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Leica Geosystems CH logo of Leica Geosystems
L. Sipperly & Associates US  
L.J. Perry & Associates Pty. Ltd AU  
L3 Titan Group Geospatial Services USA  
LA Department of Environmental Quality - GIS Center US  
La Tecnica TopografŪa ES  
Lab. of Photogrammetry - NTUA GR  
Laban KENYA  
Laboratoire de Geologie Dynamique et Appliquee FR  
LabQuip International BD  
Lahmeyer International GmbH DE  
Laimar Engineering Ltd GB  
Lake Chad Basin Comission TD  
Lake County Engineers Office / Tax Map Dept. US  
Lake Cty Surveyor's Office US  
Lambda Tech International US  
Lammers van Toorenburg PR NL  
Land Development Services Ltd GB  
Land Equity International AU  
Land Info Worldwide Mapping US  
LAND INFO Worldwide Mapping, LLC US  
Land Information Associated Ltd US  
Land Information New Zealand NZ  
Land Management Consultants MW  
Land Mark Surveying US  
Land Office TW  
Results 1 - 25 / total 108:
Page:   «12345»
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3D model of a real forest from airborne Lidar

The terrain was prepared from aerial ortho-image of 30 cm resolution. Lidar derived Canopy Height Model was worked at 15 cm resolution. For keeping the uniformity with Lidar derived layers, the ortho-image was used at 15 cm pixel size.


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