Let’s Make the World a Better Place with Maps

GIM International interviews Menno-Jan Kraak
Menno-Jan Kraak is the newly elected president of the International Cartographic Association (ICA). Cartographer Kraak is a professor in Geovisual Analytics and Cartography at the University of Twente, ITC in The Netherlands, and is a long-standing and active member of the organisation he now heads up. Over the next four years, Kraak will shape the policy of the ICA, striving to make further progress on the steps taken by his predecessor Georg Gartner while naturally also introducing some ideas of his own. His goal is to make the world a better place through maps. He recently shared his thoughts with... (read more)
2016-05-04 10:53:12

Multi-dimensional Cadastre: 3D and 4D

3D Data for Environmentally and Energetically Relevant Topics
In recent years, Germany's national mapping and cadastre information systems have become increasingly focused on demands for multidimensional applications, e.g. environmental protection, planning, energy supply and disaster management. The basic request of coverage and actuality was previously defined for the third dimension. In 2009, the Surveying Authorities of the States of the Federal Republic of Germany (AdV) arrived at the following decision: “The collection, data modelling and quality management of buildings for geotopographical surveying and for the cadastre are main tasks of the official German cadastre. This also includes the third dimension.” The fourth dimension (time) is now an integral component of the... (read more)
2015-12-03 11:32:42

From Crisis to Change

GIM International Interviews Willi Zimmermann
Land degradation, violent disputes, resource piracy and misuse of power are just some of the challenges faced by more than forty countries in a world where resources are in scarce supply. When we approached world-renowned land governance expert Willi Zimmermann for this interview he humbly introduced himself as a land surveyor who facilitates the protection of land rights. But Zimmermann has had a long career as a specialist in land management, the process of sustainably managing the use and development of urban and rural land resources. He outlined for us the extent of the current global land predicament. Could you... (read more)
2010-04-08 02:40:42

Official Geoid Undulations Model

Substitute for Nationwide Orthometric Control Network
The classical geodesist’ dream of a dense, accurate, reliable and homogeneous countrywide levelling control network is a luxury even for the richest countries and will probably remain a dream. Prior to the GPS era there was no alternative to precise levelling. Now there is. The authors suggest a new approach to orthometric height control in which the best available geoid model is used as official, statutory model from which to deduce countrywide orthometric heights, while ellipsoidal heights are measured with GNSS. Developing countries may benefit. A geoid model is prerequisite for deriving orthometric heights from GNSS measurements. But is it... (read more)
2007-01-19 12:00:00

2014 ASPRS Fellow Award Winners Announced

Bon A. Dewitt, Rongxing Li, Richard A. Pearsall, Karen L. Schuckman and Douglas A. Stow have been named the 2014 ASPRS Fellow Award winners. The ASPRS designation of Fellow is conferred on active ASPRS members who have performed exceptional service in advancing the science and use of the mapping sciences (photogrammetry, remote sensing, surveying, geographic information systems and related disciplines). The designation of Fellow is awarded for pro­fessional excellence and for service to the Society. Candidates are nominated by other active members, recommended to the Fellows Committee, and elected by the ASPRS Board of Directors. Up to 0.3 percent of... (read more)
2013-11-21 10:16:50

Robotic Theodolites (RTS)

Measuring Structure Excitation
Robotic theodolites, the new generation of the well-known surveying theodolite, are used to measure deflections in short-span bridges with millimetre accuracy. This permits the coming true of an old dream for engineers: to be in a position not only to predict, but to measure the excitation of engineering structures due to dynamic loads such as wind and traffic, and hence evaluate their structural health.     Electronic theodolites or total-stations (TS) are very common survey instruments used to compute the Cartesian coordinates of selected points marked by a usually prismatic reflector. A TS emits a modulated IR ray to the... (read more)
2011-03-28 03:46:25

Intergeo 2007

Knowledge and Action for Planet Earth
2007 marked the thirteenth consecutive annual Intergeo. The venue for this major conference and trade-fair for geodesy, geoinformation and land management, held this year from 24th to 28th September, shifts from year to year, always within the boundaries of Germany. This time the train stopped at Leipzig. The event is organised by HINTE GmbH in association with the German Association of Surveying (DVW), and this year took place in conjunction with the fifty-fifth German Cartographer's Day. The event made clearer than ever that geo-data acquisition is a booming industry. All things considered, including current financial figures, vendors of data acquisition... (read more)
2007-10-02 10:53:43

Land Administration in Estonia

Since Estonia gained independence in 1991, huge efforts have been made to re-establish private property. Technologically speaking, land reform and land administration are a success; nearly the whole country has been registered and information on individual parcels can be disseminated to institutions and the general public via the web. However, lack of transparent land policy incapacitates the system from optimally serving land-management aims.<P> What are the main goals of land administration in Estonia During the nineties the main goal was land reform, with the political and economic goal of re-establishing private property. Land reform was the focus of attention for... (read more)
2008-11-11 12:00:00

A Truly Photogrammetric UAV

AviSystem/Taxus SI
The AviSystem UAV was made on the assumption that it was intended to be a photogrammetric system. Hence, when designing the AVI, it was created for long, stable, precise and efficient flying – photogrammetric flying. AVI right before take-off. The Polish company Taxus SI Ltd. embarked on the AviSystem project in 2009 with support from the European Regional Development Fund. Poland’s best specialists in the field of unmanned aircraft construction were invited to join the project. Design of the entire system, of which the main element is the AVI drone, was completed within two years. The AVI is an electrically... (read more)
2013-04-12 12:38:21

ASPRS Honorary Members Selected

Clifford W. Greve and Vincent V. Salomonson have been selected as the next Honorary Members of the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS). Their nominations were recently approved by the ASPRS Board of Directors. This is the highest award bestowed by ASPRS and there can be only 25 living Honorary Members of the Society at any given time. Initiated in 1937, this lifetime award is given for professional excellence in recognition of individuals who have rendered distinguished service to ASPRS and/or who have attained distinction in advancing the science and use of the geospatial information sciences. Greve and... (read more)
2012-11-15 09:12:20
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