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Every month we will focus on a specific theme, featuring a selection of articles which have previously been published in GIM International.. By including a mix of older and more recent articles, we will present a complete recap of the subject. Furthermore, we will be bringing you a bi-weekly round-up of ‘Focus Stories’ related to the theme through our newsletter. 

News: Land Management
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Surveying Profession in Transition

The beautiful city of Istanbul in Turkey played host to the XXVI International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) Congress from 6-11 May 2018. With the theme of ‘Embraci... (read more)

Q&A with…Victor Adrov, Racurs

To gain real insight into today’s geospatial business landscape, 'GIM International' decided to ask some of the sector’s most influential companies for their... (read more)

Frankfurt: Lack of Open Data Frustrates Researchers

The words of Chancellor Angela Merkel, welcoming victims of armed conflict to her country, led to over a million refugees arriving in Germany. The city of Frankfurt (more... (read more)

Fit-for-purpose Land Administration for Sustainable Development

Sound land governance is fundamental to achieving the 2030 Global Agenda as set by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by all the world’s leaders at th... (read more)

French Companies Join Forces to Intensify Deployment of Geoinformation Services

Airbus Defence and Space has signed a partnership agreement with TerraNIS, a geoinformation services company working in the fields of agriculture, environment and land ma... (read more)
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LADM-based Implementation Starts Working

In a new and integral land management approach in four municipalities in Honduras and Guatemala, the Land Administration Domain Model has been used as a tool in support of sys... (read more)

Towards Sustainable Land Management in Serbia

The full feature is online at Please subscribe for free using the Subscribe button in the left hand column. While legislation has been in... (read more)

Handing over the Presidency

The formal changeover of FIG presidency took place in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 26th November 2010, when incoming president CheeHai Teo of Malaysia took office. Elected by Congr... (read more)
Articles: Land Administration

Geomatics and Surveying in Support of Land Administration

Today’s geospatial technology means that land administration systems can increasingly be implemented for the benefit of all. It is now possible to conceive approaches to... (read more)

Fair Treatment of Property Rights

How is it possible that so many poor, vulnerable people and small farmers are the ones to suffer when their land is grabbed by the state, large investors or local elites? Does... (read more)

Airborne Dual-band Radar for Cadastre

The issues of land ownership and land use rights are high on the Global Agenda 2030. 50% of the Sustainable Development Goals are land-related. A very rough estimation for rea... (read more)

Creating a Land Administration System that is Accepted by Local Citizens

Traditional techniques for developing land administration include high-accuracy field-based surveying of the property boundaries by certified surveyors, and may still be a des... (read more)

Mobile GIS Proven to Transform Land Administration

It is well understood that secure land tenure is a fundamental precondition for progress in developing economies. Typically, this is expressed with a map, but the hurdles to s... (read more)

Multi-dimensional Cadastre: 3D and 4D

In recent years, Germany's national mapping and cadastre information systems have become increasingly focused on demands for multidimensional applications, e.g. environme... (read more)

Light Mobile Collection Tools for Land Administration

There is an urgent need for the administration of property and land use rights worldwide as the basis for social and economic growth. Notwithstanding the enormous investments... (read more)

How a Well-Functioning Cadastre Can Help Greece to Solve the Crisis

A year ago GIM International took the opportunity to interview the general director of the Greek Cadastre, Akis Markatos. Earlier in 2014, work had started on the completion o... (read more)
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