Trimble Trident Analyst Software

Trimble has introduced new software products that provide advanced information extraction tailored for three mobile mapping workflows:Trimble Trident Analyst 2010 for: Spatial Imaging, Roadway Signs, and GIS. The software family addresses a diverse range of projects from network-level Geographic Information System (GIS) inventories to high-accuracy Computer Aided Design (CAD) projects, and provides users with increased capability and productivity.   The Trimble Trident Analyst family of mobile mapping software has been structured to provide three levels of capability to better address the needs of mobile mapping customers. The software allows customers to select the right level of functionality for each production... (read more)
2010-10-05 09:33:56

LADM-based Software

Just 18 months on from the publication of the ISO 19152 Land Administration Domain Model (LADM) at the end of 2012, it is becoming increasingly widely used. FIG initiated the development of this ISO standard. The Global Land Tool Network (GLTN/UN Habitat) [] has announced the release of version 1.0 of the Social Tenure Domain Model (STDM) tool, including its source codes. The land tool is a product of several years of conceptualisation, design, development, field testing and implementation by various GLTN partners. It is one of the flagship land tools that GLTN is developing to promote the continuum of... (read more)
2014-07-25 10:31:04

Mobile eGIS Field Software

Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS, USA) has released a mobile GIS field software solution: eGIS. It is compatible with Topcon’s FC-25, FC-236, Tesla and GRS-1 controllers, and facilitates all accuracy capabilities from autonomous measurements to RTK centimetre-level accuracy. The new software makes it easy to collect and maintain databases for a variety of uses: electric utilities, gas pipelines, disaster management, water and wastewater operations, forestry, highway maintenance, environmental studies, as well as other mapping projects. (read more)
2012-07-26 11:32:58

Strata Software Launched Penmap.NET

Strata Software (UK) launched Penmap.NET, a multi platform fully .NET compliant surveying software system. Penmap.NET allows field data collection on most systems connected to any major GPS or other surveying equipment, and is compatible with all of the industry leading office software. Penmap.NET runs on: Penmap.NET for TabletPC, Pocket Penmap.NET for PDA and Pocket Penmap.NET for Mobile Phones. Now Penmap.NET is available as an ‘add on’ package for use directly in AutoCAD. (read more)
2006-03-31 12:00:00

Hitachi Software/Pictometry Accord

Hitachi Software Global Technology (CO, USA) and Pictometry (NY, USA) have signed an agreement under the terms of which Hitachi Software has modified its HouseDiff change-detection software to use Pictometry imagery and Pictometry has integrated the resulting change files into its Change Analysis software. Pictometry will now be able to market HouseDiff. Pictometry software enables accessing several high-resolution images of a same area and taking measurements directly from georeferenced imagery. It also can insert GIS content and other data. (read more)
2005-03-16 12:00:00

ERDAS 2011 Software

ERDAS has released ERDAS 2011 Software, including ERDAS IMAGINE, LPS, ERDAS APOLLO, ERDAS Extensions for ArcGIS 10 and other leading desktop and server products. Portfolio-wide changes for the ERDAS 2011 Software Release include the ability to localise ERDAS products for a global audience, integrated support for Bing Maps base imagery and map data, distributed processing throughout the desktop offerings, and a new product, ERDAS Engine. ERDAS Engine is a cost-effective solution that boosts processing power for ERDAS IMAGINE and LPS, leveraging existing hardware resources for increased production needs or situations requiring faster production output.ERDAS IMAGINE is the world's leading geospatial... (read more)
2010-12-21 09:04:48

ADW Software becomes Pythagoras

Pythagoras BVBA will take over all business activities of ADW Software BVBA from 1st January 2011. Pythagoras BVBA is formed by two employees of ADW Software BVBA, Jan Van Looy, currently responsible for marketing & sales, and Stijn Van Beek, currently responsible for research & development. They will both become CEO of Pythagoras BVBA. Next to the take-over of all business activities, Pythagoras BVBA will keep all members of the current ADW Software team.Thanks to this acquisition, Pythagoras will be able to guarantee the continuity of the software Pythagoras and the service to the clients.Important technical changes in the world... (read more)
2010-12-15 01:45:25

Lidar Rectification Software

Optech has released the Optech LMS Lidar Mapping Suite for its Lynx Mobile Mapper clients. It offers Lynx clients a new workflow designed specifically for high-volume production processing, and incorporates a fully automated batch-mode capability.     Optech LMS enables simultaneous processing of multi-mission data collects, and includes multi-threaded and distributed processing capabilities to further increase processing efficiency.   According to Daina Morgan, Optech's Lynx Mobile Mapper product manager, Optech LMS Standard includes all the capabilities the clients are used to, with the added feature of comprehensive coordinate conversion. This facilitates a transition without the need of extensive retraining.   (read more)
2011-11-29 09:31:41

Geodesy and Software Training

Blue Marble Geographics is to organise the Applied Geodesy and Software Training on 27th October in Houston, TX. This public training is being offered in concert with their free second annual user conference the following day.  Blue Marble has a long track record of training surveyors and GIS users about the intricacies of geodetics, including coordinate systems, projections, datums, and other essential concepts, through applied hands-on software training. These daylong sessions are in-depth training courses of the fundamentals of geodesy based on Blue Marble's toolkit of powerful data conversion applications. This course is an introduction to geodesy and the Geographic... (read more)
2010-09-21 09:36:39

Trimble Purchases Penmap Software

Trimble has taken over a suite of software solutions from Bradford-based Ltd., United Kingdom.’s solutions include both office and field data-capture software specifically designed for the cadastral and surveying markets. The software suite enables Trimble to further address local application requirements and customer needs by providing complete, customised surveying software solutions for the cadastral market. Financial terms were not disclosed. The software solutions Trimble has added to its corporate portfolio include: Penmap encore: a solution specifically designed for PDAs and handheld GPS receivers running Windows Mobile operating system. The software’s interface takes advantage of virtually the entire display... (read more)
2013-02-19 09:44:33
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