GIS People introduces educational e-book: open-source GIS vs commercial GIS

GIS People introduces educational e-book: open-source GIS vs commercial GIS

GIS People has unveiled a new e-book resource designed to offer valuable insights into the world of GIS. The e-book is offered entirely free of charge as a means of fostering education and knowledge-sharing within the GIS community. GIS People is a prominent Australian company in the realm of geographic information systems (GIS).

Comprising the outcomes of extensive industry surveys conducted over a ten-week period, this e-book serves as a comprehensive compendium of trends, challenges and emerging practices in GIS technologies. The insights are gleaned from the experiences and wisdom shared by professionals across the GIS spectrum, encompassing both open-source and commercial technologies.

"Our goal is to provide a meaningful resource that sheds light on the current trends within GIS technologies," commented Igor Stjepanovic, CEO at GIS People. "By sharing insights that cater to both open-source and commercial aspects, we aim to contribute to the development of the GIS industry as a whole."

In addition to this educational report, GIS People is actively seeking collaborations with various platforms, including media entities and industry publications. The aim is to amplify the reach of these valuable insights, benefiting a wider audience seeking to stay updated with the evolving landscape of GIS technologies.

To access the e-book and delve into the wealth of information it holds, see here.

GIS People has unveiled a new eBook resource designed to offer valuable insights to those intrigued by the world of GIS. (Image source: GIS People)
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