3D Mobile Mapping for Highway Management Presentation

Topcon Positioning Systems and Mandli Communications will present a seminar on ‘Building a 3D Mobile Mapping Vehicle for Highway Management Applications,' at the SPAR 2010 conference. The presentation is scheduled for 9th February. The joint presentation by Topcon and Mandli will focus on the core systems involved in mobile mapping data collection. Topcon will detail the functions and operation of their own core positioning components for mobile collection systems. This includes the IP-S2, which consists of a GNSS receiver, an IMU and wheel odometry. Mandli will present the point-of-view of an OEM working with their components, and how they can... (read more)
2010-02-02 09:59:52

Velodyne Lidar Claims Major Improvement in Mobile Mapping

Velodyne’s Lidar division, a manufacturer and supplier of real-time Lidar sensor technology used in a variety of commercial applications, has announced a quantity order for HDL-32E sensors for a mobile mapping application that leverages the advantages of 'Calibrated Reflectivities'. The Calibrated Reflectivity data measured with the company’s 360° HDL-32E Lidar sensors helps with localising license plates, street signs and lane markings within 2D pictures and surround video data for classification/cataloguing during asset management and blurring of privacy information. Knowing the location of the street signs and license plates in the 2D video data allows for automation of the post-processing, resulting... (read more)
2014-03-20 08:30:00

UAV-based Mobile Mapping: Potential, Challenges and Outlook

A Cost-effective Alternative to Airborne and Terrestrial Modalities
Accurate representation and 3D reconstruction of the environment using both active and passive remote sensing systems has become essential for non-traditional mapping applications. Due to the excessive cost as well as the required level of technical expertise, the needs of these applications cannot be satisfied by traditional mapping, which is based on dedicated data acquisition systems designed for mapping purposes (e.g. manned airborne and terrestrial mobile mapping systems). Recent advances in hardware and software development have made it possible to conduct accurate 3D mapping without using costly and high-end data acquisition systems. Low-cost digital cameras, laser scanners and navigation systems... (read more)
2017-08-31 09:28:05

Routescene Presents New 3D Mobile Mapping Solution

Routescene launched a new turnkey 3D mobile mapping solution, the Routescene LidarPod, at Intergeo. With the solution surveyors can save time, achieve more detailed and faster results and address many of the challenges currently facing the surveying industry. The Routescene LidarPod has been developed specifically for use on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) but can also be fitted onto any mobile platform as required, such as cars and boats. The company is seeing an increasing demand for 3D data, which is taking over from traditional 2D maps and this trend will accelerate in the next few years. Routescene also notices an... (read more)
2014-10-13 09:44:43

64-bit Analyst Software for Terrestrial Mobile Mapping

During Intergeo 2011, Trimble has introduced a new version of its terrestrial mobile mapping office software Trimble Trident Analyst 4.7. The software is designed to effectively manage and interpret high-resolution digital images and large point-clouds, and automatically extract features from Trimble's MX Mobile Mapping and Survey systems. These capabilities allow land mobile data to be transformed into geospatial intelligence.   The software takes advantage of the additional random access memory offered by 64-bit operating systems to enable loading and handling of very large terrestrial mobile mapping datasets, including production-size point cloud data.   The latest version incorporates new quality control... (read more)
2011-09-30 12:00:00

RIEGL Launches Mobile Mapping Turnkey Systems at ILMF 2016

At ILMF 2016 in Denver, Colorado, USA, RIEGL launched two new high-speed mobile mapping turnkey systems featuring the high-performance VUX-1HA kinematic Lidar sensor. The first customers in the United States for these systems are David Evans and Associates, a surveying firm based in Portland, Oregon, and Surveying Solutions, a professional surveying firm based in Michigan. When looking for a second mobile laser scanning system to supplement its surveying and geomatics arsenal, David Evans and Associates, Inc. chose the RIEGL VMQ-1HA to assist with client requirements on transportation, water, land development and energy projects. The company was very impressed with the... (read more)
2016-03-02 10:38:14

MDL Pioneers `Plug-And-Play' Mobile Mapping System

An innovative, integrated `plug-and-play' mobile mapping system, which can be used on land or at sea, is being showcased at Intergeo, Cologne October 5th - 7th 2010. Laser scanning, GPS and an inertial navigation sensor are combined in a single POD for ease of use and versatility in the new lightweight Dynascan, land vehicle and marine vessel Lidar system. Dynascan, developed by MDL as the first of a new generation of portable, affordable Lidar systems; weighs less than 25lbs and is easily mounted on a range of transportation from rugged all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) to golf carts and small inshore survey... (read more)
2010-09-29 02:28:21

IP-S2 Compact+ 3D Mobile Mapping System

Topcon Europe Positioning, The Netherlands, introduces the IP-S2 Compact+, a mobile mapping system to measure objects even in adverse weather conditions and enclosed job sites such as tunnels and mines. The Compact+ system is available in two configurations: a three-scanner standard model or a five-scanner system. The three-scanner gives a 360° vertical field of view. The five-scanner system increases cloud density, minimises scanning shades, and collects 150,000 points per second with a range of 40-50m. The IP-S2 Compact+ can be purchased with a high-accuracy commercial grade or a tactical grade IMU. The commercial grade IMU is a non-ITAR restricted device... (read more)
2012-10-10 02:22:57

Trimble Releases New MX9 Mobile Mapping System

Trimble has launched the Trimble MX9 mobile mapping solution. The Trimble MX9 combines a vehicle-mounted mobile Lidar system, multi-camera imaging and field software for efficient, precise and high-volume data capture for a broad range of mobile mapping applications such as road surveys, topographic mapping, 3D modeling and asset management. The Trimble MX9 captures dense point cloud data along with 360 degree immersive georeferenced imagery using an industry-leading spherical camera, GNSS/INS technology and dual-head laser scanning sensors. The system's innovative and lightweight design facilitates easy installation and setup on a variety of vehicles. Spatial data can be captured at highway speeds from... (read more)
2018-02-06 08:49:20

Orbit GT Presents Mobile Mapping Trajectory Adjustment at ILMF

Orbit GeoSpatial Technologies has announced the presentation of all-new trajectory adjustment tools for mobile mapping content at this year’s ILMF in Denver, Colorado, USA. According to the Belgium-based company, trajectory adjustment allows all data collectors and owners to adjust the positional accuracy with ease and control, resulting in higher precision and reliability. Since Orbit’s mobile mapping portfolio supports all mobile mapping systems on the market, this tool is arguably a must-have for all system and data owners, said Peter Bonne, vice-president business development and senior product manager at Orbit GT. In any mobile mapping data collection activity, positional accuracy is... (read more)
2014-02-17 09:30:23
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