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Getmapping to Host ‘All Wales Mapping Services Framework’ Datasets

Getmapping, UK, has won a 3-year contract to host the ‘All Wales Mapping Services Framework’ (AWMS) datasets. The framework will provide a cloud-hosted base mapping service covering the whole of Wales including a 2km buffer along the Welsh border with England. Accessed through desktop GIS, mobile or web mapping applications, the service will be available to Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA) members including local authorities, police, fire and rescue organisations, national parks and Public Health Wales. Under the framework, sole supplier Getmapping will provide OGC-compliant data feeds as WMS, WFS and WMTS, to enable consumption by any OGC software package or web browser. Getmapping’s data centre will host the complete range of Ordnance Survey premium mapping i... (read more)

Renishaw Opens New Slovenian Research Facility

Engineering  company Renishaw has announced the creation of Renishaw Tehnični Inženiring d.o.o., a new research and development organisation which is located within the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. The new facility was formally opened on 16 June by Sir David McMurtry, Renishaw's chairman and chief executive, who co-founded the company in 1973. Renishaw d.o.o. has been set up following many years of successful technical cooperation between Renishaw and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Ljubljana. It will design, develop and supply integrated circuits and sensor technologies for the Renishaw Group and RLS merilna tehnika d.o.o, a Slovenian associate of Renishaw, based in Komenda. Sir McMurtry stated he is delighted... (read more)

Orbit GT Establishes Esri Partnership

Orbit GT, Belgium, has announced that is has been named as an Esri Partner. Orbit GT has been providing tools to integrate mobile mapping and oblique data into Esri software for the past 2 years. The Esri Partnership recognises this significant effort that has been made and opens the road to more intense cooperation regarding the disclosure of complex and large datasets throughout the Esri ArcGIS platform. Orbit GT provides plugins for ArcGIS to support huge volumes of mobile mapping and/or oblique content throughout any organisation, without limits on data size or number of users, and with high performance. More generic and dedicated integrations will be made available, providing the worldwide ArcGIS user base with high-end capabilities in exploiting mobile mapping and oblique conten... (read more)

100 Resilient Cities Launches London Office and Announces Esri Partnership

100 Resilient Cities – pioneered by The Rockefeller Foundation (100RC) – has announced the opening of its regional headquarters in London to serve member cities in Europe and the Middle East. 100RC has also announced new partnerships with AIR Worldwide and Esri. 100RC is dedicated to helping cities around the world become more resilient to the physical, social and economic challenges that are a growing part of the 21st century, including UK member cities London, Bristol and Glasgow. The move comes less than six months after London was named part of the presently 67-city global network.  London’s membership in the 100RC network provides significant benefits to the city, as with all 100RC member cities, as the city moves to address its pos... (read more)
GIM Summit

GIM SummitGIM International, the global print and media platform for geomatics, is excited to announce the inaugural GIM International Summit which it will be organising from 10-12 February 2016 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The conference is a brand-new event for the geospatial industry. Building on 30 years of leadership as a global geospatial publication, GIM International is now leveraging its print and online prowess to facilitate a cutting-edge forum for geomatics professionals. The event will go beyond industry borders, challenge conventions and look ahead to future developments. Influential speakers from both within and beyond the sector will provide an inspiring practical perspective.

Operation IceBridge completed its 2014 Antarctic field campaign, the sixth in a row, at the end of November. The campaign was aimed at recapturing a part of the Antarctic ice sheet which appears to be in irreversible decline. For six weeks from 16 October 2014, NASA’s DC-8 airborne laboratory collected a wealth of data for the benefit of gaining insight into climate change. The first IceBridge flights were conducted in spring 2009 over Greenland and in autumn 2009 over Antarctica. What is Operation IceBridge, which sensors are used, what can the data be used for and who may use the data?... (read more)
Basic tools for processing Lidar point clouds, which can be extended depending on needs, provide a flexible platform for service providers and users alike. Here, the authors demonstrate how a publicly available open-source application with basic tools for visualising, editing and analysing Lidar point clouds has been extended into a compliant platform that serves diverse applications including mapping of power-line corridors, land uses and riverbeds. The platform, called DielmoOpenLiDAR and released under the GNU GPL licence, enables management and display of massive Lidar datasets together wi... (read more)
Floods have a high impact in densely populated areas, especially when strategic infrastructure is affected. There are various human and territorial factors that influence an area’s vulnerability to flooding. Intensive agricultural activity and large urbanised areas are examples of such human factors, while the soil’s ability to absorb water is a major territorial factor. A quantification of flood vulnerability can be created by combining numerical indicators for the various factors into a single index number that is easy to interpret for decision-makers. GIS tools can easily be app... (read more)

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Company of the month: SATEL

SATEL specialises in wireless data  communication networks and is one of the leading radio modem suppliers in the world.
It has 30 years’ experience in designing and producing radio modems... Read more

Satelline TR4

One of its newest products is the Satelline TR4. A compact UHF transceiver with a transmitting power of 1,000 mW.


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