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ComNav Technology released the N5 IMU RTK GNSS Receiver which brings you the new working experience in the field. It is inspired to improve accuracy faster and easier - no matter what the job or the environment with powerful self-developed GNSS+IMU technologies... (Read more)

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Modernization of Suriname’s Public Domain Cadastre

In 2017, Suriname’s Ministry of Land Management decided to digitize and automate the process of citizen requests for land and the management of land, which had mainly been paper-based for the past decades. This article outlines how the approach... (read more)
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CHC Navigation Introduces New UAV-Lidar Combination

CHC Navigation (CHCNAV) has launched its new multi-rotor BB4 drone and AlphaUni 300/900/1300 Lidar.... (read more)

Lidar Reveals Oldest and Largest Maya Monument

Archaeologists have discovered the oldest and probably largest structure of the Maya in Mexico. A re... (read more)
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A Commercial Drone Mapping Solution Using the Phantom 4 PPK

Previously, people had to invest more than 30,000 dollars to purchase professional mapping drones and place a large number of control points on the gr... (read more)

From Urban to Rural: Enabling Sustainable Urban Planning and Development Using Satellite Imagery

It is estimated that 55% of the world’s population lives in urban areas. This number is expected to increase to 68% by 2050. Studies have shown... (read more)

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Large Update of HxGN’s Content Program in 2020

Hexagon Geosystems is updating three million square kilometres' worth of high-accuracy orthophotos, digital surface models (DSM) and stereo imagery of the USA and Europe in its Content Program library... (read more)

ArcGIS Field Maps Beta Supports EOS Arrow GNSS Receivers

The beta version of ArcGIS Field Maps, which is available now, combines the functionalities of five existing Esri mobile apps: ArcGIS Collector, ArcGIS Explorer, ArcGIS Tracker, ArcGIS Workforce and A... (read more)
Company Highlight
Founded in 2003, CHC Navigation (CHCNAV) is a publicly listed company creating innovative GNSS navigation and positioning solutions. With a global presence across the world, distributors in over 100 countries and more than 1,300 employees, CHC Navigation is today recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in geomatics technologies. For...
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Myzox is a leading manufacturer of professional surveying accessories located in Japan, and supplier all over the world. For 60 years since our establishment in 1959, we have strived to contribute to the development of society by offering our customers a complete range of products with higher quality and services...
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Confronting the Geomatics Professional's Identity Crisis

  By Helen Murray, Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland   While I was presenting an educationally themed paper at GeoBusiness2014 in Lond... (read more)

Disasters Drive Interoperability

Many disaster mitigation and management activities involve sharing of geospatial information, and such sharing depends on standards that enable multip... (read more)

Digital Photography Replacing Film

In a recent interview on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Science Show, Steve Sasson described his development of the first digital camer... (read more)

The ‘Where’ is the Disruption

Few people think about how time relates to location and spatial awareness. Tools for measuring time and space form the foundation of geography and are... (read more)
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EAASI (European Association of Aerial Surveying Industries) is a European network of companies that are involved in the generation of geodata from manned airborne platforms. Our organization is growing rapidly as aerial surveying techniques have a growing impact in a wide variety of areas. Our primary goal is to represent...

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