Virtual High-Level Forum Events on United Nations Global Geospatial

The upcoming weeks, the UN Statistics Division, as Secretariat for the United Nations Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management (UN-GGIM), and Ordnance Survey of Great Britain will jointly organize a series of three virtual high-level forum events on United Nations Global Geospatial Information Management. Although it was unable to proceed with the UN-GGIM Sixth High-Level Forum due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the UN now launches the Implementation Guide of the Integrated Geospatial Information Framework and the Future Trends in Geospatial Information Management: Five to Ten-year Vision third edition, both of which are presently undergoing broad global consultation and... (read more)
2020-05-25 09:48:28

Commercial UAV Expo Europe 2020 Goes Virtual

Commercial UAV Expo Europe 2020 is going virtual, according to event organizer Diversified Business Communications. “Due to ongoing concerns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and for the health and safety of the members of the commercial drone community we serve, we have made the decision to reimagine Commercial UAV Expo Europe as a fully virtual event this year which will take place as part of a hybrid live-virtual Amsterdam Drone Week from 1-3 December 2020,” said Lisa Murray, group director at Diversified Communications, which is the organizer of Commercial UAV Expo Europe. Details will be forthcoming, but the content will... (read more)
2020-05-20 10:13:07

Blue Marble Releases Geographic Calculator 2020 with New Remote Desktop Licensing

Blue Marble Geographics has announced the release of the 2020 version of Geographic Calculator – a geodetic toolkit for accurate coordinate conversion and datum transformation. Geographic Calculator is a powerful geodetic software solution with particular strength in survey, seismic and energy exploration. In addition to a single point, point database, and file conversion tools, this highly accurate transformation software includes many specialized tools such as Canadian DLS (Dominion Land Survey) Land Grid tools, Seismic Survey Conversion tools, Area of Use tools for guiding users to the most appropriate transformation settings for a specific location, Horizontal Time-Dependent Positioning (HTDP), Geoid Creation... (read more)
2020-05-20 08:50:21

Fit-for-purpose Land Administration for All

Over the last decade, fit-for-purpose land administration (FFPLA) has developed into a viable philosophy with accompanying methodologies and tools for delivering land tenure security on a large scale. A new publication called 'Fit for Purpose Land Administration for All', which is backed by Kadaster International, suggests that FFPLA should be recognized as a once-in-a-generation opportunity for all stakeholders, and specifically for private surveyors. The methodologies and tools of FFPLA contribute to large-scale land tenure in several ways: by encouraging participatory approaches, simplifying legal procedures, streamlining institutional processes and making use of innovative frontrunners and leading-edge technologies. The benefits of the... (read more)
2020-05-19 04:49:15

KlauPPK Usage Leads to Changes in GCP Regulations in Japan

Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has rewritten its UAV capture specifications based on results using KlauPPK technology. The guideline for work-type management using aerial photogrammetry (earthwork), which outlines the procedures to be used to perform aerial surveys, has until now specified that surveyors must “set up ground control points every 100m”. When KlauPPK technology is deployed, the use of GCPs is now optional. The tests conducted by GeoLink Japan proved that +/-5cm XYZ accuracy can be achieved without GCPs, as verified with check points. This improves the work efficiency and productivity across sites in Japan including public... (read more)
2020-05-16 02:48:55

FIG Working Week - What’s Next?

It is Thursday 14 May 2020, and today should have been the closing day of FIG Working Week in Amsterdam. The programme of today would have been the second General Assembly session and closing ceremony. Also a comprehensive tour, 'Dutch land and water management', was scheduled to take place today. The intention of the tour was to give a unique insight into the Netherlands, with a focus on how water has shaped spatial planning and development in the Netherlands. It should have taken attendees on an exclusive journey using various modes of transport, starting at the historical Fort Vechten and... (read more)
2020-05-14 09:17:05

UAS Mapping – Where Is It Heading?

The use of an unmanned aerial system (UAS) – cameras and Lidar sensors mounted on an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV or ‘drone’) – to acquire geodata for mapping purposes has evolved beyond infancy and is now rapidly maturing. How will UAS mapping evolve in the foreseeable future? To envisage where exactly UAS technology is heading, it is appropriate to start with the big picture before examining the details. So what is the current big picture for unmanned aerial systems? How are they embedded in today’s society? First of all, our planet is confronted with climate change. The most threatening effects... (read more)
2020-05-13 04:05:36

Devin Kowbuz

Devin Kowbuz is portfolio manager for the Trimble Forensics business area within Trimble Geospatial. He is responsible for the current portfolio of solutions and the forward-looking development of the market. He holds a degree in geomatics engineering from the University of Calgary, Canada, and is a licensed professional land surveyor in Colorado and Ohio, USA. (read more)
2020-05-13 03:36:19

An Afternoon of History

Crazy about history? Crazy about history? Join us in an Afternoon of History… This year, The FIG Permanent Institution of History of Surveying joint forces with De Hollandse Circle to put together a programme for an afternoon of history during the FIG Working Week. In this article we have highlighted a few of the papers that are related particularly to the history of Dutch Surveyors and Dutch Surveying which takes you all the way to Japan. Enjoy. Reclamation Cooperation Between the Netherlands and Japan from the Samurai Period by Kengo Okada, RIPRO Corporation, Japan, Bronze Sponsor of the FIG Working... (read more)
2020-05-13 11:32:06

4 Earth Intelligence Publishes Heat Hazard Data as Vulnerable Populations Remain in Lockdown

Earth observation company 4 Earth Intelligence has used satellites to create the UK’s first street level map of ‘at risk’ areas to help plan for and manage the effects of extreme weather conditions. With support from the Ordnance Survey through its COVID-19 Response licensing, the Heat Hazard Postcode data is being made available free at the point of use to national organizations and multi-agency partnerships, such as Local Resilience Forums, that are currently battling the coronavirus pandemic.    Derived from satellite imagery and created using automated algorithms, the data identifies hot spots within urban areas where temperatures are generally higher,... (read more)
2020-05-13 08:55:46
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