European Lidar Mapping Forum

Intelligent Exhibitions is organising the second edition of the European Lidar Mapping Forum. The venue will be Salzburg, Austria and is to take place from 29th to 30th November 2011. The Call for Papers has also been released with the conference committee requesting abstracts in the following areas: Data Acquisition - Airborne and Terrestrial Lidar and Bathymetric, Data Fusion & Processing Technologies, Developments in GIS & Data modelling, Industry Issues, Mobile Mapping & Survey and details on recent projects. The deadline for submission is 25th July 2011.   This event focuses on airborne, bathymetric, and terrestrial Lidar and mobile mapping... (read more)
2011-06-23 04:49:09

NOAA Shoreline Mapping Contract

Photo Science (KY, USA) has been awarded a five-year IDC contract by the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to provide aerial photography and photogrammetric mapping services to support of the nationwide Shoreline Mapping Program. Through this contract, Photo Science will assist NOAA in delineating approximately 95,000 miles of shoreline and provide an official and accurate delineation of the National Shoreline. This will be accomplished via stereo photogrammetry using tide-coordinated aerial photography controlled by kinematic GPS techniques. This process produces a seamless, digital database of the national shoreline and a database of aerial photography which will help establish the legal... (read more)
2006-08-24 12:00:00

Underground Mobile Mapping

Laser Scanning and Imaging of Corridors in Japan
Common mobile mapping systems heavily rely on positioning using GNSS. However, concrete, soil and other materials block GNSS signals, thus impeding their use when inspecting pipelines, subways or other underground corridors. Furthermore, such corridors are often narrow, which requires the system to be compact. Here, the author describes a platform equipped with laser scanners and a camera which has been developed in Japan for mapping a wide variety of narrow underground spaces. Regular inspection of underground corridors is important to detect deformations and damage. The success of above-ground mobile mapping systems (MMSs) triggered us to design an MMS for use... (read more)
2014-06-06 10:27:22

European Lidar Mapping Forum

The ELMF team are taking the show to Salzburg, Austria from 29th to 30th November 2011. In four weeks time, since the launch of the second event, old and new exhibitors are taking stands with 60% of the floor plan already allocated. The organisers are also enjoying a very positive response to the Call for Papers that was announced recently with many abstracts already submitted. The deadline for online submission is 25th July 2011. The ELMF conference is a platform on which to launch the latest concepts from commercial or academic research, leading-edge innovations in technologies, improved operating practices, reports... (read more)
2011-06-30 02:39:04

CCTV Mapping System

Cadcorp has launched its CCTV Mapping System. The system provides users in local authorities, emergency services and crime prevention agencies with the tools to manage and share CCTV information in their area. The system has been designed and developed to meet emerging national requirements and standards relating to CCTV information.     The CCTV Mapping System was designed in conjunction with Salford City Council which has been using the technology to help fight crime in the city for the past few months. Based on GeognoSIS, Cadcorp's web mapping engine and utilising a familiar web interface, the system provides a visual... (read more)
2009-04-27 04:07:06

Mapping Competition Deadline Extension

Esri and the Society for Conservation GIS have extended the deadline for the International Conservation Mapping Competition to Friday 18th March. Created in association with Esri and the Society for Conservation GIS (SCGIS) to bring special recognition to those involved in conservation initiatives, the International Conservation Mapping Competition is open to all nonprofit conservation groups and the individuals who support them. A total of USD10,000 in prize money will be awarded.Details regarding the contest can be found at the website below. (read more)
2011-03-08 10:16:47

Mapping the Amazon

Radar X- and P-bands Used to Detect Illegal Logging in Brazil
Geodata collection in tropical regions is difficult because of cloud cover and dense forestation. However, radar signals are able to penetrate clouds, and the P-band can even pass through vegetation foliage. Illustrating this, 1.2 million square kilometres of the Brazilian Amazon have been mapped between 2008 and 2013 using the X- and P-bands. The same radar data also enables detection of illegal logging, monitoring of aquatic plants and estimation of forest biomass. Here, the authors describe the underlying technology and give examples. The remote sensing department of OrbiSAT – acquired by Embraer in 2011 and now rebranded as BRADAR –... (read more)
2014-06-06 10:17:44

Rapid Post-disaster Mapping

Airborne Remote Sensing and Hurricane Katrina
Nearly a week before Hurricane Katrina slammed into Louisiana and Mississippi the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) was making plans to map the damage that was sure to come. The importance of rapid image acquisition called for an entire digital-processing stream. The author reports on how airborne remote sensing was of great help in mapping areas heavily damaged by Katrina. Mapping firm 3001 Inc was well positioned to handle the post-disaster mission, not only due to its proximity but because it operated airborne digital sensors with sub-foot resolution and supported by an all-digital processing system. With Katrina still days from... (read more)
2006-08-23 12:00:00

Mangrove Mapping and Monitoring

RS and GIS in Conservation and Management Planning
The mangroves of the Sunderban area in India are one of the most productive and diverse ecosystems in the world, and yet they are a threatened habitat. To formulate a conservation and management plan periodic mapping and monitoring of mangroves is a prime requisite. The authors demonstrate that remote sensing and GIS techniques, including visual interpretation, are effective and efficient techniques for this purpose. The objectives of this study are threefold: mangrove mapping and monitoring, database creation and conservation prioritisation. Essential parameters in monitoring mangrove areas are disturbance index and fragmentation level. The disturbance index provides a measure for the... (read more)
2006-02-23 12:00:00

Danish Aerial Mapping Company

As part of Fugro's strategy to expand its Aerial Mapping services business in Europe, a new company - Fugro Aerial Mapping A/S - has been established in Denmark to provide Aerial Imagery and LiDAR services in Scandinavia.   Fugro acquired earlier this summer three survey aircraft, various sensors and other related equipment which were formerly owned by the company Scankort A/S and which will be operated in future by the new Fugro company in Denmark.   (read more)
2009-07-31 09:51:24
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