Visualisation of 3D Geodata
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Time for Point Cloud-based BIM Models?

Why base the terrain model in infrastructure projects on 'old' contour maps when you can get a fresh and more accurate representation of the terrain b... (read more)

Serious Gaming: Improving Stakeholder Communication in Urban Development Projects

Today’s advanced computer technology enables several players to play the same game at the same time. Can the visualisation technology used in 3D... (read more)

Automated Map Generalisation

Nowadays spatial information is much more often displayed on digital devices than on a paper map. Within digital environments, users have high expecta... (read more)
Prof Dr Jantien Stoter, Vincent van Altena and Marc Post, The Netherlands
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What is Geodesy?

The classical definition of geodesy is that it is the science concerned with the shape, size, and the gravity field of the Earth. However, geodesy today is much more than that. Nowadays, it is a geoscience that deals with: monitoring the solid Earth (displacement, subsidence or deformation of the ground and structures due to tectonic, volcanic an... (read more)
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Looking Far beyond the Horizon: Interview with Hi-Target CEO Steven Xu

These are exciting times in the geomatics industry. Innovative solutions are being developed, integration is the main keyword and the big players are... (read more)

Bringing a New Level of Intelligence to UAVs

Although new UAV companies are taking off all the time, Ascending Technologies has been part of the geomatics world for several years and has already... (read more)
Wim van Wegen
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Facing the Post-2015 Global Agenda

The global agenda as set by the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) expired at the end of last year. Designed to reduce poverty and improve the lives of poor people, that agenda has served the world well as a focal point for governments. The progress in meeting the goals has been monitored and... (read more)
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Poles from Point Clouds

Currently, the extraction of objects from point clouds of urban sites is commonly done manually as automation is impeded by noise, clutter, occlusions and varying point density. The authors have developed a software tool for... (read more)

Fast Survey of a High-speed Railway Line

Large corridor surveys, such as roads and railroads, used to be the domain of airborne photogrammetry or Lidar using conventional aircraft. In Turkey, it has been demonstrated how a 140km corridor can be efficiently surveyed... (read more)
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Z+F, known for its innovations, has introduced a new, so-called ‘blue’ workflow in which all scans are registered automatically, right on the spot and right on site. After each scan, the data is quickly streamed to a tablet and it is automatically registered to any prior scan position. The user...
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