Mobile Mapping

Accurate Enough for Urban Areas
Mobile mapping systems can quickly and accurately acquire geo-data at a high level of detail. Features especially beneficial in urban areas where construction and layout rapidly change and traditional surveying is rendered virtually impossible, and not only during rush hours. A mobile mapping system consists basically of a vehicle equipped with positioning sensors and laser scanners. It may also have mounted digital cameras, as with the Topcon IP-S2 described in this article, or other sensors such as thermal sensors and ground-penetrating radar. The very core of a Mobile Mapping System (MMS) consists of a positioning system comprising a GNSS receiver... (read more)
2010-06-07 02:22:18

Underground Mobile Mapping

Laser Scanning and Imaging of Corridors in Japan
Common mobile mapping systems heavily rely on positioning using GNSS. However, concrete, soil and other materials block GNSS signals, thus impeding their use when inspecting pipelines, subways or other underground corridors. Furthermore, such corridors are often narrow, which requires the system to be compact. Here, the author describes a platform equipped with laser scanners and a camera which has been developed in Japan for mapping a wide variety of narrow underground spaces. Regular inspection of underground corridors is important to detect deformations and damage. The success of above-ground mobile mapping systems (MMSs) triggered us to design an MMS for use... (read more)
2014-06-06 10:27:22

Mobile Geological Mapping Software

GAF has released a free trial version of GeoRover, a mobile geological mapping software, developed on the basis of experience gained from real geological mapping field work. The software integrates GPS navigation, GIS functionality and spatial raster data management in one tool. This allows field mapping experts to work smarter and faster - thus enhancing productivity and improving efficiency significantly. In early 2003, GAF AG defined a new method for geological field work with the launch of the first version of its GeoRover software, which was based on a modern digital geological mapping approach. Using the experience gathered in different... (read more)
2010-12-09 12:09:04

Mapping with Mobile Lidar

High Speed, Accuracy and Density
The use of Mobile Lidar systems enters the scene when large areas have to be surveyed at accuracy and resolution exceeding those available through aerial photogrammetry, and when using static Lidar is impractical. The Lynx Mobile Mapper captures high-accuracy, high-density points, allowing easy and precise identification of objects. In 2006 Sineco S.p.A, an Italian engineering firm belonging to the ASTM Group, began collaborating with Optech Incorporated, the Canadian manufacturer of laser-based imaging systems, to develop a mobile Lidar system. The first prototype, ready in early 2007, combined two ILRIS-3D laser scanners with a position-and-orientation system (Applanix POS LV 420). This... (read more)
2009-04-02 12:00:00

Indoor Mobile Mapping Solution

Trimble's Indoor Mobile Mapping System (TIMMS) is a manually operated push-cart designed to accurately model interior spaces without accessing GPS. It consists of 3 core elements: Lidar and camera systems engineered to work indoors in mobile mode, computers and electronics for completing data acquisition, and data processing workflow for producing final 2D/3D maps and models. The models are geolocated, meaning that the real-world position of each area is known. A walk-through of an interior space with TIMMS delivers full 360-degree coverage. The spatial data is captured and georeferenced in real time. Thousands of square feet are mapped in minutes, entire buildings... (read more)
2012-06-28 10:08:03

Topcon Mobile Mapping Move

Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS) Latin American distributor Geomatic Instruments Corporation (Geincor, Peru) is now offering the IP-S2 mobile mapping system. Geincor took ownership of the system in April 2011.     The company’s business plan is two-fold: Geincor will act as a sales agent for customers wishing to purchase an IP-S2; for customers and agencies who need comprehensive 3D data, the company will provide collection services.   The dealer / service provider model will enable the company to serve a wide range of Peru's mapping needs.   “Mapping the nation's historic areas is one of our priority goals,” Nelson Meneses,... (read more)
2011-05-09 09:33:48

Mobile Mapping System

Gispro have successfully implemented Land Based Mobile Mapping System (MMS/MLS). The system consists of Riegl laser scanners, digital videoscanners and ground-penetrating radar. Positioning and orienation are established using POS420 and GPS receivers with IMU and DMI, built onto a car.   The exact configuration is as follows: 3 laser scanners from Riegl. Two VZ-400 scanners are placed on the sides of the car and can be easily removed and used for static scanning. Between them there is a VQ-250 "Full Circle" scanner. These are currently the most advanced laser scanners in the world. 6 digital video cameras Arecont Vision allowing... (read more)
2009-08-12 03:42:04

Inertial Navigation for Mobile Mapping

IXSEA announced a series of deliveries of LANDINS, the high-end INS positioning system specifically designed for mobile mapping and route mapping applications in dense urban areas, where GPS quality is often poor and the need for geo-referenced information is most critical.   LANDINS combines a high-grade Inertial Navigation System, highly accurate position, precise timing and a very fast output rate in one box and provides data for real-time mobile scanning engineering survey. M3DM, based in the Netherlands has ordered LANDINS INS. M3DM's road survey system provides absolute accuracy close to conventional static road measurements. LANDINS compensates the vehicle motion and... (read more)
2009-05-01 12:07:36

Orbit Announces Mobile Mapping Application

Orbit GT has announced the availability of its mobile mapping application Orbit AIM3 version 10.4. The update is immediately available for download. This upgrade is notable since it marks the integration of Orbit’s 3D virtual world viewer within its mobile mapping portfolio. Peter Bonne, VP business development and senior product manager at ORBIT GT, said this is a major step ahead for all those trying to get the most out of mobile mapping. Real-time browsing and measuring in huge point cloud databases is a major achievement in the Lidar world, he added. Bonne stated Orbit GT is pleased to present... (read more)
2013-01-14 09:15:00

Mobile Road Mapping in Cameroon

Supporting Water Utilities Renewal
In Yaoundé, Cameroon, little cartographic data of the road network, public assets and utilities is available. To efficiently renovate the city’s drinking water network, mobile mapping technology was used, taking extra care to ensure planimetric accuracy near the equator. It provided the GIS data for the road maps needed for the project planning. The experimental methodology used – with GIS and web suites integrated in the network construction project at all stages – was a good fit with the current African context and offers promising potential for future projects. The Cameroon Water Utilities Corporation and Water Cameroonian are jointly in... (read more)
2016-11-17 09:46:32
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