ISPRS Geospatial Week 2015: 11 Events under One Umbrella

France hosted the ISPRS Geospatial Week 2015 which was held in La Grande Motte near Montpellier from 28 September to 2 October. The event attracted more than 500 participants from 52 countries. Conference director Nicolas Paparoditis together with programme chair Clément Mallet and the rest of the team designed a rich programme and organised in a total of 11 independent events running in parallel during the week: Laserscanning, Silvilaser, CMRT, ISSDQ, ISA, Gi4DM, GeoBigData, GeoVis, GeoUAV, GeoHyper and RSDI. After Nicolas Paparoditis had kicked-off the ISPRS Geospatial Week, Christian Heipke, secretary-general of ISRPS, addressed the audience. He anticipated that so... (read more)
2015-11-09 10:09:52

Enabling Faster, More Effective Response to Crisis Events

DigitalGlobe has launched two new geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) services at GEOINT 2011: FirstWatch and FirstLook. Both services are designed to enable faster response, smarter decisions, and more effective management of on-the-ground personnel during natural and man-made disasters.   The first new solution, DigitalGlobe FirstWatch, is a rapid analysis and reporting service designed to help users more quickly assess and formulate response strategies following natural and man-made disasters.   When a crisis event occurs, the DigitalGlobe FirstLook service is activated and begins collecting new imagery from the affected region. Immediately after new imagery is downloaded, experts in the DigitalGlobe Analysis Center... (read more)
2011-10-18 09:41:04

Getting Ready for Disaster Events with Remote Sensing

Predicting OpenStreetMap Completeness in Risk Areas
In view of the increased frequency and severity of natural disasters, timely information related to the distribution of vulnerable populations and critical infrastructure is key for effective disaster relief. OpenStreetMap shows great potential to support humanitarian mapping tasks and has provided vital information in many past major disasters. Publicly available remotely sensed measurements can be utilized to identify areas that have not yet been fully mapped and help guide and prioritize future mapping efforts in preparation for future disasters. On the afternoon of 12 January 2010, the island of Haiti suffered its most devastating natural disaster ever: a magnitude-7.0 earthquake.... (read more)
2020-03-25 03:02:45

Virtual UN-GGIM High-Level Forum Events on Geospatial Information Management

During the upcoming weeks, the UN Statistics Division, as Secretariat for the United Nations Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management (UN-GGIM), and Ordnance Survey of Great Britain will jointly organize a series of three virtual high-level forum events on geospatial information management. Although it was unable to proceed with the UN-GGIM Sixth High-Level Forum due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the UN is now launching the 'Implementation Guide of the Integrated Geospatial Information Framework' and the 'Future Trends in Geospatial Information Management: Five to Ten-year Vision third edition', both of which are presently undergoing broad global consultation and review... (read more)
2020-05-25 09:48:28

Catching up on Photogrammetry and Laser Scanning

An Impression of the Oldenburger 3D-Tage Event
In the German geospatial industry, there is a longstanding platform for open and constructive dialogue with researchers but also informal talks and discussion in between. It is called the Oldenburger 3D-Tage and is held annually at the Jade University of Applied Sciences in the northern German city of Oldenburg. This article provides a round-up of the 18th edition of the event which took place in February this year and offered delegates an inspiring update on the latest developments in all aspects of 3D mapping, both photogrammetry and laser scanning. The 3D-Tage programme is pretty straightforward: two full days of sessions... (read more)
2019-03-20 11:07:17

Crisis Event Service

DigitalGlobe has announced its Crisis Event Service, a web service providing timely and accurate pre- and post-event satellite imagery to aid in emergency planning, response and recovery. The service is designed to provide a comprehensive picture for global crisis including at least three high-resolution imagery versions of each affected area: the most current pre-event imagery from DigitalGlobe's extensive ImageLibrary archive, imagery during or just after the event, and a follow-up image within 30 days following the event.   Crisis Service images will be available online within one to three days of any given event through DigitalGlobe's online platform. DigitalGlobe will... (read more)
2009-07-16 02:53:40

From the Sensor to the Internet

ERDAS partnered with GeoEye for the ERDAS Rocks San Diego event. This well-attended event featured a presentation on GeoEye Imagery Products in ERDAS IMAGINE by Gene Dial, Chief Scientist at GeoEye. Other presentations included ERDAS IMAGINE 2010... IMAGINE the Difference, Point Clouds from Imagery: Model Your World Like Never Before and On-Demand Spatial Analysis. This event was the last stop on the ERDAS Rocks World Tour, which was launched in late October to support the ERDAS 2010 Software Release. The ERDAS Rocks events have provided an opportunity for users to experience the power and excitement of this significant release locally.... (read more)
2010-04-29 02:58:15

Event Calendar: Submissions Welcome

GIM International receives many requests for the placement of event announcements. To make it easier for you to publicise events, why not submit details for the calendar on this website? Webinars now have their own category. Submissions are easy: at the events listing you will find the option 'Submit your event', where you can complete details on a form. Each time a submission is received the editors will be alerted to the fact that a new event has been added, and will publish it as soon as possible. (read more)
2010-04-07 02:02:21

Commercial UAV Expo and Drone World Expo Merge

Lisa Murray, director of Commercial UAV Expo, has announced the acquisition of Drone World Expo by Diversified Communications, organisers of Commercial UAV Expo Americas, Commercial UAV Expo Europe and publishers of Commercial UAV News. Ms Murray made the announcement at Commercial UAV Expo 2017, which was being held at the Westgate Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, USA, in October. Diversified purchased Drone World Expo from JD Events. Since 2015, the market has exploded with drone events, making for a congested and complicated landscape for customers to choose from. The acquisition of Drone World Expo by Diversified Communications takes two... (read more)
2017-10-31 02:20:48

Luciad Kicks off Global Seminar Series and Announces User Conference

Luciad, a provider of geospatial software tools, has kicked off its global seminar series beginning in Rome, Italy, on 15 March. The company has also announced the dates of its fourth annual Luciad User Conference in Brussels on 4-5 October 2017. Customers and prospects can interact with Luciad at local seminars, global industry events and the Luciad User Conference, which brings together several hundred geospatial professionals and developers. These events allow participants to find out about new features and see where geospatial technology is going, said Lida Joly, chief marketing officer at Luciad. The first of several global seminars, Luciad... (read more)
2017-03-29 03:10:17
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