Vexcel Imaging Adds New DTM Algorithm to UltraMap Software

Vexcel Imaging has released UltraMap version 5.0, the latest update of its all-in-one aerial photogrammetry software featuring comprehensive DTM generation and full integration of orthophoto production in UltraMap Studio.  With the introduction of a completely new Digital Terrain Model (DTM) algorithm based on automatic semantic image segmentation and intelligent filtering, UltraMap 5.0 now generates comprehensive DSMs and DTMs for export at first-rate quality. Additionally, several new features have been implemented to facilitate and speed up the data production process, from simultaneous DSM and DTM editing in one interface and simple re-processing for ortho products, to the full integration of orthophoto production in UltraMap Studio and new quality control tools such as visualization of non-ground objects. This gives... (read more)
2020-08-27 08:38:49

Full Frontal Mapping in 3D

Cliff surveys are traditionally performed with fixed-wing aircraft that collect nadir photos. However, one particular California bluff required the cliff’s face to be surveyed for an erosion study. A photogrammetry company used the opportunity to test the viability of accurately triangulating oblique images and mapping them in 3D stereo. The company not only met tight data specifications, but also developed a new technique for cliff-face surveys. Photogrammetry specialist Robert Lafica and his company, Central Coast Aerial Mapping, have been producing detailed 3D stereo-based topographic maps, orthophotos and orthomosaics and surface models since 1977. Although he has performed many traditional cliff... (read more)
2020-08-26 11:32:12

Newly Launched Leica GNSS RTK Rover Equipped with Visual Positioning

Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon, has unveiled the Leica GS18 I, a versatile, GNSS RTK rover with visual positioning. The GS18 I allows users to capture points of interest from a distance and measure points from the images in the field or in the office. Visual positioning technology – sensor fusion combining GNSS, IMU and a camera – allows users to reach previously inaccessible or obstructed points safely and efficiently. Visual positioning is based on photogrammetric technology with near real-time data processing, allowing surveyors to check the quality of their data while on site. “The GS18 I and the workflow in... (read more)
2020-08-26 11:12:08

Satellite Imagery: An Aerial Alternative

Remote sensing projects often begin with the question: 'Should I use aerial imagery or satellite imagery?' During long-term projects, this question may arise again, particularly when unforeseen circumstances change the ability to collect data, the reliability of the data or the scope of the work. Budgets, technology and government restrictions constantly change, making it critical to choose the right data inputs. There are a number of key parameters that must be taken into account when beginning any remote sensing project. These include the size and accessibility of the area of interest, the timeliness of the data, whether the data can... (read more)
2020-08-25 02:05:08

OGC Welcomes Microsoft to the OGC Community as a Principal Member

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) has welcomed Microsoft to the OGC as a Principal Member. As a Principal Member of OGC, Microsoft will participate in OGC activities and serve in OGC's Planning Committee to explore market and technology trends relevant to OGC's global mission to make location information more Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR).  “We are excited to welcome Microsoft back to the OGC Community, and to the OGC Planning Committee, as an OGC Principal Member,” says OGC CEO Nadine Alameh. “These are pivotal times in the geospatial industry as OGC collaboratively modernizes our suite of location standards to enable... (read more)
2020-08-21 11:40:32

An App Transforms Land Administration

GIS Is Innovating How Land Data Is Collected and Managed
'What if we put fit-for-purpose land administration thinking into a single app?' wonders Brent Jones, the man who oversees Esri's worldwide strategic planning, business development and marketing activities for land records, land surveying and land administration. 'How would we do that?' When Brent Jones started his career as a surveyor, data collection involved hauling around heavy tools such as total stations, tripods and range poles. Data had to be manually recorded in weatherproof field books using a number-four lead mechanical pencil. Then came the advent of the Global Positioning System (GPS), experimental satellites, receivers powered by car batteries and PhD students to help... (read more)
2020-08-19 02:02:17

Satellite Data to Make Europe's Mining Industry Safer

The European Commission has entered into a contract with EOS Data Analytics, a satellite analytics company founded by Max Polyakov, to develop technologies for the monitoring and analysis of mining sites across Europe. The three-year project, called Goldeneye, has a total budget of €8.3 million. The project will develop solutions that improve the safety, environmental impact and profitability of mines by creating a platform that combines Earth observation technologies with on-site sensing. “With Goldeneye, we are not solving just one problem. Our goal is to bring together different technologies in a platform that can offer innovative solutions to both businesses... (read more)
2020-08-18 12:38:56

senseFly Announces Partnership with Leading Chilean Geospatial Solutions Firm

senseFly has entered into a new distribution partnership with GEOCOM Soluciones Geoespaciales, one of Chile's most experienced and trusted geospatial solutions firms. Founded in 1985, GEOCOM provides geospatial solutions for government, private and research institutions across several industries, including mining, forestry, construction and engineering. The company has built its reputation as a market leader by delivering sales, rental and technical services to professionals who require the very best geospatial solutions, including GNSS, laser scanners and UAS/UAVs – all of which are continually assessed by GEOCOM’s team of experts. After several years of trialling alternative technologies, including leading VTOL systems, GEOCOM... (read more)
2020-08-14 09:51:21

SatLab Is Looking to Expand Its Dealer Network in Europe

Become a SatLab Geosolutions Partner
SatLab Geosolutions is the Swedish based global satellite positioning solutions company; from field surveying to aerial mapping, SatLab offers hardware, software and integrated solutions to enhance their users’ mobility. SatLab is constantly expanding its market both horizontally and vertically and now actively looking for global partners, especially in Europe. Founded by a group of passionate and pioneering engineers, with a total of more than 40 years of experience in the GNSS industry, the management team is made up of veteran industry experts. With offices strategically located around the world. Focusing on research and development, the Satlab Geosolutions team works around the... (read more)
2020-07-23 01:50:08

Multibeam Lidar for Mobile Mapping Systems

Features and Productivity
In mobile mapping, geospatial data is acquired by one or more cameras and/or one or more Lidar sensors mounted on a vehicle that moves over land, through water or through the air. The distribution of Lidar beams over the scene may be realized by a spinning mirror or by a solid-state device. Multiple beams may be emitted simultaneously, and single or multiple returns may be captured. This article discusses the features and productivity of various multibeam Lidar sensors suited for mobile mapping. In the case of the selected Lidar sensors, the mechanisms for distributing emitted beams over the scene are... (read more)
2020-08-12 11:16:06
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