City Map to Virtual Reality

3D Reconstruction Models of Cities
3D city models, as we know them today, originate from traditional city maps. The reconstruction of historical architecture using computer models not only relies on the traditional model maker’s art but still more on the art and techniques for creating city maps. Maps of cities have always been resources for architectural research and for creating 3D reconstructions. The author gives examples on the use of maps for creating 3D reconstructions of cities. The reconstruction of historical architecture using computer models relies not only on the art of the traditional model-maker, but still more on the art and techniques of creating... (read more)
2005-10-27 12:00:00

Realistic Virtual Reality Environments from Point Clouds

Immersive and Interactive Surveying Labs
The advent of cost-effective head-mounted displays marked a new era in immersive virtual reality and sparked widespread applications in engineering, science and education. An integral component of any virtual reality application is the virtual environment. While some applications may have a completely imaginary virtual environment, others require the realistic recreation of a site or building. Relevant examples can be found in gaming, heritage site preservation and building information modelling. This article discusses how point cloud technologies were used to create a realistic virtual environment for use as immersive and interactive surveying labs.   Creating a virtual environment that is based... (read more)
2020-10-12 11:17:58

Reality-based Virtual 3D-Models

CyberCity is an international 3D-geo-information company specialised in generation, distribution, analysis and visualisation of 3D-city and facility models and photo-realistic 3D-landmarks. The Swiss-based company with headquarters in Urdorf (Zurich) works with a daughter company in Los Angeles, CA, founded in 2003 (CyberCity 3D LLC) and, as from this year, with a joint-venture in China (Lingtu-CyberCity). CyberCity AG was founded in 1999 as a spin-off from research carried out at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich. The privately held company is managed by Franz Steidler (CEO), Xinhua Wang (CTO) and Kilian Ulm (CSO). Initial projects were conducted for... (read more)
2007-06-14 12:00:00

3D Models Bring Virtual Reality to the Property Sector

Cityscape Digital is using Bluesky's photorealistic 3D mesh models to create live, interactive 3D environments to illustrate proposed city developments. A specialist in computer-generated imagery (CGI) solutions for the property sector, Cityscape has already created a number of virtual reality (VR) experiences using aerial mapping company Bluesky MetroVista models, for clients including Canary Wharf Group and Greycoat Real Estate. “Using the Bluesky MetroVista data, we can model proposed developments in their true context and produce a range of solutions from live, editable on-screen models to roamable walk-throughs and interactive fly-throughs. We can even create full VR experiences,” commented Damian Fennell,... (read more)
2020-06-17 09:31:31

Cloud-based 4D Virtual Reality Models for Construction Projects

Bryden Wood, an integrated design and operations consultancy for the built environment, and BIM technology innovator 3D Repo have launched a new platform for visualising how construction projects change over time. Using virtual reality (VR) technology and 3D Repo’s database-driven Digital Construction Platform, the new 4D sequence visualisation tool gives users a new perspective on design and construction projects. Accessed using market leading VR headsets, such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, the outputs will improve collaboration between project stakeholders, facilitate decision making and allow for better communication at all stages of a project. This functionality, together with enhanced online... (read more)
2017-12-14 09:14:03

Virtual Reality: the Paradigm Shift of Spatial Representation

Virtual reality (VR) is a computer-generated representation of a three-dimensional image or environment. Usually paired with a headset, it gives the user a fully immersive experience. It is now being successfully capitalised on in the gaming, film and education sectors, to name but a few. (By Jonathan McCollin) Over the years, spatial data has and continues to be represented using two-dimensional maps. Recent advancements in cartographic methods and GIS technology have allowed for data to be represented with a third and fourth dimension (height and time respectively), giving cartographers access to a new stratum of creativity. Still in the ambiguous... (read more)
2017-01-10 02:32:37

3D Repo Cloud Platform Adds Integrated Virtual Reality Functionality

3D Repo has launched a new version of its cloud-based building information modelling (BIM) software that offers integrated virtual reality (VR) functionality using existing 3D models and project data. 3D Repo’s multi-award-winning solution for those managing construction and civil engineering projects already uses the latest cloud technology for wider access, easier collaboration and open-source application development. With the addition of VR capability, users can now deploy VR simulations for applications such as training, safety and project consultation.     The 3D Repo VR development differs from other VR simulations, which utilise standard game engines fixed content, which means any edits require a... (read more)
2017-04-18 03:43:28
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