Using GIS for Environmental Analysis

The Instituto Ambiente em Foco (IAF), a socio-environmental nonprofit organization (NGO) founded in 2007, is organizing the Third Workshop on Using GIS for Environmental Analysis, which will be held 5th to 8th October in Piracicaba (SP), Brazil.   With the participation of about 300 people, the workshop will feature lectures and workshops, and will occur in the Engineering School of Piracicaba/FUMEP. One of the workshops (Mapping Techniques in ArcGIS) will be given for the ESRI, the official developer of this software. The instructor will be the environmental engineer Bernard Barbarisi Freire, an analyst at the company and Master of Remote... (read more)
2011-09-14 09:56:10

Southern Mapping for Environmental Sustainability

With concerns about global warming and the damage of carbon emissions on the rise, companies across the globe are finding ways to become ‘greener’. Southern Mapping Company (SMC) has partnered with Peace Parks Foundation (PPF) to help contribute towards this global greening initiative. SMC’s advanced aerial Lidar technology allows PPF to accurately scan and measure thousands of trees over a large area in a short period.     Peter Moir, chief executive of Southern Mapping Company, says that their involvement with PPF has proved to be an insightful business venture. "Corporate social investment and greening are both important issues that... (read more)
2009-11-05 01:02:17

Environmental Monitoring Study in Romania

Vexcel Corporation (CO, USA) has been chosen by Romania's National Agency for Mineral Resources to lead a feasibility study for a countrywide environmental monitoring system for Romania's mining industry. The study, funded by the U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA), will assist Romania in its efforts to curb future environmental degradation resulting from mining. The proposed environmental monitoring system will involve a variety of data collection systems, which may include satellites, aircraft and ground-based sensors, and the derived data will be collected and integrated at a centralised data management and decision support centre. To become a member of the European... (read more)
2006-01-30 12:00:00

GIS for Environmental Impact Assessment

SuperGeo Malaysia successfully promoted SuperGIS Desktop to Capai Cerah, a consultancy company in Malaysia, for improving GIS projects in environmental impact assessment. This company targets at project services for several government sectors in Malaysia. Since SuperGIS Desktop offers GIS tools for users to process, display, edit, manage, query, and analyse spatial data on a professional GIS platform, Capai Cerah would like to utilise the software to enhance the map display and visualised analyses for government projects. Different sectors can therefore employ the results to assist decision and policy making with GIS technologies in a visualised way.This procurement is contributed by... (read more)
2010-11-18 11:13:17

OGC and Environmental Information Systems

Fundamental research in engineering geology and hydrogeology cannot be performed adequately without appropriate data management. Hence one important research topic deals with the design and implementation of environmental information systems. Web Services As a research facility in Earth and Engineering Sciences we aim to provide solutions to geo-technical and environmental problems such as landslide risk assessment, groundwater vulnerability assessment, re-cultivation of abandoned industrial sites, and evaluation of construction ground or improvement of soils. In all cases, decision-making and solution concepts are based on spatial information built upon huge amounts of geodata. While in the past geodata was held locally on... (read more)
2005-10-27 12:00:00

Integrating Environmental Information Across Europe

RSW Geomatics, the 1Spatial Group and Rob Walker Consultancy have been awarded a contract by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, Institute for Environment and Sustainability. This contract is to ‘Develop Technical Guidance for the INSPIRE Transformation Service’ – enabling online access to geographically referenced datasets from different countries and different environmental themes. The contract requires: •a survey of ‘state of the art' transformation services; •drafting of the associated technical guidance; •prototyping of a schema transformation service; •production of a demonstration video in three languages.   The project will last eight months and will be carried out in Cambridge, UK... (read more)
2009-12-08 09:35:03

SuperGIS Server for Environmental Pollution Control

To effectively manage and control the pollution data and distribution in Yilan, China, the Department of Environmental Protection Yilan is using SuperGIS Server to build Yilan Pollution Control GIS.       The website collects the related layer data for the staff and provides spatial data display, such as marine pollution simulation display, air pollution simulation display, and GIS manipulation, like adding annotations on the map. As to the back-end of the website, the staff in Department of Environmental Protection Yilan can keep updating the data through the data management function to provide the colleagues with the latest and most... (read more)
2011-12-07 12:00:00

Copernicus Masters Challenge Seeks Smart Environmental Solutions

Protecting our environment around the globe is key to guarantee sustainability. Supporting this worldwide endeavour by tackling major hazards like fires, floods and global warming is a driving force of the Copernicus Masters, Europe’s leading Earth observation (EO) competition. Participants now have the chance to benefit from outstanding prizes for their EO-based business ideas. Sustainable solutions are crucial to mitigate main causes of global climate change. These kinds of solutions are exactly what the German Aerospace Center (DLR) is looking for with its Copernicus Masters Challenge. DLR scouts future-oriented products and services using EO and remote sensing data, to solve worldwide difficulties.... (read more)
2017-06-26 09:25:17
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