ISPRS 2016 - Prague

Every 4 years the ISPRS Congress welcomes participants from all over the world. This gathering strengthens relations among the researchers, professionals and representatives of governmental and non-governmental organization thus enhancing the co-operation within the field. ISPRS welcomes all papers bringing new results, achievements, methods and theory to help to shift the present level of knowledge.

GIM International published a daily round-up of all the latest congress news and developments during this gathering of photogrammetry and remote sensing experts from all over the world. The 'ISPRS Congress Daily' was available as both a digital and a print publication. Print examples: page 1, page 2. 

GIM International is an experienced partner for covering events in the geomatics industry. We highlight conferences and trade shows where we are a premium media partner by offering them their own themed webpage. Interested in event opportunities? Contact our key account manager to learn more.

The location of the ISPRS 2016 - Prague Castle

5 Questions to...

5 questions to... Nicolas Paparoditis, ISPRS 2020 Congress Director

The ISPRS Congress is in full swing. How did you experience it until now? Lena Halanouva, the current congress director has done a great job. It’s a lot of work and this... (read more)

5 Questions to... Christian Heipke

The ISPRS Congress is in full swing. How did you experience it up to now? The congress is very well organized, there is a good atmosphere and the people are eager to learn. Th... (read more)

5 Questions to...Lena Halounová

The ISPRS Congress is in full swing. What was your experience of the first few days? That the Congress Director had no time to attend the Congress parallel sessions and intera... (read more)

5 Questions to…Martin Isenburg

GIM International took the opportunity to ask Martin Isenburg, founder of rapidlasso GmbH, a couple of questions - ranging from Lidar and the large number of conventions... (read more)

5 Questions to…Fabio Remondino

We took the opportunity to ask Fabio Remondino five questions. He will be chairing the session EuroSDR: Innovative technologies and methodologies for NMCAs at the ISPRS Congre... (read more)
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