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Emesent Launches Autonomy for Beyond-Line-of-Sight Underground UAV Flight

Emesent has announced a major breakthrough in the journey to fully autonomous flight systems, with the launch of Autonomy Level 2 (AL2) technology for Hovermap,... (read more)

Satellite Images Reveal Europe Facing Droughts

The past months have been the driest in the history of rainfall measurements in Europe. Recent storms, even the ones that caused local flooding, did not affect... (read more)

Quantum-Systems and Pix4D Enter into Official Partnership

Quantum-Systems and Pix4D have formalized their partnership to simplify daily operations for their shared customers. Professionals around the globe rely on eVTO... (read more)

European Investment Bank Provides EUR20 Million Funding to NavVis

The European Investment Bank (EIB) and NavVis have signed a contract which provides financing of €20 million to NavVis, a global market leader in digital t... (read more)

EuroGeographics Highlights Role of Geospatial Information in European Data Strategy

In the context of the European Data Strategy, EuroGeographics has highlighted that high-value, authoritative geospatial datadata is a fundamental building block... (read more)

CHC Navigation Introduces CGI-610 GNSS/INS Sensor

CHC Navigation (CHCNAV) has announced the release of the new CGI-610 GNSS/INS sensor, a high-precision dual-antenna receiver – designed to offer reliable... (read more)

Intergeo 2020 Goes Digital

Intergeo – the world's largest event for mapping and surveying professionals and beyond – will be held as a digital edition this year. Following the... (read more)

Large Update of HxGN’s Content Program in 2020

Hexagon Geosystems is updating three million square kilometres' worth of high-accuracy orthophotos, digital surface models (DSM) and stereo imagery of the USA a... (read more)
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Fit-for-purpose Land Administration for All

Over the last decade, fit-for-purpose land administration (FFPLA) has developed into a viable philosophy with accompanying methodologies and tools for delivering land tenure security on a large scale. A new publication called 'Fit for Purpose Land Administration for All', which is backed by Kadaster International, suggests that FFPLA should be recognized as a once-in-a-generation opportunity for all stakeholders, and specifically for private surveyors. The methodologies and tools of FFPLA contri... (read more)

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