What is GIS?

GIS stands for "geographic information system and lets us analyze, visualize, understand patterns, relations and trends. Organisations in every industry can benefit of GIS. It's widely used to optimize daily fleet movements and maintenance schedules. 

GIS - Geographic information system

Benefits of GIS in Urban Planning

Investigating the Squatter Settlements in Eskisehir, Turkey

Traditional methods of information management are hard to use in the planning process of problematic urban areas such as squatter settlements. GIS provides the capability for dynamic query and analysis, display of information and a more understandable representation. By introducing GIS, the authors analyse the social and infrastructure possibilities of the squatter settlements in Eskisehir Municipality. They determine areas with inadequate public services and infrastructure, and provide basic solutions. (read more)

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An Ode to GIS

Heroes of the 21st Century

The term ‘superhero’, to which the copyright is owned jointly by the two biggest comic-book firms in the United States – Marvel and DC Comics – generally refers to people who have superhuman powers and who use those talents for the benefit of the community. The concept of superheroes first emerged during the Great Depression (1929-1940), a period of severe economic decline and an unemployment crisis. The USA suffered most from the distressing results of the global collapse. (read more)

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The ‘Where’ is the Disruption

Few people think about how time relates to location and spatial awareness. Tools for measuring time and space form the foundation... (read more)
GIS & Mapping

Microsoft Produces Gruntify Case Study Video

Microsoft has produced a video that showcases Gruntify and its use by the government of the Australi... (read more)

PlanetObserver Releases PlanetSAT Global Imagery Basemap Version #2017

The French company PlanetObserver, supplier of geospatial data for all civil and military visualisat... (read more)

Shih Hsin University Team Wins SuperGIS Youth Award 2017

Supergeo’s SuperGIS Youth Award is a long-standing annual competition aimed at encouraging col... (read more)
GIS & Education

Esri Donates Cloud-based GIS Solutions to Ethiopian Universities

Esri has announced an agreement between Esri Eastern Africa Limited and the Federal Democratic Repub... (read more)

Esri Launches Global Content Challenge

Esri is engaging students all over the world in a new contest called the Global Content Challenge. W... (read more)

Cultural Heritage Preservation in Aceh

Supergeo , the Taiwan-based GIS software and solution provider, has announced that the full-featured... (read more)

Esri and Leica Offer Innovation Grants to Governments

GIS provider Esri has partnered with Swiss-based spatial measurement instrument manufacturer Leica G... (read more)

Mobile GIS Proven to Transform Land Administration

It is well understood that secure land tenure is a fundamental precondition for progress in developi... (read more)

gvSIG Open Source Geomatics Webinar Festival Taking Place This Week

The first gvSIG Festival is being held from 23 to 27 May. This digital event gives geoprof... (read more)
GIS & Surveying

Blue Marble Provides Free GIS Software to Organisations Responding to Hurricane Harvey

Blue Marble Geographics has announced that it is offering free Global Mapper licences to assist in t... (read more)

SuperSurv 10 Selected for Coastal Protection in Thailand

Supergeo’s mobile GIS-app SuperSurv 10 has been selected by the government agency that is in c... (read more)

Supergeo to Make Geospatial Solutions Available for Everyone

Equipped with advanced GIS and GNSS technologies, SuperSurv 10 is Supergeo’s new version of th... (read more)
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