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Vexcel Imaging to Acquire Image Resources from Verisk

Vexcel Imaging, a company specialized in aerial imagery data, large-format aerial cameras and photogrammetry software, has signed a definitive agreement to acqu... (read more)

First Keynote Announced for International Lidar Mapping Forum 2020

The International Lidar Mapping Forum (ILMF) has announced that Tara O’Shea, director of forest programmes at Planet, will give a keynote presentation tit... (read more)

EU-funded Project to Develop Digital Twin of Pilsen

A precise 3D computer model or ‘digital twin’ is being created of Pilsen (‘Plzen’), a mid-sized city with a strong brewing heritage and... (read more)

Velodyne Lidar Introduces Low-cost Small Lidar Sensor

Velodyne Lidar has introduced Velabit, the company’s smallest sensor that brings new levels of versatility and affordability to 3D Lidar perception. The V... (read more)

Carlson Unveils Scan2K Terrestrial Scanner

Carlson Software has released its Scan2K laser scanner, a versatile and user-friendly solution for the creation of accurate 3D survey data up to a range of 2,00... (read more)

Abu Dhabi-based AI Firm Acquires Geospatial Company Bayanat

Group 42, an artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing firm based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, has acquired Bayanat for Mapping and Surveying Services LLC, a provi... (read more)

New Satellite Services Company Provides Smart Data for the Planet

Advances in technology for observing the Earth from space have resulted in the formation of a new company that will bring a range of innovative satellite intell... (read more)

3D is the New Normal in Switzerland

Switzerland is unique in that it is still the only country to have switched entirely to 3D for its national object-oriented topographic database. As users incre... (read more)
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The Democratization of Lidar Data

The geospatial technology of Lidar is still relatively unknown to many members of the general public, but it looks as if this is about to change, according to Wim van Wegen in his latest column. The automotive industry is making rapid advancements in the use of Lidar to support autonomous driving, for instance, so the term ‘Lidar’ may soon become as familiar as the likes of ‘radar’ or ‘sonar’. Lidar data offers endless possibilities, especially now there is a... (read more)
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