3D Modelling and Visualization Weeks

3D Modelling & Vizualization Weeks 2020During the 3D Modelling and Visualization Weeks we will be highlighting all the solutions that are involved in turning geodata into a finished geospatial product – with a special focus on the latest ways to process and visualize the data. (read more)

5G Wireless Network Design Relies on 3D Aerial Data

The development of fifth-generation wireless technology (5G) is spreading rapidly around the world. The initial improvement of up to 10x in speed and 400x in latency, as well as a much larger capacity for simultaneous users, will create endless oppor... (read more)

South Korean Smart Cities Combine 3D Digital Models with GIS and BIM

Around the world, local governments are rolling out Smart City/Digital Twin projects to support economic stimulation and tourism programmes and to improve the quality of life overall. Up-to-date 3D building models and comprehensive Geographic Informa... (read more)
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Emerging Web and Game Engine Tech for 3D Cities

The increasing number of solutions for developing 3D city model applications poses a challenge for developers. This article outlines key considerations that help them to create applications efficiently while utilizing the potential benefits of the 3D... (read more)
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The Source of Power: How Satellite Imagery Propels the Energy Sector into the Future

No statistics could possibly convey the importance of energy to our economies and everyday lives. Nearly everything people interact with on a daily ba... (read more)

Using the Apache Unmanned Survey Vessel

This paper explores the various features of the Apache USV series for efficient seafloor-level mapping. The CHCNAV hydrographic survey software is use... (read more)
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Bluesky and University of Leicester Partner in Lidar for Detailed Tree Analysis

Bluesky International is co-funding research into the use of Lidar, machine learning and artificial... (read more)

Visualizing Forest and Vegetation from Lidar data

Aerial images are great for interpreting tree species, but they don’t show tree heights and st... (read more)
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This webinar gives you insights into our recently introduced UltraCam Osprey 4.1, its system architecture.... (Read more)

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With the 3D models generated from DJI Terra and P4 RTK, a Japanese city can now create... (Read more)

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Leica GS18 I is a versatile, survey-grade GNSS RTK rover with Visual Positioning. Designed for.... (Read more)

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ImpulseRadar develops and builds ground penetrating radar (GPR) instruments and related software enabling people and organizations to investigate and map subsurface features and structure. In short, the company makes it possible to ‘see’ through and into all sorts of penetrable non-conductive materials such as the ground (soils and bedrock), concrete,...
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Myzox is a leading manufacturer of professional surveying accessories located in Japan, and supplier all over the world. For 60 years since our establishment in 1959, we have strived to contribute to the development of society by offering our customers a complete range of products with higher quality and services...
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