12th International FIG Workshop on LADM & 3D LA


FIG Workshop

The 12th International FIG Workshop on the Land Administration Domain Model & 3D Land Administration will take place in Kuching, Malaysia, 24-26 September 2024. It will be a joint event together with

  1. Geoinformation Week 2024 (including Exhibition from vendors),
  2. FIG Commission 5 (Positioning and Measurement) Annual Meeting,
  3. FIG Commission 7 (Cadastre and Land Management) Annual Meeting,
  4. UN Habitat Social Tenure Doman Model (STDM)
  5. FIG Workshop on the Land Administration Domain Model & 3D Land Administration

Workshop purpose: The workshop aims to bring together experts from the industry, government, and academia, to present and discuss LADM and/or 3D LA related developments including live demonstrations of LADM implementations (operational systems, pilots, prototypes). The workshop will also cover informal or customary rights (, restrictions, resposibilities) as exiting in many countries, next to the more formal rights that are being registered. UN-Habitat is using the LADM specialization STDM (Social Tenure Domain Model) in 17 countries to register these informal/customary rights. Also, UN-FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization)'s SOLA (Solutions for Open Land Administration)/Open Tenure and USAID's MAST (Mobile Applications to Secure Tenure) infomation models are all based on LADM. Speakers who want to share their experiences on implementation are cordially invited to participate. This workshop will provide solid input to the "Implementation" part of Edition II of LADM, to be developed in collaboration with OGC. The workshop should enable making important choices, such as the technical encodings.

3D Land Administration: The increasing complexity of infrastructures and densely built-up areas requires a proper registration of the legal status (private and public), which can only be provided to a limited extent by the existing 2D cadastral registrations. The registration of the legal status in complex 3D situations will be investigated under the header of 3D Land Administration. The Workshop on the Land Administration Domain Model / 3D Land Administration addresses developments in the following areas:

  • 3D Land Administration System operational experiences (analysis, LADM based, learn from each other, discover gaps)
  • 3D LAS cost effective workflow for new / updated 3D parcels = 4D (part of whole spatial development lifecycle: from planning / design / permit in 3D, to registration / use in 3D)
  • For design sources (LA_DesignSource) BIM/IFC guidelines for land admibsitration need to be developed
  • For survey sources (LA_SurveySource) Remote sensing (including LiDAR) and artificial intelligence (AI) for efficient 3D cadastral boundary extraction
  • 3D LAS web-based dissemination (usability, man-machine interfaces, including mobile/AR)
  • Legal aspects for 3D LAS, best legal practises in various legislation systems
  • Focus on large cities, including developing countries
  • LADM specializations for custormary RRRs, such as STDM, SOLA/Open Tenure, MAST (possibly with attention for 3D and valuation)
  • 3D in the revision of ISO 19152, the Land Administration Domain Model
  • Proposals for (and evaluations of) LA (remote) sensing information models (DIS 19152-2) and data processing workflows (WD 19152-6), in the context of the revision of LADM