Geospatial Big Data Webinar Focuses on Mobility

GCS, based in Montana, USA, has announced that mobile platforms and applications will be the second webinar topic in its Geospatial Big Data series. The free webinar will feature three GCS Big Data solutions that use real-time location data in distinctly different applications – land parcel identification for economic development, geofencing for retail marketing, and augmented reality for geospatial visualisation. Organisations that gather, maintain and serve geospatial data face a crucial Big Data challenge in making location-specific information accessible anytime, anywhere to their employees and customers, said GCS founder and president Alex Philp, PhD. The webinar will zoom in on... (read more)
2013-07-25 09:05:18

Geospatial Platform for Aeronautical Data Management

Esri has released ArcGIS for Aviation, a new solution to support users in aeronautical information management, air navigation service providers, and airport markets. This solution enables users to create, manage, review and share aviation data. ArcGIS for Aviation includes ArcGIS for Aviation: Charting, and ArcGIS for Aviation: Airports. Together, these products provide a comprehensive geospatial platform for aeronautical chart production and airport operations data management ArcGIS for Aviation: Charting (previously Esri Aeronautical Solution) improves, standardises, and increases data and workflow management by allowing standards-based aeronautical data to be captured, maintained, and managed in a centralised database. With it, users can... (read more)
2013-01-18 09:37:14

$3.7 Million Contract for Geospatial Mapping Data

Intermap Technologies Corp. (CO, USA) its German subsidiary has received a contract from an important international client for geospatial data valued at US$3.7 million. Under the agreement, Intermap will collect, process and deliver the data by the end of 2006. Contract deliverables include high-resolution digital elevation data and radar imagery generated through Intermap's Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (IFSAR) mapping systems. The client will use the data to orthorectify existing high-resolution satellite imagery for updating regional maps, databases, and future planning. With this contract, Intermap has now announced over $25 million of contracts during 2006 with $20 million originating from contract... (read more)
2006-10-10 12:00:00

Geomatics-focused Solution for Geospatial Data Conversion

Blue Marble Geographics has merged the various modules of the Blue Marble Desktop into one software application. All of the features available in the Blue Marble Desktop are now available as the new Geographic Calculator 2013, including all the raster processing and spatial database tools found in the Geographic Transformer and Spatial Connect modules. Now users can have all the tools necessary for in-depth, accurate coordinate transformation and geomatic operations on any type of GIS data, all in one application. The Geographic Calculator converts individual coordinates, point databases, and map files from virtually any coordinate system, datum, and map projection to any... (read more)
2013-01-17 09:33:28

4DMapper Launches Complete Geospatial Data Solution

4DMapper, a browser-based 3D geospatial data gateway, has been launched this week, changing the way geospatial data is stored, delivered, visualised and shared. Powerful cloud processing enables the fusion of multi-source content and seamless streaming of massive data files, immediately, to unlimited users on their browsers. According to 4DMapper, this turns the geospatial world inside out, enabling access to big data without local storage, hardware and software. Geospatial datasets are massive and growing: from Lidar, satellite imagery, photogrammetry (orthophotos, digital terrain models and point clouds) to laser scanner point clouds. Current management solutions involve shipping of hard drives, blind ftp transfers... (read more)
2015-07-06 03:09:10

Digital Asset Management for Geospatial Data Launched

LizardTech and Extensis have announced the availability of Extensis Portfolio 2017, a digital asset management (DAM) solution optimised for geospatial data. Portfolio 2017 enables users to easily organise, access and share geospatial datasets - including compressed MrSID files - along with associated graphics and documents.  Divisions of Celartem, LizardTech and Extensis collaborated in adding geospatial data management capabilities to Portfolio, a DAM solution developed by Extensis. For more than 15 years, thousands of government agencies, businesses, universities, libraries, and museums have relied on Portfolio to centralise and manage digital assets. The DAM solution indexes and catalogues photographs, videos, maps, audio... (read more)
2017-07-31 08:51:16

SilverStripe Builds Geospatial Open Data Solution

Wellington-based (New Zealand) web development company SilverStripe has recently launched a new geospatial-based website for the New Zealand Geospatial Office (NZGO). NZGO is a controlling body within Land Information New Zealand (LINZ). The site will be the main online presence for discovering New Zealand geospatial data and enables users to explore large amounts of geographical data from several databases.   This application enables researchers, for example, to access fundamental climate and environmental information. Making this information publicly discoverable in a reusable way will enable researchers to bring datasets together and draw new conclusions.   SilverStripe developed the application to provide... (read more)
2011-09-14 09:46:37

Sharing and Reusing Geospatial and Modelling Data

Last month, Envitia, UK, announced the launch of Envitia Discovery 2.7 for modelling and simulation. Envitia Discovery allows organisations to seamlessly share and reuse geospatial and modelling data. Users are able to rapidly discover, transform and stream geospatial data into modelling and simulation applications using open standards. Powerful production workflows coupled with an intuitive web portal ensure that end users are never more than a few clicks from finding their required datasets. Envitia Discovery reduces the time spent hunting for data and instead allows more time for data visualisation and exploitation in systems. Envitia Discovery 2.7 bridges the gap between live... (read more)
2013-12-02 12:05:30

1Spatial on Geospatial Data Integration

1Spatial is presenting a session in the Geospatial track at Autodesk University 2008 to highlight the geospatial data integration issues faced by organisations across the World today. The class, entitled ‘The Use of Autodesk FDO Data Access Technology in enabling CAD/GIS Convergence', will be presented by 1Spatial's Product and Marketing Director, Graham Stickler and Managing Consultant, Crispin Hoult.   The Autodesk University takes place on Tuesday 2nd December 2008 at 8:00am, as part of the 5-day Autodesk event being held from 1st to 5th December in Las Vegas (USA).  Aimed at users interested in learning about the value of integrating... (read more)
2008-11-27 03:11:04

Capturing Geospatial Data from Vehicle Platforms

Jacobs’ Journey
Jacobs Geomatics provides support and consultancy to the company’s wider design and engineering services. In recent years Jacobs’ UK geomatics team has been involved in increasingly large infrastructure schemes, typically supporting preliminary and detailed design phases of projects. This requires advising on solutions and the subsequent provision of suitable geospatial data. As the projects have grown in scale and complexity, the company has increasingly sought to supplement traditional topographical survey capture techniques with rapid data techniques such as terrestrial laser scanning, aerial photography and Lidar. Over the past three to four years, Jacobs has also become increasingly involved in vehicle-mounted... (read more)
2016-11-18 09:10:37
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