Geomatics Geneology

A year ago I experienced my baptism of fire at Intergeo as the newly appointed editor-in-chief of GIM International. This year I know what to expect, and look forward to meeting exhibitors and visitors at the biggest and one of the most significant annual geomatics events in the calendar, this year happening at Karlsruhe, Germany, see picture feature page 12. What first seemed to me a melting pot of different companies with all kinds of specialties has now become a well-organised grouping of obvious specialties within the world of geomatics industry and commerce. Knowing the latest on takeovers and joint... (read more)
2009-09-29 03:59:54

Exploring Geomatics

  My great interest in history led me recently to volunteer for an ongoing project to establish a Turkish National Surveying and Cadastre Museum. I have been appointed as the youngest member of the official working team, among experts, academicians, government representatives and seniors. To begin with I have been asked to search for and collate information about topic-related content of museums and collections. My first move was to go through the pages of a book on the history of surveying written by one of my professors during studies for my Bachelors degree. I then looked for my photo album... (read more)
2010-01-28 03:47:16

Geomatics 2.0

We all know about the rapid evolution in world mapping. While mapping was long the domain of skilled mapmakers, nowadays it is increasingly in the hands of the lay public, sometimes resulting in better maps. In this new epoch we see a well-educated, dedicated community of users that is taking the lead, stepping unhindered around large mapping agencies and governments and doing things themselves. Often they are young, hip, more socially aware and concerned and, crucially, unfamiliar with a world without computers. They don't think about joining social networks like Facebook or LinkedIn; they breathe it.   And, in this... (read more)
2009-12-29 11:23:13
2015-06-10 05:23:24

Geomatics Education in Latvia

Developments in Geomatics Education (2)
The term ‘geomatics’ came into use in the Latvian technical education system during implementation of the international project Geomatic Education in Latvia (GEMLA). The author provides some background and discusses the new Geomatics programme to be launched in academic year 2007/2008. The GEMLA project was implemented by the Department of Geodesy at Riga Technical University in co-operation with Mikkeli Polytechnic (Finland), Karlsruhe University of Technology (Germany) and Nottingham Trent University (UK), resulting in establishment on 24th February 2003 of the Department of Geomatics. Study Programme Over a hundred students are enrolled on the degree course ‘Geodesy and Cartography’. This academic... (read more)
2007-02-23 12:00:00

Offshoring Geomatics Work

GIM Interviews Huug Haasnoot, Fugro-Inpark and Marc Hoogerwerf, Wageningen UR
Enabled mainly by rapid developments in telecommunications and internet, there is growing relocation of office labour from Western countries to emerging ones such as India, Pakistan and China. The attraction of these countries is their combination of a highly skilled workforce and low wages. Offshoring is becoming regular business practice not only in programming, IT and back-office services, but also in the field of geo-information. In this double interview the interviewees share their geomatics offshoring experience in Pakistan (Haasnoot) and India (Hoogerwerf). In what type of activities are you mainly involved? Haasnoot - Within Fugro’s Aerial Acquisition division we perform... (read more)
2006-04-25 12:00:00

Geomatics Education in Croatia

Developments in Geomatics Education (1)
During the past year the Faculty of Geodesy at the University of Zagreb has introduced fundamental reform of all its education programmes, undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate doctoral studies, and established a completely new postgraduate specialisation course. The author provides detailed background information and preliminary evaluation. Croatia has a longstanding tradition of higher education in surveying and geodesy. The seminal textbook by Martin Sabolovi´c, Exercitationes Gaeodeticae, was printed in 1775 and the first academic diplomas certifying that one could act as surveyor date back to 1811. At the Royal Forestry Academy, founded in Zagreb in 1898, geodesy was from the start... (read more)
2007-02-23 12:00:00

PCI Geomatics NITF Certified

PCI Geomatics (Canada) has become certified in compliance testing with the National Imagery Transmission Format Standard (NITFS) for their software Geomatica Focus and Generic Database (GDB). To become NITF certified, software applications must pass a rigorous testing and review process by an independent government board. This process ensures that NITF files are compatible and interoperable across all systems. NITF is the standard for formatting digital imagery and imagery-related products among members, agencies and departments of the United States Government. Before a particular system or product can be employed, it must adhere to the United States Federal and Department of Defense... (read more)
2006-11-16 12:00:00

Mailbox - LinkedIn group Geomatics

April Survey Team  Geographical engineer José Guerreiro working at the Port of Lisbon in Portugal sent us photos of himself and his co-workers team, a team we've crowned GIM International Survey Team of April for its work surveying both land and the waters of Lisbon. The top photo shows one of the surveyors doing a topographical survey at sunset to monitor evolution of the Santo Amaro Beach after nourishment. The team photo (below) was taken during a technical visit onboard the Cornelia Dredger, which is carrying out capital dredging works in the Port of Lisbon. The people in the photo... (read more)
2010-04-08 04:45:43
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