Building information modelling (BIM) is a hot topic in architecture, engineering and construction. BIM supports a more intelligent approach to planning, construction and the use of buildings. The geomatics industry is well positioned to take the lead in the management of the geospatial data that plays a crucial role in BIM. This page has a strong focus on BIM and the surveying field.

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BIM: A New Model for Surveyors

Building information modelling (BIM) is one of the most intriguing opportunities for surveyors to come along in years. This model-based approach combines technologies and processes to support the efficient creation and use of... (read more)

BIM: the New GIS for the Industry

As anyone who frequently visits trade shows and conferences in the geospatial industry or reads relevant geomatics literature already knows, building information modelling (BIM) is a hot topic. But just how special is BIM? An... (read more)
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The Need to Integrate BIM and Geoinformation

In the construction industry, business relationships are often short term and one-off. There are many unique processes and activities. The resulting complexity and fragmentation may obstruct quick and effective exchange and i... (read more)

Capturing, Modelling and Building the Reality

Bentley Systems held its latest annual Year in Infrastructure Conference in London, UK. The event proved to be an excellent opportunity to take a look behind the scenes at Bentley, a leading provider of software solution... (read more)

Crane Camera Site Surveying: An Alternative to UAVs?

The construction industry is fully embracing the concept of BIM, as it provides an efficient way to manage complex projects. A prerequisite for BIM to be used successfully, however, is that the very detailed schedule and buil... (read more)

The Next Steps for 3D…

10 years from now, a semantic-rich 3D virtual model of our environment will be available and continuously updated by citizens, companies and governments as well as by sensors that monitor air quality, temperature, noise, etc.... (read more)

Time for Point Cloud-based BIM Models?

Why base the terrain model in infrastructure projects on 'old' contour maps when you can get a fresh and more accurate representation of the terrain based on laser scanning? That's the question posed by Håkon Andresen,... (read more)

Data Sharing is Smart – Geo-related Trends in Engineering & Construction

There could be many keywords representing important trends in the capture and use of spatial data in the engineering & construction industry, but 3D, BIM, AR and UAV are definitely high on the list. As this article examin... (read more)

Laser Scanning on the Go

As the world's population keeps growing and changes in buildings and infrastructures become more rapid, there is an increasing need to document this growth and these changes. A revolutionary approach to geospatial docume... (read more)

The Advancing Industry of Geoinformation

At the start of this year, GIM International conducted a readers’ survey aimed at gaining a clear picture of the current state of the geospatial industry. With more than a thousand replies received, the response wa... (read more)

Digital Floor Plans

Interest in surveying the inside of buildings is on the rise as computer-run digital floor plans are increasingly adopted for facility management. This is causing architects and surveyors alike to move away from blueprints to... (read more)

Digital Asset Management with BIM App

3D Repo, a multi-award-winning provider of cloud software solutions for collaborative building information modelling (BIM), has started development on a mobile platform for Crossrail designed to manage maintainable assets. Th... (read more)
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