Focus: Cadastral Survey Techniques

Dr Nkurunziza performing GPS measurementsThis month's editorial focus in on land administration and cadastral survey techniques. All countries have to deal with the management of land, as it is a fundamental infrastructure for the sustainable economic and social development of societies. The geomatics industry provides many excellent solutions, which are being reflected by this selection of articles.

News: Cadastre
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Towards a Digitized Citizen-oriented Armenian Cadastre

Armenia is moving towards a more transparent, secure, unified and citizen-oriented cadastral system. To achieve this, digitizing cadastral archives is essential. Digital... (read more)

New FIG Publication on 3D Cadastres

Two recent publications on ‘Best Practices 3D Cadastres’ give a comprehensive overview of research, developments and implementations relating to 3D cadastres.... (read more)

Best Practices and Inspiring Ideas for Land Administrators

According to Wikipedia, “a cadastre (also spelled cadaster), using a cadastral survey or cadastral map, is a comprehensive register of the real estate or real prope... (read more)

Multi-dimensional Cadastre: 3D and 4D

In recent years, Germany's national mapping and cadastre information systems have become increasingly focused on demands for multidimensional applications, e.g. envi... (read more)
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UAV Photogrammetry as an Alternative to Classic Terrestrial Surveying Techniques

Why are UAVs increasingly supplementing or even replacing terrestrial survey methods for many applications? This article expl... (read more)

Smart Surveyors: Developments and Trends from the FIG Working Week 2020

Some of the challenges demanding innovative surveying approaches and technologies are rapid urban growth, smart energy, clean... (read more)

The FIG Standards Network and Standards in Surveying

A simple inspection of still-existing Roman roads, aqueducts and canals shows that the Romans were exceptionally skilled engi... (read more)
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