Gexcel - Let's discover the new HERON MS Twin!

Gexcel confirms its leadership in indoor Mobile Mapping thanks to HERON® MS Twin, a device featured with a double LiDAR sensor and a high-resolution RGB panoramic camera. Enriched with a performing SLAM algorithm, MS Twin is an outstanding and professional solution for productive and accurate mobile surveying in demanding environments!

HERON® MS Twin is equipped with a light comfy backpack, a double-sensor capture head, and a SLAM patented algorithm. Excellent performances in terms of resolution and accuracy are guaranteed both in underground sites and multilevel buildings. 5K panoramic camera images, calibrated with 3D data, and unique tools like the automatic self-localization, the real-time change detection, the use of static scans as constraints are provided. HERON® is furnished with software to optimize and georeference point clouds and to obtain several deliverables like volumes, profiles, plants, vertical views. HERON® data can be shared via web or import to CAD, scan-to-BIM, and other post-processing software.