Nepal Chooses Supergeo for Infrastructure Projects

Supergeo Technologies, a GIS software and solution provider, has announced that Rajdevi Engineering Consultant is utilising SuperGIS Desktop, SuperGIS Spatial Analyst and SuperGIS 3D Analyst in several governmental public infrastructure projects in Nepal. Located in Kathmandu, Rajdevi Engineering Consultant, a partner of SATPALDA Geospatial Services, India, was selected by Nepal government to work on several public infrastructures in the country. The consulting team provides professional engineering services with GIS technologies to efficiently elevate project quality and building effectiveness. SuperGIS Desktop can help engineers to easily perform geoprocessing and analyse various types of geospatial data, such as parcel, roads, pipeline, the... (read more)
2014-11-20 11:47:21

Intergeo Round Table Focuses on Digital Infrastructure

Regular exhibitors, members of the Intergeo advisory board, organisers HINTE and hosts DVW recently came together at this year’s Intergeo Round Table in the German capital city, Berlin. Experts agreed that the digital infrastructures we need are not so much a technical problem as an organisational challenge. Whether it’s the energy revolution, megacities or demographic change, said the DVW’s president Karl-Friedrich Thöne, geoinformation is the key to unlocking the main challenges of the 21st century. This is because, alongside providing and processing data, there is also a need for networking - in other words, the classic land management activities, he... (read more)
2014-04-17 09:31:30

Singapore Builds National GPS Infrastructure Network

Trimble (CA, USA) has supplied GPS reference stations and VRS (Virtual Reference Station) software to establish a national GPS infrastructure network in Singapore. Covering the entire island-nation, the network provides a geospatial infrastructure for surveying, engineering and GIS professionals. The VRS network enables geospatial professionals to take advantage of highly accurate RTK GPS positioning without the need of separate base stations or software, significantly increasing efficiency and productivity. The Singapore VRS network, known as SiReNT (Singapore Satellite Positioning Reference Network), is operated by the Singapore Land Authority (SLA), the national organisation for cadastre in Singapore. Built with five reference stations,... (read more)
2006-09-08 12:00:00

Blom Surveys Large UK Infrastructure Project

As detailed planning gets underway for Britain’s new high-speed rail network, HS2 turned to Blom to survey the UK’s largest-ever infrastructure project. With experience of working on prestigious projects, including the original Channel Tunnel Rail Link, Blom created the mapping and visualisation tools the HS2 consultants required. Utilising wide-format aerial cameras and Lidar (laser scanners) Blom captured high-resolution aerial imagery and laser data along the entire 225kms of the first phase of the proposed HS2 route to provide a complete 3D overview. The high-resolution 4cm imagery is then also used for subsequent 1:2500 topographic mapping and provides a permanent time-stamped... (read more)
2013-03-25 10:00:31

First Southeast European Spatial Data Infrastructure

The Republic of Croatia has simplified access to countrywide geographic data through an online geoportal, a type of Web site that makes it easier for citizens, government, and private-sector users to find and access vast quantities of geographic information and related services. The geoportal has already proven its value as an essential component of the country's Organised Land Project. By making data more accessible, the average time for processing changes to land titles has dropped from a 400-day average to 37 days. The geoportal is hosted by the State Geodetic Authority (SGA) of Croatia .Dr. Željko Bačić, head of SGA,... (read more)
2010-02-22 12:00:00

McMahon Unveils New Infrastructure Asset Management Tool

McMahon Associates, a US-based engineering firm headquartered in the Philadelphia area, has introduced a powerful new technology tool to help municipalities and businesses better manage activities ranging from pothole repair to traffic-light maintenance, permitting and snow removal. The tool can save taxpayers money and help businesses and municipalities run more efficiently. Traisr is a web-based infrastructure asset-management application that relies on a Geographic Information System (GIS) to help users track, manage, maintain and report on vital assets quickly and easily, whether on the road or off. It is already being used by municipalities along the east coast. Traisr is being... (read more)
2014-07-15 09:25:43

Envista Launches Solution for Infrastructure Project Coordination

Envista Corporation (MA, USA) has unveiled its web-based solution for infrastructure project coordination among multiple infrastructure stakeholders. Envista's technology introduces map-driven, real-time sharing of construction and maintenance project schedules among municipalities, utilities, and highway agencies. Envista's ‘Software as a Service' allows project leaders to view projects on a map, and see what work is planned in a specific geographic location during a particular time period. This new capability enables stakeholders to instantly troubleshoot potential conflicts. Envista pioneers a wide range of features including automatic geo-location of projects on a map, instant identification of conflicts, integrated communication among project owners, management... (read more)
2008-05-09 12:00:00

IDENA: Spatial Data Infrastructure of Navarre

Architecture, Metadata and Interoperability
Several years ago Navarre (Spain) implemented a Land Information System (SITNA) within its corporate Information System. Notwithstanding the success of this initiative there remains a lack of metadata, an issue highlighted over the past two years by INSPIRE (Infrastructure for Spatial InfoRmation in Europe). This is the context for IDENA (Spatial Data Infrastructure of Navarre), developed by Trabajos Catastrales S.A., to give SITNA a catalogue of meta-information, distribution of metadata and interoperability with other SDIs. The 2004 Commission of the European Community publication “Proposal for a Directive of the European parliament and of the council establishing an infrastructure for spatial... (read more)
2005-08-24 12:00:00

Lifecycle of Infrastructure Software for Student Use

The School of Planning and Architecture (SPA), located in New Delhi, India, has joined the Be Careers Network Academic SELECT subscription programme. SPA will use the program to help it establish a center of excellence at the institution that will enhance the software skills of its graduate, post-graduate, and doctoral students and help them succeed in the architecture, engineering, construction (AEC), and operations professions. SPA's new Academic SELECT subscription provides students with lab and classroom access to more than sixty software products used by professional design and engineering organisations for sustaining infrastructure; unlimited no-fee home-use software licensing for faculty and... (read more)
2010-07-05 09:32:15

New Solutions for the Infrastructure Market

Autodesk, Inc. (CA, USA) launched the Autodesk Civil 3D 2007, Autodesk Map 3D 2007, and Autodesk Raster Design 2007 software products. These new solutions enable the integration of CAD and GIS data allowing customers to create, manage and share valuable spatial information for better decision-making and improved operational efficiency. Autodesk's spatial information management solutions include Autodesk Civil 3D 2007, Autodesk Map 3D 2007, Autodesk Raster Design 2007, Autodesk MapGuide Enterprise and Autodesk Utility Design. Autodesk Civil 3D and Autodesk Map 3D are built on the AutoCAD 2007 platform which enables customers to create, manage and share data with improved efficiency... (read more)
2006-03-27 12:00:00
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