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The Necessity of a Modern Cadastral System

A well-functioning land administration system, or cadastre, is the foundation of national stability and social welfare. A government can make a thousa... (read more)
Centimeter Level Accuracy

Trimble VRS Now - Centimetre Level Accuracy

Trimble VRS Now provides instant access to real-time kinematic (RTK) corrections utilising a network of permanent (fixed) continuously operating reference stations.

The globally operating high-tech Finnish company Satel specialises in the development, production and marketing of private mission-critical data-connectivity radios. Customers include various types of industrial operators and high-tech system providers that use extremely reliable radios in their solutions. A major part of Satel’s business is connected through a global network...
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For the Geomatics Professional

GIM International is the independent and high-quality information source for everything the global geomatics industry has to offer, online and offline! We provide information about all the major topics in the business, such as mapping & surveying, geodesy, cartography, Lidar, GIS, photogrammetry, UAV/UASGNSS, remote sensing and more. The Articles section provides deeper insights, including interviews with geospatial experts, columns and topical overviews related to the geomatics industry. The print edition is distributed to thousands of professionals in 170 countries worldwide, every month. Each edition is likewise announced to thousands of our digital readers when published on the magazine page.
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Geo database for Companies, Jobs and Event

Our Companies Directory is a large database which contains over 3,000 geospatial companies, and every organisation has the possibility to publish their geomatics job vacancies in our special Jobs section. On top of that, GIM International represents a high-profile promotional platform for every GIS conference, UAV show or other geomatics-related event in the industry.

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