Challenging Surveys

walking up a mountain with snowSurveying projects are often undertaken in harsh or remote environments. While this is not always optimal for the land surveyors and other geomatics professionals involved, the projects make great stories in our magazine and on our website.

We’ve picked the finest selection of challenging survey projects from the last couple of years. Keep a close eye on the GIM International website or subscribe to the magazine to stay informed about many more exciting stories in the months and years ahead!

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UAS Experiences in Africa: Heat, Dust and Distrustful Locals

When conducting surveys in countries near the equator, environmental conditions can be harsh. Heat, dust and humidity may disrupt sensitive equipment, while distrustful locals may obstruct the undertaking. Read on to learn ab... (read more)
Must Read

Improving Geomechanical Analysis with Terrestrial Laser Scanners

People often describe something hard and immovable as ‘solid as a rock’. But rock does not always live up to its reputation. Depending on its characteristics and local conditions, sections of rock may slip, slide,... (read more)
Challenging Surveys

New Elevation for North America’s Highest Peak

Surveyors, mappers, geodesists and other scientists, as well as climbers and mountaineers from around the world, have long held a curiosity to know the official elevation of D... (read more)

Geohazard Management on the Canadian National Railway Corridor

In Western Canada, substantial lengths of the transportation corridors are located within steep mountainous terrain and deeply incised river valleys. This is also the case for... (read more)

Hottest-ever Topographic UAV Survey in Abu Dhabi Desert

Skeye from The Netherlands and Fugro Maps recently completed an aerial topographic survey using a fixed-wing UAV in the desert south of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.... (read more)
Challenging Surveys

Multi-sensor Cave Detection in Bulgaria

Caves are important in a wide variety of fields, ranging from construction engineering to mineral exploration and archaeology. Despite the scientific importance of caves, geol... (read more)

Christ the Redeemer Reconstructed in 3D

The famous statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro has been reconstructed in 3D using a UAV. Challenging weather conditions and the sheer size of the monument meant th... (read more)

Operation IceBridge

Operation IceBridge completed its 2014 Antarctic field campaign, the sixth in a row, at the end of November. The campaign was aimed at recapturing a part of the Antarctic ice... (read more)