Leica AP20 AutoPole - It's about pole position

The Leica AP20 AutoPole from Leica Geosystems is a unique easy-to-use smart system for automated total stations that boosts on-site productivity and opens up new possibilities as the world’s first device on the market solving three common surveying workflow challenges: holding the pole vertical and stable, entering the pole height manually into the field software, and locking to a foreign target on a site with multiple reflectors.

Watch the video to learn more about the three key benefits of the Leica AP20 AutoPole, including:

  • Automatic pole height measurement: ensuring reliable and accurate point measurement.
  • Tilt compensation: measuring inaccessible points, conveniently increasing measurement output and ensuring highest job standards by verified compensation of tilted pole alignment.
  • Unique target identification: avoiding interruptions of the measurement process and removing distractions from the user’s work focus.