Satellite Imagery

satellite earthThe theme for May 2016 is Satellite Imagery. We picked out 10 articles, with topics ranging from satellite radar interferometry to measuring spatial developments. Several Earth Observation satellite constellations are highlighted, including the SPOT family and the Sentinel programme. In addition, various exciting applications of satellite imagery – for example the support of polio eradication and tracking urban change and flood risk – are covered.

Satellite Imagery

A Unique Constellation of Optical Satellites from Europe

The launch of SPOT 7 on 30 June 2014 at 6:22 a.m. CET completed the constellation of four optical spacecraft operating in the same orbit. The constellation further consists of... (read more)


Some years back I wrote in this column, “Today, Earth observation (EO) satellites are being constructed and launched at conveyor-belt speed.” This avowal was confi... (read more)

Data Management Services

Easy access to repositories of space-borne imagery and other geospatial data is becoming increasingly important now that sensors are able to produce petabytes of data in the b... (read more)

Measuring Spatial Developments in the Czech Republic

A country’s local spatial development can be derived from socio-economic indicators assigned to administrative units. Proper management and monitoring often require stat... (read more)

Parallel Computing in Photogrammetry

The race between data production and processing capacity has been going on for many decades, with data production usually on the winning team. This is also true for airborne a... (read more)
Satellite Imagery

Satellite Radar Interferometry

Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR), an active remote sensing technique that acquires images of the Earth, is a beautiful and powerful technology for surface... (read more)

Sentinel-2A in Orbit: An Overview of the Features of the European Sentinel Family

The launch of Sentinel-2A in June 2015 signalled the start of the era of the Sentinel-2 twin constellation. The satellite has been constructed by Airbus Defence and Space for... (read more)

SPOT Programme Celebrates Three Decades in Orbit

Since the SPOT 1 launch 30 years ago, SPOT satellites have covered the land area of the Earth more than 700 times, setting a world record for spatial observation. The pio... (read more)

Supporting Polio Eradication with Pléiades Satellite Imagery

In September 2015, the World Health Organization announced that there had been no cases of wild poliovirus in Nigeria since 24 July 2014 and a full 12 months had subsequently... (read more)

Tracking Urban Change and Flood Risk with Landsat

When it comes to helping communities across the United States stay up to date on their flood risk, the Landsat satellite can take a bow. Landsat images help to track urban cha... (read more)
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