Workshop on remote Sensing and Environmental Hazard

TeleGIS Laboratory (Italy) has announced the Workshop on Remote Sensing and Environmental Hazard taking place in Cagliari, Italy from 7th to 8th July 2005. The conference is organised by TeleGIS Laboratory-CINSA (University of Cagliari), EAF (Sardinian Office for Flumendosa Water Management), AIT (Italian Association of Remote Sensing). This conference intends to promote scientific and technical exchange between Italian specialist wokring at the interface of remore sensing, environmental hazards and its human implications. It is targeted to applicatioon community and government. Thus, both an overview of the current state of art as well as operational opportunities will be presented. This is... (read more)
2005-06-20 12:00:00

Satellite Radar Imagery Shows Arctic Environmental Changes

Ice in northern Alaska’s lakes during winter months is on the decline. 20 years of satellite radar imagery show how changes in our climate are affecting high-latitude environments. Changes in air temperature and winter precipitation over the last five decades have affected the timing, duration and thickness of the ice cover on lakes in the Arctic. In this region, warmer climate conditions result in thinner ice cover on shallow lakes and, consequently, a smaller fraction of lakes freezing all the way through during winter months.  These changes in ice cover affect the local and regional climate, the dynamics of the... (read more)
2014-02-04 09:36:14

Environmental Monitoring and Management in Brazil

Based on the recommendations of ENGESAT, SuperGeo’s reseller in Brazil, SuperGIS Desktop 3.1 has been adopted by LHSTP Consultoria Tecnica and Projects, an environmental consulting firm, to carry out the environmental monitoring and management projects for sustainable use and development of natural resources. Monitoring and controlling pollutant sources, and preventing pollution proliferation, plays a significant role in environmental conservation plans. In this procurement, the SuperGIS software aids LHSTP consulting company in formulating and running environmental management plans efficiently.   Performing high geoprocessing performance, an extensive set of GIS functions and customisation tools, SuperGIS Desktop 3.1 can help develop a comprehensive... (read more)
2012-09-18 08:15:01

Environmental Compliance Monitoring for Nickel Mine Project

GAF AG, Germany, has made a successful contribution to Ambatovy’s biodiversity programme by applying Earth observation technology to the monitoring of forest habitats of the Republic of Madagascar. The information derived contributes significantly to knowledge about prevailing deforestation rates along Madagascar’s eastern rainforest corridor, parts of which have World Heritage status. Ambatovy in Madagascar is one of the largest mining and processing projects in Sub-Saharan Africa. With a planned production of 60,000 tonnes of refined nickel and 5,600 tonnes of refined cobalt per year, Ambatovy will soon rank among the largest lateritic nickel mining entities in the world. The mine... (read more)
2012-05-25 12:00:00

Sentinel-2A Environmental Satellite Safely in Orbit

The ESA-developed Sentinel satellite – Sentinel-2A – has launched successfully today, adding a high-resolution optical imaging capability to the European Union's Copernicus environmental monitoring system. The 1.1 tonne satellite was carried on a Vega rocket from Europe’s Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana at 01:52 GMT on 23 June (03:52 CEST; 22:52 local time, 22 June). The first stage separated 1 min 52 sec after lift-off, followed by the second stage and fairing at 3 min 37 sec and 3 min 54 sec, respectively, and the third stage at 6 min 32 sec. After a first ignition, 7 min 42 sec after lift-off, followed... (read more)
2015-06-23 09:46:57

Sharing Essential Environmental Data for Quicker Emergency Response

GGP Systems, UK, is helping local authorities to respond quicker to environmental disasters by sharing essential environmental data under the European Directive INSPIRE. INSPIRE requires public authorities to publish geospatial information related to the environment, such as data about land use, planning and transport, according to strict technical specifications. Publishing of environmental data is designed to enable the cross border and cross agency sharing of information which is vital in helping to respond to, plan for and prevent environmental emergencies such as the current flood events in the UK. Geographical information systems specialist GGP Systems has launched a number of... (read more)
2014-02-21 09:22:44

GIS Helps Achieving Educational and Environmental Outcomes in the Philippines

Supergeo Technologies has announced that National Mapping and Resource Information Authority in the Philippines and the Department of Geodetic Engineering at University of the Philippines and FEATI University have employed SuperGIS Desktop 3.1a and the analysis extensions to promote the use of GIS and achieve positive educational and environmental outcomes. National Mapping and Resource Information Authority (NAMRIA) is an agency under the Department of Environment and National Resources, which focuses on the surveying and data management of the nation’s land and water resources. In addition to producing topographic maps, aerial photographs, and satellite images, NAMRIA makes spatial data more reliable... (read more)
2013-08-07 09:05:09

Workshop on Remote Sensing and Environmental Innovations in Mongolia

The 6th International Workshop on Remote Sensing and Environmental Innovations in Mongolia will be held on 10-11 June 2013 in Ulaanbaatar, the country's capital. The NUM-ITC-UNESCO Remote Sensing and Space Science Laboratory of the National University of Mongolia is the local organiser of the workshop. The workshop will provide an opportunity to discover advanced geoinformation technology and applications and is an excellent platform for exchanging ideas, research results, professional experiences, and future visions in the fields of environmental innovation, remote sensing and GIS applications for environmental studies. Mongolia’s changing lifestyles are intensifying pressures on the country’s environmental issues such as... (read more)
2013-02-27 11:13:07

USGS Satellite Imagery Featured in Global Environmental Change Atlas

A collection of USGS before-and-after satellite image pairs for 80 sites around the world is featured in a new atlas documenting global environmental changes released by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). The 332 page large-format atlas, One Planet, Many People: Atlas of Our Changing Environment was produced by UNEP in cooperation with USGS, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and the University of Maryland. The atlas also highlights more than 30 environmental case studies supported by narratives, images, and ground photographs, and a compilation of recently released environmental maps. Using satellite imagery and other remote sensing technology, the atlas... (read more)
2005-06-27 12:00:00
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