S. Sutor, vice president, IBM Q Strategy and Ecosystem, IBM with a presentation titled Quantum Computing: A View to the Future. Joining Jon Snoddy of Disney Imagineering on Thursday 23 May is a joint keynote with Fredrik Hiebert, Fellow at National Geographic, and Kathryn Keane, VP,... (read more)
2019-03-28 09:53:10

Precision Agriculture for People, Planet and Profit

A Policy Perspective on Data-driven Farming
The Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (LNV) has a clear vision: sufficient food that is also healthy for everyone – financially healthy for farmers, growers and fishermen, healthy for consumers and good for nature and the environment. In a nation as small and populous as The Netherlands, that is not without its challenges. Furthermore, the Dutch government is focusing heavily on expertise and innovation in order to strengthen the international position of the country’s agricultural sector. Precision agriculture has been identified as one of the ways to achieve these goals. But does data automatically mean knowledge and... (read more)
2019-02-19 02:57:50

Digital Twins Drive Geospatial Market Growth

Unveiling the Findings from the Annual Industry Survey
The ever-increasing use of digital twins in infrastructure and construction projects is creating a huge need for 3D geodata, which in turn is driving strong growth in our industry. That is just one conclusion we can draw from the most recent ‘GIM International’ annual industry survey. As the geomatics landscape continues to evolve and diversify, many providers of mapping and surveying solutions are focusing on specific vertical markets, ranging from agriculture, forestry and archaeology to construction, mining and civil engineering. Read on for our analysis of the survey results, in which we identify key growth opportunities and highlight which new... (read more)
2019-01-30 09:35:42

Supporting the Profession with Expertise, Proposals, Solutions and Platforms

GIM International interviews FIG President Rudolf Staiger
The FIG president holds one of the most influential positions in the surveying field and helps to shape the profession. The new president, Rudolf Staiger, was elected during the Istanbul Congress in 2018 and officially took office for a period of four years in November. In this interview, GIM International asks him about his views on the profession, now and in the future, and also about who Rudolf Staiger actually is. Congratulations on becoming the new president of FIG! Can you tell us a bit more about yourself? Having grown up in the Black Forest in south Germany, I studied geodesy... (read more)
2019-01-24 01:47:43

FIG Commissions and Their Work Plans 2019-2022

On 1 January 2019, ten new FIG Commission chairs started their term of office. A kick-off meeting was held from 9-10 January in Copenhagen to discuss their work plans. During November/December 2018 they had already worked on the technical programme for the FIG Working Week 2019 (22-26 April in Hanoi, Vietnam). The programme was also discussed and fine-tuned at a creative workshop.The work plans will be presented in detail in Hanoi, but their overall ideas can already be revealed here. Commission 1 (Professional Standards and Practice) will engage surveyors in all member associations with the importance of acting ethically around... (read more)
2019-01-16 10:45:31

Report: First European Aerial Surveying Summit

Generating Sustainable Business for an Innovative Industry
Today’s digital societies require a continuous supply of updated, reliable and correct geodata, and new technologies are arriving with increasing speed. The manned aerial survey is by far the main source of high-resolution geographical data in the geoinformation ecosystem. This article looks back on the first edition of the European Aerial Surveying Summit, which was held in Denmark in December 2018. When people talk about geographical data and its creation, then satellites or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or ‘drones’) – ubiquitous in the daily media stream – often spring to mind. Lately, mobile surveying systems have started to take on... (read more)
2019-01-16 10:13:32

Andrey Pirogov

Andrey Pirogov is an expert in geospatial-related marketing management, GIS education for business, and geoscience-related research and project management. He is the head of marketing at Racurs, a Russia-based company that is known worldwide for its innovative digital mapping software. (read more)
2018-12-20 12:10:38

From Geographical Aspects of Business to Geoinformation Technologies in Business

In a recent article called ‘How Can We Attract Students to Geomatics?’, Ian Brown raised the question of the role of geomatics in modern education and how we can rouse interest in students to become part of the GIS expert community. In this column, Andrey Pirogov from Racurs takes the discussion a step further. While speaking at the Business Day during the conference for Russian Esri users a few weeks ago, I asked the audience who actually makes the decision about introducing GIS into the IT structure of companies and determines which business processes will use the capabilities of GIS.... (read more)
2018-12-20 10:23:08

Katy Barbier-Greenland

Katy Barbier-Greenland is originally from Melbourne, Australia, and now lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She holds undergraduate degrees in social science majoring in psychology and social work with honours, as well as a Master of Information Management with a research specialisation. Katy’s professional background comprises mostly policy analysis and research management positions in the health and education sectors, and she now works as a freelance writer and researcher.  (read more)
2018-12-11 11:48:59
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