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This month we’re zooming in on the area of urban planning. Geomatics can be applied in many fields, but urban planning definitely is one of the most eye-catching of them. Supporting the efficient functioning of towns and cities, both now and in the future, and also as a process concerned with the use of land and development of infrastructure, geomatics is widely represented in urban planning. Depending on the local circumstances urban planning can face tough challenges, but this range of articles related to this theme highlights ways of tackling them.

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London's Interactive Digital 3D Model Helps in Solving Urban Dilemmas

What will London, UK, look like by 2035? Very different to how it looks today – that much is certain. It also seems certain that in the years between 2016 and 2035 we will need to make difficult and complex decisions about our built environment. Currently covering 130 square kilometres across five central London Boroughs, VUCITY uses groundbreaking technology to visualise London in 3D. This offers the city’s developers, planners and a... (read more)
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Benefits of GIS in Urban Planning

Traditional methods of information management are hard to use in the planning process of problematic urban areas such as squatter settlements. GIS provides the capability for dynamic query and analysis, display of information and a more understandable representation. By introducing GIS, the authors analyse the social and infrastructure possibilities of the squatter settlements in Eskisehir Municipality. They determine areas with inadequate public... (read more)

The center of the city Eskisehir in Turkey

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Urban Planning Articles

Leapfrogging Urban Problems with Smart Cities

The upsurge in urban population in Indian cities will intensify societal challenges on every conceivable level. To improve the quality of life and attract investment in cities, proactive measures are now essential for governm... (read more)

UAVs as Tools for Urban Planning in Uruguay

Irregular settlements, also known as villas or favelas, present a big challenge in urban planning. When collecting data, whether to determine the existing situation or to plan future projects, topography plays a fundamental r... (read more)

Serious Gaming Meets City Planning

Tygron, a start-up based in Delft, The Netherlands, was once described as ‘the Johan Cruijff of Dutch water management’. This innovative 3D software company applies serious gaming techniques within city planning.... (read more)

Web-based 3D in Urban Planning

Urban planning has become more complicated due to today’s rate of urbanisation and the rapid expansion of cities. Web-based 3D tools coupled with high-quality 3D city models and digital terrain models offer viable solut... (read more)

Multi-dimensional Cadastre: 3D and 4D

In recent years, Germany's national mapping and cadastre information systems have become increasingly focused on demands for multidimensional applications, e.g. environmental protection, planning, energy supply and disas... (read more)

Semantically Enriching Point Clouds

Students in their second - and hence final - year of the Master in Geomatics programme at Delft University of Technology embarked on a ten-week Geomatics Synthesis Project as a group. The objective was to undertake a sma... (read more)

Serious Gaming: Improving Stakeholder Communication in Urban Development Projects

Today’s advanced computer technology enables several players to play the same game at the same time. Can the visualisation technology used in 3D multiplayer games designed for leisure and entertainment purposes also be... (read more)

OpenCitySmart and Enhanced SDIs

‘Smart Cities’ are liveable, efficient and sustainable cities, where the vertical services are built on an existing, basic infrastructure. Two experienced Hungarian SMEs, Pro Urbe and Terra Studio, recently hosted... (read more)

Sweden Excels in Public Use of 3D in Smart City Applications

The Swedish 3D industry has repeatedly innovated in public use of 3D and in particular in external city planning applications, for which it has received several international awards. Now, several Swedish cities are once again... (read more)