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More than 550 exhibitors from 30 countries, attended by the market leaders of every branch of the industry, INTERGEO is a key part of annual communication for 75 % of exhibitors.


This month’s focus is Intergeo 2016 and its related themes. The organisers of the world’s premium geomatics event have chosen Smart City as one of the key topics. The smart city concept needs reliable, accurate and available data and Dr Chirine Etezadzadeh is zooming in on the interdependency of spatial data and smart cities.

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Producing High-quality 3D Maps from Lidar

DIPPER, a spin-off company from the University of Twente, provides a breakthrough solution for processing massive amounts of Lidar data accurately and efficiently. It offers comprehensive services related to Lidar data processing and 3D scene modelling. Since the self-developed software is highly automated, one operator working with DIPPER on one laptop can create high-quality 3D maps for 10,000 buildings within just one week – equivalent t... (read more)
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Future Trends in Geospatial Information Management

The most significant changes in the geospatial industry in the next decade will come not through a single technology, but rather from linking multiple technologies together. Especially the development of big data analytics will boost smart use of the location component to integrate data from many so... (read more)
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Focus Stories

New Frontiers for Geomatics

Over the next decade, the real-time smart city is likely to become a reality in many of the world’s cities. Co-ordination, communication, coupling and integration are all different methods involved in developing the sma... (read more)

Geomatics Provides Truth about the Physical World

New digital technologies are changing our industry. Or is it the other way round? Is the future of geomatics a virtual one? Will surveying soon be done in digital realities? Read this interview with renowned futurist Tom... (read more)

OpenCitySmart and Enhanced SDIs

‘Smart Cities’ are liveable, efficient and sustainable cities, where the vertical services are built on an existing, basic infrastructure. Two experienced Hungarian SMEs, Pro Urbe and Terra Studio, recently hosted... (read more)

Spatial Data and Smart Cities are Interdependent

A new element is being added to Intergeo, Europe’s largest geo-IT conference and exhibition this year: Smart Cities. This new part of the conference is being developed by the intergeo team in cooperation with Dr Chirine... (read more)

Intergeo 2016: Strong Focus on Smart City

Intergeo 2016 is almost getting started, this year being held in the vibrant German port city of Hamburg. An excellent location, especially given the fact that this year’s edition of the world’s leading trade show... (read more)